: Your team isn't always bad
It's not necessarily that they are fucking bad it's that they don't/won't and can't adapt to the situation.
: Why is there no role selection for Blind Pick
takes too long and no consequences for dodging also hard to find anyone that gives a shit about normal games to not dodge.
: Thats why they are #bronzeforever Lmao
OP is also bronze 5... for 3 seasons now with well over 1000 ranked games so it's hard to tell who has the correct idea on how to play the game lol.
Kaaler (OCE)
: I f*cked up
why didn't u just low-key give him your account LoL instead of making this forum post, now it's likely that you'll both get banned. comedy gold.
CamDawg (OCE)
: Helping Tool for Auto-Filled players
sounds pretty pointless, most players dont even pay attention to skill ratings of champs and if they need additional help selecting champs in ranked (only draft mode available on OCE) then they are already geared for failure in ranked.
: Really, what the hell is this.
my personal experience if you play late at night then the matchmaking will be insanely disproportionate as it tries to cram people together just to get a game due to low pop. soloq: had to consistently beat plat5s with occasional high plats to climb to gold 5 from silver. flexq: flex rank doesnt matter, had to beat people ranging from bronze 5 to challenger to climb to gold 5 in flex.
: How to Start Reforming?
easy, lesson 1: shut the fuck up. and there you have it; reformed. It's not even a joke, many players who get temp banned simply will not shut the fuck up.
: Best use of time
a lot of us improve by getting shit on by better players and thats if you can mentally deal with getting stomped. challenge a higher ranked friend and try to beat him first blood while csing well, this allows you to measure the level of your mechanics which are extremely important in lane and winning the early game. Then for advice past the laning phase, watch some high ELo streamers for an idea of macro game. i would say you probably could allocate 1/5th of your time budget to actually playing, the rest of the time you can just think about the game logically rather than watch streams if you want. you've also got to think of an entire match as a balancing scale wherein you are trying to constantly tip the balance of gold in your favour which should theoretically lead you to winning a game. I personally don't think you should take a break unless you mentally (on the verge of depression, psychosis) and/or physically cannot continue playing ie tendonitis, eye strain etc. another important thing you should do is probably start dodging more games because no sane person is going to let a game go through where 3/5 of his team averages scores of 3/12 on the champs they picked in your ranked game.
Comrade (OCE)
: LF people to play norms with
yo i added you to play some norms. i'm currently aiming to play a few champs in order to get an S ranking and i'll probably try to do that in norms in a group
J3yy (OCE)
: Why Do People Troll?
not many people actually 'troll' people just use it as an excuse to be shit because they got outplayed and can't accept the fact.
: Hey, there is no title yet. The research is still in its data acquisition phase.
aight man, filled out your survey. i'm surprised there were no direct questions about toxicity. i believe this game is a vent for the psychopathic tendencies of humans.
: Academic survey on player motivation (~10 min.) + Lottery (win up to 8250 RP!)
Main Line (OCE)
: We lost to Hawkbill ;(
I didn't even know twisted treeline existed until somebody mentioned it in passing in a message board because up until that point it was disabled most of the time and I still to this day don't know when it is enabled. I'm still not going to play TT because i simply don't care enough to play it over regular ranked.
Havokzz (OCE)
: Riotpls...fix this flexqueue bs
OCE doesnt have the population to support a balanced ranked queue. i've also faced challengers and flex ranks bronze 5 to challenger in flex queue despite being silver 1 flex myself.
: Champion pronunciation.
I just base it off words that i know Taliyah like the name natalia, the spellings funky and it sounds out of place to me when people say it like T'Liyah Ca-meal like chameleon, its got an e at the end so the sound is elongated i think. Shaco like taco Nasus like molasses
: Just played the new akali.... What the fuck riot.
mate, are you trolling? 1000 games in season 6 and now 2 consecutive seasons in bronze 5 harping on about complex balance and viability?
: Pre-season provisionals: Trolls and baddies are making a come back
just using a simple match history search is even more ridiculous i've played 100 ranked games this season and it was astounding the amount of people who were in bronze for 4 seasons in a row a lot of people in low ELO simply just don't improve or are trolling
: I can't get any better at this game, I'm so bad.
you should start playing with dyna q Every ranked game i have played since starting ranked (21 games) has had at least 1 dyna q on either side.
Ninox (OCE)
: I definitely understand the frustration of playing ranked, I only dabble myself and don't really try to climb. My biggest advice with that is to ask yourself "if you aren't having fun, is it really still worth it?". Personally I'll play ranked to satisfy passing curiosity or because a friend of around the same rank wants to, but for the most part I just stick to having fun in normals. I can be a pretty competitive person, but at the end of the day, if I'm not having fun I'm not gonna keep playing. Looking at the games you've played I'd say it's unlikely you'd drop to bronze 5 unless you really let yourself get tilted by losses and keep playing regardless. You'll only play worse when you play like this so best to just take a break from ranked if you're struggling to stay positive. Some people really thrive on the challenge of having a team they'd need to carry or just on the pressure of ranked itself, but if you aren't one of those people then it's better to take it slow and play ranked at your own pace. Rather than smashing ranked and trying to climb you should simply be taking the (theoretically) purer competitive environment of ranked and playing to improve. If you focus on fixing your mistakes instead of the wins/losses then the climbing will come naturally.
my mistakes are superseded by my teammates mistakes against a larger backdrop of co-ordinated dynamic queue (which is present in every game i have thus far played), I pale in comparison to them. yes i am aware I am severely lacking in runes, pages and champions (only have the minimum 16) however it is my personal belief that good understanding and farming can subvert their need as they are mostly to overcome the early game then play styles can all be adapted to win. Ranked is the only game mode I enjoy and have fun playing but I am not trying hard to win anymore, if the team plays to win then they will win. I stopped trying when i posted that zilean game.
Ninox (OCE)
: I just wanna give my thoughts from taking a look at that game, but this is going to be a hella long post so I don't know how much of it you'll read, I'll try to put tl;dr s in where I can. ___ First off the TF. He has a solid G5 ranking (50%~ winrate over 400+ games, he's not going anywhere anytime soon) so if your MMR is high Silver (which is perfectly reasonable for a fresh ranked player it's no surprise you'd be matched against him. He also doesn't play TF much at all and has a pretty abysmal 2.3 KDA and 33% win rate with him. This makes me think that more likely than him being god tier, the Morgana simply doesn't know how to vs/follow a TF and there wasn't enough pressure on him as he got ahead, which likely allowed him free rein to roam and kill with his ulti. >**tl;dr Seems like more of a bad matchup/counter to your team than the player himself being above your level.** ___ First note about the Ezreal is that he is premade with the Lulu, and that they have played the Ez/Lulu combo before. He has a negative winrate atm (45%) and that coupled with a slew of recent losses means he's likely tanked his mmr quite a bit. This coupled with the same happening to the Lulu (who's mmr was likely near yours to begin with) is more than likely what balanced them out to be matched against your team mmr wise. Remember that 3rd party sites like op.gg use their own calculations for mmr as Riot's are not public, so you will only ever get an approximation of your mmr, and it will never be truly accurate. Ez has a pretty good winrate on Ez but also a pretty average KDA, Lulu has a pretty bad winrate on Lulu and an even less impressive KDA. That said, Lulu is a powerful support even when behind. >**tl;dr The Lulu is a perfectly acceptable match to have. The Ezreal is a bit of an outlier, but given his recent games and the premade status not totally unreasonable.** ___ The Cait, Rumble and Morgana are all premade, and with two of them being unranked it's going to skew things. Automatically they are placed at S2-3 ranking, and with only a few ranked games the system doesn't really know where they're at, suffice to say you drew an unlucky card. The Cait has had some strong placement games so far which would have upped her mmr quite a bit, but those games were played on Riv and Lee. It seems they have been maining ADC lately and decided to try it out in a ranked game which probably want's the best idea. The Morg has only played 3 ranked games and they were all real hit and miss so it's anyone's best guess what their true skill is, and the system has no idea either. >**tl;dr Suffice to say based on numbers alone the match up was fairly even, but in practice you drew very unlucky cards, it happens from time to time unfortunately, and S2-4 will always be that weird zone with the fresh ranked players coming in to skew things.** ___ > All that said, the biggest thing I'm noticing about this game isn't so much the players but is more the team comps. Obviously, all of this was out of your hands, but until you reach at least high gold, most players aren't goign to consider team comp (at the very least not until after the fact), but it's something that will still have a significant impact on games. Straight up, **Rumble support is not a good choice**, especially against a versatile and powerful support like Lulu, he simply doesn't have the tools to be an effective support in most situations, nevermind against a solid comp like the enemy had. **Cait is a perfectly alright pick against their comp**, but with an unreliable support and a countered jungler she was never going to have it easy. The second thing I notice is that you have **no true tank**. Nunu was trying to be, but he was so far behind, and **Nunu doesn't have the natural tanking tools that a Jungler like Maokai or Nautilus has.** The Nunu likely picked as a comfort pick, as they do pretty well with him, and he also seems to be their only jungler. It seems jng is at least his second, probably his third pref role (looks like ADC > Mid > Jng) so he was already at a severe disadvantage, especially with only the one comfort pick. Lee Sin is also a fast clearer and a strong counter jungler so he negates pretty much all the strength Nunu has in the jungle if the Lee is played well. **TF is a tricky one** in your approximate rank because while he isn't exactly considered OP, countering him post 6 if he gets a bit ahead involves quite a bit more than just the basic game knowledge, meaning the inexperience of fresh or low ranked players is a pretty big disadvantage. His ult means you have to understand roaming and when to follow if you're vsing him, need good map awareness and know how to play defensively against a tp when you're in top/bot, and need to know how to put keep pressure on an opponent with big map presence as a jungler. **Morgana isn't a terrible pick against a TF, but with the inexperience and the lack of jungler presence from the Nunu, it was going to be another bad lane.** ___ Last but not least is your lane. **I would not recommend taking Zilean top.** Even if you main him, and are most comfortable on him, **the matchups are too unreliable**. Unfortunately your first pick for top lane appears to be Nasus, and you're having success with him, but he also has a lot of counters and is difficult to match. Squishy as Zilean is, Darius is going to be a bad lane for you. Darius has the tools to pretty much destroy you early on when you aren't doing much damage _especially_ since **you were lacking any defensive masteries**, having taken a 12/18/0 page. Your runes were also not good for the matchup, having a lot of CDR and AD where you would have been better off with something more defensive, or at least some armour pen (this is of course assuming you haven't changed the page since you played that game which is entirely possible). _**On numbers alone, this was not an unwinnable game for you, but your team had the odds stacked against you from champion select, and not by matchmaking, but rather by your collective inexperience.**_ ___ My first advice for you as a fresh ranked player would be to **pick up another top laner you have success with and practice with them in normals**. You're perfectly entitled to play who you want, but Nasus has a lot of bad matchups in top, and Zilean has even more (you seemed to have decent success with him in support though). If you want to be successful in ranked then **you want at the very least three comfortable champions in your main role** and two in your off role (and preferably two in a third role as well). My second piece of advice would be to **take a look at your runes and masteries**. It's expected you'd have very limited rune pages as a fresh ranked player, but now that Tier 2 runes are 1IP I'd be saving up for the pages then using those to fill up a few more diverse pages. Having only 2 pages is not a good way to go into ranked, they make much more of a difference than you think. The same can be said for your masteries, you only have 4 pages which is not enough to cover the variety of matchups you'll face in top, nevermind if you end up in another role and find yourself lacking a page entirely. For both runes and masteries this is where champion guides and the like come in to help you get started. ___ >**tl;dr You had some real bad luck with matchmaking, but the numbers themselves mostly added up. If nothing else, you don't gain anything from blaming the system for a loss, rather you'd be better off examining your gameplay and team composition to work out what went wrong so you can improve int he future. Even if a game is unwinnable there is still a lot that can be learned from it if you have the desire to.**
hey thanks for the reply. I understand completely but I have completely given up as of that moment. I will continue playing ranked (coasting) and probably unintentional fall to bronze 5 because its just not worth it to continually want to win that badly. I'm just not having any fun trying that hard. this was one of the games I had to 'carry': http://i.imgur.com/9vkBQg2.png The amount of effort I had to put in individually was just too much
: Realisticly, i would have thought you would only be put wiht people of the same rank as you,, so silvers with silvers and bronzes with bronzes etc. which would make it easier to climb to your actual skill level.
yea me too its not only this that pisses me off its also the gap in games played. Surely there are enough players to fill this void.
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