: new to the game, want to try for a team,(really new or new ranked players who want to win)!discord!
: Looking to climb
: Silver Support main lookin for duo buddy
I'll add you if you want I'm b1 right now with 100 ranked games
Oryx (OCE)
: i go full ap teemo in normals, the shrooms destroy people but if you really wanna climb then go tank on hit build
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Aidan7787 (OCE)
: Anivia, Delay games out and oneshot late game
Oryx (OCE)
: Teemo
Ap, ad, on hit affect? What kind of build.
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: Elementalist Lux cosplay showcase
: Prophecy of the Worldbreaker
Maraudaur (OCE)
: Pixel Art Contest!
{{item:3070}} if only i could do pixel art.
SirKotton (OCE)
: Canned chat
Yes! We need this. This would solve the lol community so fast and wouldn't even effect the people who don't want it! I want this


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