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: Another way to put, is normally when first tier towers are up, the tower facilitates bouncing back minion waves, allowing denial and lane dominance. When a tower goes down, it exchanges the ability to more safely and easily deny a losing laner the minion wave, in exchange for opening up the map, teamwide gold and the possibility of roaming and pressuring other lanes. By adding a buffer to the first tier tower that is worth considerable solo lane gold, laning phase is extended, and winning lane becomes more profitable, since you can get alot of gold from the buffer, whilst also denying your laner gold and xp advantage by crashing and resetting freezes of minion waves. Creating a larger gap between the losing laner and the winning laner, whilst also keeping laners in their lanes and delaying the arrival of midgame teamfights. Imo this shift feels alot more like DOTA2.
I sort of sounds like even if you win lane and get a few kills you will just be spending the entire laneing phase hitting the tower, if you roam to another lane or something like that you will be missing out on a lot of gold.
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: Can we take away the death quotes from Azir's soldiers.
I turned of character voices after playing about 2 games of League
Jestik (OCE)
: Bragging rights: What's the rarest item in your League of Legends collection?
There should be a website where you can show of your collection and see other peoples. It should also be able to give you a rating on how rare your items are and what percentage of summoners own it. I think this would be really cool.
: Creating ranked team
What elo? And is Top taken? Thanks
: Stop using Aatrox. You are not a pro.
Aatrox is on free champion rotation this week And I am definitely going to play him, I am sorry {{sticker:slayer-pantheon-thumbs}}
Noki (OCE)
: The number game
438... I mean 436... no 437{{sticker:sg-janna}}
: Pregame DC's (Never connecting) and leaverbuster
If you are using a laptop it is best to plug an Ethernet cable in if possible because that is faster than Wi-Fi.
Notoxic (OCE)
: why is draft not 24/7?
I honestly think I have a better success rate of getting my preferred role in Blind rather than Draft.
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00shots00 (OCE)
: Holy sheit renekton with these buffs
A few months ago I played against a really good Renekton, I think he got like 2 pentakills and a quadrakill that game without any help from his team XD
cypher7 (OCE)
Hi Can I please join, your club sounds awesome
JuicyJay (OCE)
: Matchmaking is a joke
This has happened to me and I have heard of it happening to a lot of other people, for my first time playing ranked I was placed in a high silver low gold game and played horrible but got carried. I played a few more games and and the same thing was happening I was getting placed with Gold and Platinum players who were all way better than me. OP.GG was saying I was likely to be placed in Gold III and I think I am barley ready for Bronze. After about 4 games I stopped playing ranked because it was just too humiliating. I would like to start playing ranked again at the start of season 9 so I am hoping that the matchmaking system is fixed by then. TL;DR I am new to ranked and I want to play against other people who are new to ranked
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DigaDog (OCE)
: lol I assume you've met a panteon top when you are playing a tank top lane as well.
DigaDog (OCE)
: Leaving this game
I agree with the bit about Pantheon
: For Nexus Siege actually, but yes for an RGM. They're 'free' because they cost tokens in the gamemode rather than gold, much like how GP has a separate currency he can spend.
Thanks for your reply
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: Can someone please explain the season 9 changes to ranked
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