Bytez (OCE)
: Free Hextech Chest
bouquet ward and fedora tipping {{champion:157}}
i have to say this is gnar-t my area of expertise
: These Puns just Wash away all other pun related posts, I've been sucked into the powerful undertow of the pun universe, Im gonna join you guys outside
well at least no one here is being a beach about all these jokes
Tyron (OCE)
: Jungle/Support player looking for ranked 5s team.
so good at braum you list him twice
pokbun (OCE)
: ***
pokbun (OCE)
: ***
You're having fun with this aren't you?
Bipolar (OCE)
: Incredibly, none of Kindred’s allies die in this fight.
Bipolar (OCE)
: Someone help me understand.
I have no idea what you expected from posting this or how this is at all relevant to anything
Tele (OCE)
: Most of those champions are fine honestly, Nunu, Fiddlesticks, Rammus, Kayle, Warwick, Volibear and Urgot were top meta picks this season at some point. Honestly it's good for Riot to keep a few noob champions, that are easy to play. Poppy desperately needs a rework though, Riot themselves have said she's problematic. Karthus, Taric, Singed both need a significant buff or small change, and Yorick... Probably just remove him at this point.
yeah i think riot said if anyone found a way to improve her early game at all they would immediately nerf her. So they're a bit hesitant to do anything with her because she works but is late-game oriented
: We need a practice mode in this game
Riot has already looked at the idea of a sandbox mode but they said they don't really want one in favour of actual matches. [They said here]( that this kind of game mode solely for practice wasn't something they would look at
El Vuur (OCE)
: RIOT - Have you noticed the number of BOTS in ARAM??
[so this was one of my games...](
: I've encountered bots a LOT as well. Does my head in :l Another thing that can help you notice them before the game starts is that they will never re-roll their champion and they neither accept nor decline trade offers. Also they don't talk. (Most of the time) One bot I played with who had programmed speech. He'd say things like "Wow, good job everyone!" and "Keep up the good work!" at 5 minute intervals or something. I played 2 games with him and it was the exact same the following game as well. No doubt in my mind he was definitely a bot
the fun one was when i had a game [with nothing but bots](
: Indifferent Players
well when you're as bad as i am, i kind of have to be to deal with it when people say "you're dead to me" and accuse me of trolling when im just doing something stupid without realising it at some times


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