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: Snowdown is coming!
So is your snow down shop using Ip for the champions or Rp?
: Come chat with Sjokz!
Do you take the Blue Pill Or The Red Pill?
: Team Up & Pool Party
It Sucks cause this event was on during School time :CCCC {{item:3070}}
: URF sails off with Party IP in its wake
R.I.P URF WELCOME BACK NERF :CCCCCCccccc {{item:3070}}
: Bard, the Wandering Caretaker, revealed
Its Sona And Lulu combined with Threshes looks.........
: Don’t tell the poros, but Snowdown’s nearly over!
To be Honest I Liked URF But After The Few Weeks It Was On For I Was Really Over It And Was Just Looking To Play A Normal's... Also I Did Enjoy The Doom Bots But Believe There Should Be A Doom PvP Event Where Both Teams Consist Of Players With Doom Bots Moves And Ability's For An All Out Epic Battle!


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