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: he forgot vegetarian and vegan.
Well you see, I tried that... I thought it was working for a solid 6 months until I get very sick due to failing to supplement my vitamins/proteins. Being a steak-lover my whole life also ensured the odds were never in my favour. Steak > Hospital Trip {{sticker:sg-poppy}}
: The classic meat question of the century: Rare, medium rare or well done ?
Smoothie: Medium Rare. Madplumerian: Medium Rare, preferably T-bone.
Shaewolf (OCE)
: To Weirdbeard, Achenar, Madplumerian and Smoothie. Do you play league and if you do who is your favourite champion? What is the best part of your job? Also how many rioters does it take to replace a light bulb?
Hey Shaewolf! Smoothie: Yes, I do play League of Legends, any spare time I have is comprised of it. I am mainly a solo ranked player, I don't play the other game modes too often though I should. My main pool consists of squishy support champions so I know who are my most comfortable. As for favourites, I am very invested in League of Legends lore so anyone with really intricate lore, I love. The best part is how welcoming the team is, and the value which is given to individual insight and experience. {{sticker:sg-miss-fortune}} Madplumerian: We are currently lucky to have lights..... (we were without for a while - leaking roof) ;)
: Haha, nah my song was a full rap version of Lightbringer, but it's unlisted (too embarrassed about it haha). As far as I could determine it didn't mean we couldn't use the songs they provided - it was a matter of using their literal supplied songs in my own way. As I didn't have paid software I couldn't strip the song of lyrics, so I used Audacity (a free - but equally terrible software) to strip audio, increase speed by 250%, add effects and add a digital beat alongside, so while it was essentially their song, I had 'sampled' it into my own song. So if that was the case, well thats harsh that they didn't reply to every comment during the comp (I asked a few things with only 1 being replied too by them)...but understandable. Now don't get me wrong, your cover was amazing, and so was the other two winners. Extreme talent, you deserve that win. I was just...tilted haha. I didn't expect to win in the slightest, but upon hearing the top three winners and noticing the high production quality, I got kinda annoyed. But ya know, it is what it is. You deserve the win, I'm just showing my inner toxicity xD
Ahh, alright! Again, apologies for my assumption. I would have loved to hear what you came up with! In terms of if we couldn't use the songs, I had a bit of a gander through some of the other answers they provided to other questions and one was as follows: > Q: Is using a program like FL Studio to make a cover allowed? > Perigan (OCE) - about a month ago > Heya, you can use whatever you like to record your covers, as long as they're original recordings! > Q: So it doesn't matter if we can't play an instruement for the cover? We just need to be able to create a recording? > Perigan (OCE) - 28 days ago > Electronic music is cool as long as it's an original recording (ie not using stems / any part of the original piece) then you're more than welcome to enter! I gather that editing the original song or stem, and using it as a backing track, is still out of the criteria. The backing track/instrumental had to be entirely made by the contestant, or **POSSIBLY** a backing track that you had the rights to, either by buying it or gaining permission from the creator. If you ever need any advice on equipment that you can utilise with low quality hardware to improve your audio, I'm always happy to provide it! Also, don't feel so bad. There will always be future chances and until then you can practice with different softwares that may work better in terms of quality and original composition. There are a lot of resources online that teach you how to use software to their maximum capability, that have helped me massively! My "set-up" which I used to record my cover, was not something I bought to record any music, in fact this was the first time I'd ever tried recording music, and it came out a lot better than I expected. I didn't have to pay for any of my software either! {{sticker:sg-miss-fortune}}
: bloody great work to these people, but I feel this competition was kinda rigged. These winners had high production/costly equipment and you can't deny this. Plus, my song had 7 people watch for an average of 15 seconds according to youtube statistics, which considering my use of my laptop and crappy equipment is very unfair, like, without money there was no way I could have won this haha
Hi Bushyman477, ~~If I am not wrong, your cover was the As We Fall cover with the rap in the instrumental section? Please correct me if this is not the case!~~ ~~Based on the rules of the competition, to my understanding, everything had to be originally recorded, meaning you were not allowed to use the original song as a backing track, which I recall this cover doing? If this was the case, then this may have been the reason why it was not selected for the shortlist (speaking in terms of if it was yours).~~ Although your compliment is greatly appreciated, I think what you have said slightly disregards the efforts that a lot of the other contestants put in as some of their covers sounded really fantastic. It is very possible to have decent quality sounding audio and music with completely free or budget software and equipment. I'm not sure if you saw the shortlist of finalists, but there were 2 people who did a duet with a xylophone and a guitar on a live recording and their cover quality sounded great. I don't think it's very fair to say that the competition was rigged because it's like saying that someone who did traditional hand-drawing couldn't win over a digital artist in an art contest because the digital artist paid for photoshop and a tablet whereas the artist paid for paints or pencils, which isn't true given a graffiti wall artwork won one of the previous art competitions; it's just about quality and utilising what you have. There is a tonne of free software and applications out there which is great for audio recording and I think your rapping was awesome. You could easily buy a decent microphone for $50 as well and use the free software to create things. A great example of one of the other covers that made the shortlist (that I really loved) was a complete acapella, with barely any effects and it was fantastic. Just my thoughts though, I hope this makes sense! {{sticker:sg-lulu}}
Achenar (OCE)
: Music Cover Contest Winners - sponsored by Logitech!
Thank you so much for the opportunity, Riot! Congratulations Elijah and Gideon. ♥ {{sticker:sg-ahri-2}}


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