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: Gold - Diamond Ranked Team (LFM)
IGN:Smurf Commando Currently S5 was S4 I have Skype I can fill but pref top mid or jg Available weekends I can play weekdays during 5pm-9pm I am a dedicated player looking for a serious and frequently active ranked team
: Super serious ranked team
Ok my internet is back and running I will add you guys tonight
: Super serious ranked team
Sweet it looks like I'll top, ok the team is full we will Skype or something and I will add you guys when my net comes back so after 5pm on weekdays I will message you guys
: In Game Name: Lexhanatin Role: Adc > Jungle/Mid > Support/Top
I will add you to the team when my net comes back
Syuu (OCE)
: IGN: YY90001 KonKi Role: Sup only
I will add you as soon as my net comes back which will be either tomorrow or Wednesday
: IGN: viperblits Role: Jungle Only - Early Advantages - Constant Deep Vision - Expert Map Control Experienced: {{champion:254}} {{champion:76}} {{champion:59}} {{champion:121}} {{champion:421}} {{champion:33}} {{champion:120}} Currently Learning: {{champion:11}} {{champion:102}}
I will add you as soon as my net comes back :)
: IGN : Vanishment Role: Mid/Supp/Adc
I will add you as soon as my net comes back
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: Cygnus Gaming R5s (serious team)
I main jg add me my ign is Smurf Commando
: ~Finding a serious ranked team~
Send me a request im creating a ranked team
: :O if you get a team i would join i main top :D but stuck in bronze :|
ill help you climb out and are you toxic? also what role do you play
: Lvl 30...silver 2. Any roles but adc.
yea you can join and im jg so u can take whatever else send me a request
: Zealot Gaming Community Recruitment
Disabled (OCE)
: im up for it if u got a spot
Sure tell me what rank are you and where do you play
Disabled (OCE)
: im up for it if u got a spot
Sure first though tell me your rank and where you play
: Looking for Silver/Bronze duo partner.
Lol send me a request and I wanna I'll play a ranked game with you I fell from silver cause of trolls and feeders/afkers so ik tf so yea add me and play tonight if you can
Sir Jazza (OCE)
: Recruiting Ranked 5 Team members for Serious Play
IGN: SmurfCommando Age: 17 Main role: top/jg Favourite Champion: Darius, Lee sin Skype: I will make a new one cause I forgot my password xD Rank: silver Length dedicated: full dedication Time I can play: weekdays 5pm-10pm weekends all day and night About me: I'm really into league it's my first season im really into e-sports and favourite league e-sport team- TSM : ) I really want to join a ranked team I want to have fun but also be serious in addition to that I don't want to have people rage or troll and feed if something goes wrong
Wumachine (OCE)
: Just created the smartest ranked team name
I sent you a request add me if you're looking for a top, jg or mid : )
JhoneyBee (OCE)
: LFM looking for Mid laner for 5s rankteam
Caastro (OCE)
: would but im lvl 6 :(
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Zaim (OCE)
: Looking to create a ranked team (Bronze 3 players upwards)
I would really liked to join a ranked team add me I can top jg and mid but pref top/jg anyway add me if you still need people

Smurf Commando

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