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: I've seen a few people reporting that they couldn't log into support over the last couple of weeks but I've not seen any issues each time I've tested it. Would you be able to share a screenshot of the issue you're seeing? Want to get to the bottom of this.
Glad to see a rioter has taken notice to the problem, It's quite severe in aram/coop games and is truly frustrating to a returning player that has to try and level through the cluster of bots, i feel as through i am learning nothing and it will effect my future gameplay dramatically.
: 4 Bots in 1 Vs AI game. Impossible to win unprepared.
its the same when leveling a new account in ARAM. Chinese account farming bots have literally taken this game by the ballsack and squeezed it for everything they can. Riot will never admit to this of course, the game is working as intended.
: Please unban account
Honestly nothing out of the average. I see worse coming from the Chinese players, and because it's not written in English riot doesn't give two fucks about it. Undeserved ban
: So lets have a real talk about this riot.
Tried to report these players the correct way, however the Login button on Player support doesn't even work. Pretty pathetic for a multi million dollar company.
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