Niji (OCE)
: WHat the frick sans undertale is so cool GD don't you love him too!!!
that guy looks kinda demonic to me dude idk...
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: It is ban-worthy? I know because I once reported someone with had an iteration of the N-word as their IGN and they were gone. Stop baiting.
: Sound like you are trying to bait man. The way you typed > I thought this company had a zero-tolerance stance on any kind of hate speech. Very disappointed. Also, why are you on OCE server? The N word is not **extremly **racist. Black people called each other by that word. He might be black, you dont know.
please don't pretend to understand my culture, thanks. the year is 2018 and the fact that this term shrouded in racism by our oppressors isn't banworthy tells me how dire this company's policies are. also, hard r.
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Niji (OCE)
: Bring back Rich Gang
Niji (OCE)
: Wow nice post friend I am going to upvote it!
> [{quoted}](name=Niji,realm=OCE,application-id=dQOcTl8O,discussion-id=8oyGfuIt,comment-id=0001,timestamp=2017-12-12T15:34:03.827+0000) > > Wow nice post friend I am going to upvote it! great response friend
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: What the fuck happened to this place
Hazardau (OCE)
: Jungling help.
watch supermetroidlol on twitch
Wean (OCE)
: A question to those people who had finished the first ten matches of ranked.
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: Hello! I am Matthew 'Fish' Stewart, Shoutcaster for the OPL - Ask Me Anything!
: RIP tarzaned
hes still got his youtube channel luckily
: 'Stfu' and 'wtf' are instant triggers for chat restrions, but 'kkk' and 'kys' aren't.
kkk is an organisation. it shouldnt be bannable to say kkk.
: I took Lord Sesshomaru's adviced and stopped dodging.
damn dude thats really cool how you have to fill us in
: 6 months of being on OCE boards, AMA
Fitzky (OCE)
: No one seems to understand me at all, I mean practically everything I give my opinion on gets downvoted, and let me repeat that word, OPINION.
and its the opinion of someone else that they think what you're saying is bad, so they downvote. hold on wait a second... its like... that makes sense?
: Can we please just
so ccing something should halt the movement of something not tethered to it? is this what you're asking
Fitzky (OCE)
: I've seen one Rioter here on the boards admit they were currently bronze 3 and I just laughed
but were they part of the balance team? or just some random rioter
: So if you're lazy and tolerant. Dont read it, and tolerate it being there. Problem = Solved.
the problem is that i'd love to read what your opnion is except that its league of legends so reading more than 2 paragraphs bores me to death. you should just make your stuff short and sweet, not for me but for others too
Known (OCE)
: > [{quoted}](name=hentai cutie pie,realm=OCE,application-id=Ntey9fRZ,discussion-id=bpy9zZVk,comment-id=0000,timestamp=2017-03-26T10:58:45.208+0000) > > every fucking thresh main and their mother have a thresh related name. just dont. its beyond annoying to look at and i bet you probably have a clan tag called 'FL4Y' or something along those lines. just make a name that is unique to you, something you can be represented under. Close, it's Hook™ That's probably because Thresh is one of the most mained supports in the game.
and interestingly enough people will more likely remember a unique name over a generic thresh name when they think of this thresh that is a beast. do what you want though. i'd suggest a non edgy type of name.
Known (OCE)
: Ideas of names for a Thresh main?
every fucking thresh main and their mother have a thresh related name. just dont. its beyond annoying to look at and i bet you probably have a clan tag called 'FL4Y' or something along those lines. just make a name that is unique to you, something you can be represented under.
: I used to play this game all the time.
: Don't read it then? If anyone wants to, they can. If they don't, no harm done. You just proved my whole point about people having so little tolerance though.
there is a difference between tolerance and laziness
: Its quite possible you could be confusing **racism** _(un-aldulerated hatred for another person because of their different nationality)_ with **trash talk** _(throwing insults at someone because you're annoyed)_. Someone calling you are a "piece of shit" doesn't actually mean that the person saying it, thinks you are literally a pile of festering facies on the floor. Likewise calling someone a "dirty asian" or other type of insult, doesn't actually mean that person has grown up believing that all asian people never wash. It means that they took an aspect of you (which just happened to be your nationality, because its the only thing they know about you) and tried to insult you with it. (they could easily have said Four-eyes instead, if you wore glasses,) its a jab at you, not your race. Real Hate speech is very very different from your average garden variety insult. An insult is a surface deep word or sentence that you construct in the moment, about someone from the way they act or look, in an attempt to hurt their feelings. "Ill fuck your mum %%%%%" doesn't actually mean that they will come to your house and have intercourse with your dark-skinned mother. Hate speech, isn't constructed on the spot, it is a built up resentment for a group of people, the difference is; hate speech isn't intended to hurt the feelings of the target, _(why bother hurting the feelings of someone who is a lower class citizen than you anyway.)_ Hate speech is intended to distance yourself from the group of people you hate. "Gays are an affront to god!" is hate speech, it is not intended to hurt any _specific_ individual, its purpose is to show how much better your demographic is, than the 'other' people. Where "You gay piece of shit." isn't hate speech. The person doesn't necessarily hate all gay people, they are just using an aspect of your life to insult you. They could easily be saying "You four-eyed freak." _(which clearly isn't hate speech, because no one grows up inherently hating people with glasses)_ So if you are witnessing people saying _"WTF is with all these asians on our server? Cant the yellow skinned scum have their own server?"_ then that IS hate speech. But if people are saying "Why aren't you carrying us you fucking asian." Its not hate speech, because they aren't insulting your race, they're just insulting you, and using your race to do it. ______ Also... this is bloody Australia/NZ no one is truly racist in this part of the world. Most people here aren't even 100% any one particular race anyway. Even the 'racism' about Aboriginals/Maori is just stereotyping and jokes. Not true hate speech. You'd have to go to middle America, WWII Nazi Germany, or ISIS HQ, to find proper widespread racism where people genuinely believe that Gays or Jews or black people are inferior human beings. _______ Are you actually trying to hold Riot responsible? Why not just start blaming the air for carrying insults from people's mouthes across to you as well... It'd be interesting to see all the screen shots you've taken and see what you are thinking is Racism and Hate Speech. _______ To be 100% clear, I'm not saying its okay to insult someone as long as its not racist. No one should be insulting anyone, in an ideal world. What I am saying is that insults are generally harmless, someone is having a bad day and is taking it out on the people around them. They'll have completely forgotten all about you by the time the next game starts. Its a lot different to Hate Speech, which is when the person is genuinely offended by sharing the same game as an Asian person. _______ Trust me, one of the best things you can ever acquire in life, is a thick skin. If you take offence at every little thing, your life will be a complete misery. Look at the current state of the world: You can be sued if someone slips and bruises themselves your toilet floor. 'Social justice warriors' blow every tiny little thing way out of proportion over twitter or Facebook, and make everyone afraid to say anything. People have no tolerance at all. its kinda pathetic tbh. Wouldn't the world just be a whole lot better, if everyone just said "sure whatever" and got on with their lives? There will always be dicks in the world, that is a fact and it wont ever change, no matter what laws are passed or what ever is 'correct'. You can either fight your entire life trying to shut each and every one of them down, and watch more pop up again and again. Or you can just shrug it off as idiots and carry on. You'll find life so much easier, you really will :)
stop essayposting nobody wants to read all this shit dude
: Riot needs to do something about pervasive racism.
nobody cares, also report the player after the game, tehn something will be done if they're consistently racist - not just a one off
Pured (OCE)
: Help Me Choose A Skin!
dj is a scam but its visually the best so you may as well grab it if its on sale
LilMil (OCE)
: How to reduce ping when overseas
there isnt really much outside of using high speed internet and an ethernet cable, but that will only really fix spiking
: pbe "balances" - Lux ???
: Really well done!
almost as good as that new swain skin dude holy shit
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Mr Ducky (OCE)
: MR Ducky is muting everyone.
: than It's: _than_
u rekt him lol hows he gonna come back from this 1
: Old Jedi proverbs of great wisdom and knowledgeness.
: Udyr really needs a buff.
udyr should be buffed, however the damage poibt you bring up is pretty irrelevant as udyr is not a toplaner, and shouldnt be played as one either right now. also he is very good at securing objectives meaning you don't have to participate in big fights too often. i do riot have gutted him though. as much as i despise udyr he needs buffs and i think riot right now are just ignoring that for more popular champs, and also the april fools patch.
: I honestly have more fun trolling than I do playing the game.
i think people report trolls, not because they are 'offended' but because you purposely lost them the game. but sure i'd agree people report for verbal abuse way too willingly, and need to man up.
Fitzky (OCE)
: @Riot The punishment system
banned for one game? lol my dude. also it's not against the rules really.
Tameru (OCE)
: Undertale skins
it is hard to imagine actually.
Crayzee (OCE)
: Memes
ciaô (OCE)
: Umm where did i go wrong?
it's based off gold earned and also averages with that champ. the guy u played is probably super busted or the game went for like 40-50 minutes
: how does fizz not fall off his trident? because he is pretty unbalanced,c_fit,h_200,w_200/v1395991705/gjn81wvxqsq6yzcwubok.png
that doesnt even make sense
: A Solution to AR URF
if people get what they want then how does that make it fun? it's literally a stomp every game. AR urf makes sure you cant pick the most broken guys every time.
: > [{quoted}](name=A steezy Scizor,realm=OCE,application-id=dQOcTl8O,discussion-id=KEZmVyOx,comment-id=000000010000,timestamp=2017-02-24T12:05:08.882+0000) > > someone's never done a test in science. > you have; a control, the client; an independent variable, your computer; a dependent variable, whether it crashes or not. > seeing as how the dependent variable changes when we change the independent variable, we can safely assume that's the problem. > if you're too fucking retarded to understand that, which you likely are you sack of potatoes with eyes, the problem is with your computer, not the client. just because you can explain year 7 science to me doesnt mean anything.. fuck off mate.
> [{quoted}](name=that bloke,realm=OCE,application-id=dQOcTl8O,discussion-id=KEZmVyOx,comment-id=0000000100000000,timestamp=2017-02-25T07:10:57.373+0000) > > just because you can explain year 7 science to me doesnt mean anything.. fuck off mate. what means something is that you can't comprehend it. also if it was the game then nobody would be playing man. maybe its not your pc, but your firewall possibly?
: Thanks riot
t. a motherfucker who picks zed every game
: type /chatfilter in game and it should turn it off
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: I hate it when people shit on my dude Master Yi for taking "no skill"
no skill noober lmao play a high skillcap champ like vayne or ur trash kid
: good idea of the week. don't spend money on league of legends.
best idea of the week. uninstall the game from ur pc
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