: HUD Update
i personally think this is awesome, keep up the good work riot C:
: hey man im in s5 right now been having some problems with elos hell i consistently do well with my friends ad were looking to get good with a group of people so message me if you are interested
no such thing as elo hell kappa
: Help a fellow noob
I think it's just that you don't realize when your powerspike is. Poking in lane is fine but when you find that you're going to reach that curve make sure you save that mana
: Rank team LFM serious
IGN: Hi lm Jeff ROLE: dragon control Availability: 5 pm - 11 pm weekday, 12 am - 11pm Weekday I main teemo cus teemo is almost a permanant ward. As pros say, vision wins games!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Currently in gold 3 but was gold 1 a few weeks ago.{{champion:17}}
: Do you kil an afk or d/c player?
i have never been left alone when i dc so i guess why not
Antodara (NA)
: Don't try to clear all the camps in one go until you've bought your t2 Jungle item. You'll miss out on a lot of gold for killing the large mods in the camps. I follow these 2 routes, it depends on wether you're tanky (slower attack speed, more health and sustain, less autos) or assassin (lots of autos, low sustain, squishy). Tanky route is: Leash on Gromp, smite as soon as he spawns. Move to wolves, kill them, pop a potion if need be, save smite. Move to red, smite red only when you get down to your last box, go all out with abilities here. Return to base, pick up Machete T2 (I like to go Skirmishers because I find a lot of JG's lack the gapclosers necessary to gank), buy a pot, the other camps are now easier so kill them until you're ready to gank, this varies on champ by champ bassis. Assassin route is: Leash on golems, fight red, use both potions if need be, go all out as you want this dead and to be at least over 25% hp. Now go fight chickens if you're 25-40%, or move to wolves and then base with 450~ish gold. Continue as above until you're ready to gank. Once you hit gank phase it's important to NOT GO TO GANK IF IT'S NOT READY. Ganks are ready when the opponent is pushing your teams lane, or is low enough to score a quick towerdive. DO NOT go for a gank on an opponent at full hp that is in middle of lane by yourself or without some form of CC handy, as they can often just blow a gap closer in their QWER kit, and you've wasted your mana/time. Communicate, ping that you are on your way, and let your team know to go in when you ping the target. If your team is pushing their lanes, kill Rift Scuttlers, ward river bushes, watch for enemy ganks and stop them if you can. Otherwise, keep farming as you do nothing by wasting 30 seconds walking to bot lane to gank Graves when he can just W and e away, even Q'ing you for 25% of your hp and leaving you vulnerable as you go back to river. If you go to gank, and they flash away, you MAY take some minions as a "gank tax". This is a common practice, but communicate that you will do this while you're all moving to lanes. Nobody likes to lose CS for no real reason. A blown flash/ghost/heal/exhaust is a successful gank. A kill for you is a better gank, and a kill for your lane is an EXCELLENT gank. You dying is a bad gank. Finally, fight dragon around level 5-6. By this time you should have finished your enchant, and should have at least a {{item:1053}}, or enough sustain. Ping for assist from your bot lane if need be, but I like to solo dragon ({{champion:254}} and {{champion:19}} jungle 4 lyfe) as the fact that you're a jungler hides your position from the enemy team. Smite the Chickens on your way, so that you can check for wards. If you're clear, smash dragon, as almost NOBODY outside of Gold+ goes for dragon until 20+min. It's silly, but it's true. Early dragons give your bot and top lanes a decent power spike, and it puts the enemy team on the back foot. Always hold a lane if you can when your laners leave for base. Nothing worse than being ahead 20-5 and having lost because you didn't defend towers.
at lvl 14 i understand why you solo dragon, but if you're in high elo (gold +) people ward dragon pit. If you want to get dragon by lvl 5-6 make sure you get a gank off bot for a double kill or at least a back so they cant compete.
: Jungling tips
main {{champion:17}}
: Suggestions on a champ to carry from Gold to Plat
it's not a single champ that will help get you carried from gold to plat, i would suggest maining 3 champions in every role as well as 3 main roles in case you dont get your preferred role. You should pick 3 champions which can snowball and try to pick them every game. {{champion:92}}
: Suggestions on a champ to carry from Gold to Plat
: good players only play 1 role
Punch (OCE)
: G'day. I main mid. My champion pool is pretty big, but the champs I'm really comfortable on are: Leblanc, Xerath, Syndra, Zed. Currently G4, but honestly, the SoloQ cancer is holding me back =].
: Hi Punch Spoke to you in game, great to have you onboard!
: Looking for 3 people to join to (adc/mid/top) (bronze)

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