Wuks (OCE)
: Ask a Heimerdinger Main (feat. Heisendong & lolGunSlinger)
The push on heim is insane, i was playing ahri against him and i was essentially stuck under turret :(
: bard skin
what about shen :(
Tomo7182 (OCE)
: Mf Legendary skin idea.
No Good (OCE)
: so many bots now?!
i played aram once with a full team of bots :)))
: Greetings SoSaucy, Like **CheesyLeeks** and **Valor Carrys** have stated this might be be because 40 assists on a Soraka can be possible to pull off, however this is a pretty impressive score. Onto why it might be the case that it wasn't an S rank. The first thing that we need to look at is what [Riot has officially stated](http://na.leagueoflegends.com/en/news/community/q/ask-riot-how-you-get-s-urgot) is accounted for in the system for getting mastery score. --- > **What is in the champ mastery grades formula?** > The grades you receive are driven by how you stack rank against all other players in your region who also played your champion and position across various performance categories. We don’t reveal the exact formula so that it can’t be min-maxed as we really want to avoid incentivizing playing for stats like CS or K/D/A rather than playing to win. However, the variables are fairly intuitive in terms of what you would expect to be important to winnin --- Now since this is ARAM this does actually make this case quite interesting as I am assuming the system accounts for what map you are on. ARAMs are a game mode where there are constant team fights, a lot of kills, poking heavily on the opponent, champions building differently and lots of kills. With this in mind we need to account for this when thinking about the mastery score. For example since a lot of champions build differently and you will find champions such as Soraka often building full AP, it might be the case that with the system, damage done might be accounted for. A full AP soraka can do a ton of damage when it comes to poking with her Q, so it might be a stat to keep in mind. --- You are right though about CS, while the Riot quote doesn't specifically state that CS is one of the things that the system looks at, it might be the case that it is. However in the case of ARAMs and Soraka, I don't really know if it would be when you think about it. Last hitting with Soraka can be very difficult, and most of the time quite a lot of the ways that you get CS is through your Q poke. --- The last thing I want to touch on towards getting that S rank is KDA. In my personal opinion kills do carry a very heavy amount towards getting that S rank even on supports. So looking at having 5 kills, to 2 deaths might be something to look at, as in ARAMs its very often that people don't really mind who gets what kills because of the nature of the game mode. --- All of this mind though the main thing that you should think about is the reason that the mastery system is in place. It is there to give you a goal to get better, and see where you made mistakes that you can improve on. If it is the case that you didn't get an S rank one game and you feel like you should of, see what parts of your gameplay you could have improved on so that next time you have a better chance. Riot said themselves they don't want people farming for specific stats to get their S ranks, rather doing things that go towards winning the game for your team. --- I hope that this helps, if there is anything I can clarify on or any questions I can answer that you have let me know. Good luck in your games. ~Elam
beautiful reply tyvm <3
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: New free champion rotation: Blitzcrank, Gnar, Lee Sin and more!
: The banana or death as it flies out of FOW to take your life, ezreal Ult.
i love watching my banana's get the last hit during laning phase, reasons why i play league
Cupboard (OCE)
: 18446744073709552000 LP!?!!? RIOT HELLO?
you deserve it bud all that lp is yours fair n square
: Talon needs to be fixed. he is the most broken champ on the game
: To the Supports out there.
Support players should play who they want, as long as we arent stealing cs its all gooooood
Corehog (OCE)
: Nah, the leviathan was the Krakenwyrm that Olaf fought in chapter two of "Shadow and Fortune"
should probs read more into the law then i suppose
: the Leviathan was related to Illaoi pretty sure. Like thats the "god" she communes with (hence the tentacles)
oh yeee tru maybe we'll see her god on the field then lol
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GeoCrad (OCE)
: Who is the braindead employee who decided 4/5 can surrender the game
: Very Toxic Rammus.
Did you report him in the after chat thing
: Wait you main sona? hahahahahahahaha, do you really enjoy mashing buttons that much. Go and play a skillful champion.
thanks baileyballs ill take that into consideration mr baileyballs
: What does being in low elo have to do with skill and positioning?
positioning in terms of your teammates
: Tbh not many people use frozen mallet, even i wouldnt lol. Adc is all about positioning and skill. Also the entire team doesnt have to peel just for the adc, they peel for each other or the ones that are actually carrying.
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: How do you even build defensive if the best item you can get on an ADC is Mecurial or Maw? What's the point of getting a Guardian Angel 20 minutes into a game?
Frozen mallet is a really good item on adc's, health and easy kiting but adc is more about positioning, support and entire team should be trying to keep the adc alive
: I'm pretty sure I've lost my edge in this game.
silver is cancer, im stuck in atm and i like to consider myself a reasonably good support but you always get people who feed on your team. Although what I have noticed in many games in silver is that it is completely small fights orientated with almost no team fights, your laning will ultimately determine the game. Most people in silver do not build defence or health (in terms of mid, adc, sup and jng, dependent on the champion). Try and use this to your advantage, also always try to pick counters, as not many people in silver do this either (e.g pick morg if against thresh, not sona). ALSO (sorry for the probs 10th also) DO BUILD DEFENSIVE! I've played as a sona little to no ap items (like dead man's plate) and managed to carry my team, armour or magic pen is not a thing tbh in lower elo. BUT this is just my observation, many people will see diff
: > [{quoted}](name=SoSaucy,realm=OCE,application-id=mR0UmRrp,discussion-id=zJflB8sE,comment-id=0002,timestamp=2016-10-12T22:40:44.894+0000) > > silver sup :D i&#x27;d be able to play most friday and saturday nights ofc varying on me own personal life > I main sona and morganna atm, but I&#x27;m improving on Janna and working on playing with Leona > chuck us an add in game &lt;3 Will add tonight, where in WA are you?
: Western Australia Players over 20 looking for serious team for next season (Silver or Gold only)
silver sup :D i'd be able to play most friday and saturday nights ofc varying on me own personal life I main sona and morganna atm, but I'm improving on Janna and working on playing with Leona chuck us an add in game <3
OCE Garen (OCE)
: When your team queued up to join a game that was bound to happen as when you're queuing with 4 other you can only choose 1 preference. so that's what you get. the idea behind it is simple. > When you have eliminated the impossible, whatever remains, however improbable must be the truth _Sir Arthur Conan Doyle_ -OCE {{champion:86}}
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Tazo (OCE)
: 5's silver+
im a sup main, chuck as an add
Varson (OCE)
: Throw me an add if ya can. I will probably forget but I'm keen to play with you.
sent u an add
SoSaucy (OCE)
: Team Silver ranked
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Talon12 (OCE)
: They thinking banning lich on sona, show us 100% winrate then
omfg what nooo surely you cant ban an item for a champion
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: I tried it and got the highest kda in the game kek
see? proof tysm{{item:3100}}
: add me if you. juskillmealredy
added ya
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: Tbh, any champion can be played anywhere if played right. Ranked is another story but even then, if you know how to do you're job properly the only difference the champion choice makes is execution. Having said that, in higher elos Sona is average at best because shes predictable but in lower elos she is broken.
Yea I've noticed that in lower elos
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YbQuinny (OCE)
: yeah but what about pool party Jinx {{champion:222}}
riot wouldnt have much to work w/
: Hey there, You should be able to view your keybinds from within the games menu system.
thank you :D
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