Ninox (OCE)
: I believe we took that into consideration but since we posted the comp before the event actually went live some things weren't confirmed, I'll double check on that. EDIT: We've made some arrangements and will speed up our selection process so winners can be announced and prized with enough time to purchase bundles if they wish.
Thank you! Also, if the entry has already been submitted but we want to change the prize we want should we just let you know after the winners are announced or resubmit our entry now?
: Boards Community Battle Academia Fanart Contest!
I was curious that if we did place 1st,2nd or 3rd and received the Battle Academia skin of choice, would the prizes be given out in time to purchase their respective chroma bundles/skin bundles? Or will the event end before they're given out?
Shiafira (OCE)
: ; A: tHANK YOU RITO//congrats to the other winners too~ there were so many good entries omg i wish i could tag soapy but tWO BAULKO KIDS YEY :D btw my art site is if anyone wants to check
AAAH I'm so happy for you Shia!! I'm so honored to be up there with you uwu ThANK YOU RITO FOR THIS GREAT HONOUR
: Ocean Week Art Contest
I'm not sure if I just can't find it or not but has the shortlist been posted yet?
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