Ornn (OCE)
: small michanicsa? assasin run at someone spam all your abilties to 1 shot them red kayne spam all you're abilities and press r when you're low on hopefully a tank or high health oponent kayne is braindead
> [{quoted}](name=Ornn,realm=OCE,application-id=FjGAIbRv,discussion-id=T4kj0nLH,comment-id=0003000000000000,timestamp=2019-07-19T05:23:13.954+0000) > > small michanicsa? assasin run at someone spam all your abilties to 1 shot them > red kayne spam all you're abilities and press r when you're low on hopefully a tank or high health oponent > > kayne is braindead Ok if you spam all your abilities then you're gonna end up losing. The idea is to maximize efficieny
Ornn (OCE)
: Kayn/ ????? you run and someone and they die explain how thats michanically hard
> [{quoted}](name=Grouchy Poro,realm=OCE,application-id=FjGAIbRv,discussion-id=T4kj0nLH,comment-id=00030000,timestamp=2019-07-12T18:52:11.018+0000) > > Kayn/ ????? you run and someone and they die explain how thats michanically hard Depends on the mmr you're playing at :) But Kayn has many small mechanics to keep in mind to play him at his maximum potential at all stages of the game.
Ashal (OCE)
: Looking For A High Gold/Low Plat ADC to duo with
72 sins (OCE)
: Most mechanically intense champion?
Top: Irelia/Gp/Riven/Ryze Jungle: Leesin/Shaco/Kayn/Gragas/Nidalee Mid: Zed/Asol/Azir/Ekko/Yasuo/Taliyah Adc: Kalista/Caitlyn/Vayne/Draven Support: Thresh/Taric/Bard/Pyke Irelia: Managing resets, getting good stuns, utilising ultimates slow and disarm potential, correct w usage. Gp: Barrel placement, dubloon farming, positioning Riven: _**combos**_ Ryze: Everything Leesin: _**Combos**_ feat. Energy management Shaco: Box placement, vision control, fear usage, ultimate usage, 100% premeditation Kayn: Combo usage, health management, cooldown management, positioning, terrain scaling Gragas: Combos, cooldown management, terrain scaling Nidalee: Everything x2 Zed: Energy management, cooldown management, geometry, positioning, blink/shadow management, combos, terrain scaling Asol: ~~Positioning~~ Azir: Everything Ekko: Combos, ultimate usage, terrain scaling Yasuo: Positioning, combos, flow management, terrain scaling Taliyah: Combos, terrain, positioning, geometry Kalista: Everything Caitlyn: Trap placement, combos Vayne: Geometry x10, combos, stealth management, cooldown management Draven: Axe Tresh: Everything Taric: Everything Bard: Everything Pyke: Everything
: > [{quoted}](name=Nightjar,realm=OCE,application-id=FjGAIbRv,discussion-id=T4kj0nLH,comment-id=0001,timestamp=2019-07-06T01:56:04.972+0000) > > {{champion:64}} > was, is, and has always been the highest skillcap champion. > At first he doesn't seem that bad, but watch a high elo leesin main, and you'll see that he has so many combos to master, so much flexibility, and whilst he has a strong earlygame, the difference between a pro leesin and an average one, is the pro leesin doesn't actually fall off in the lategame, whereas the average one does. No, he isn't. He has a very simple kit and is mechanical simple. Lee Sin is difficult, as some say, due to decision making and when to do his combos.
> [{quoted}](name=Broken Scripts,realm=OCE,application-id=FjGAIbRv,discussion-id=T4kj0nLH,comment-id=00010000,timestamp=2019-07-06T02:59:51.485+0000) > > No, he isn't. He has a very simple kit and is mechanical simple. Lee Sin is difficult, as some say, due to decision making and when to do his combos. Yeah unfortunately the idea of skillcap has increase. Leesin used to be seen as an incredibly difficult champion mechanically, now hes just incredibly useless
: Is Qiyana Bad?
I like playing her as a bruiser but yea shes not so great at the moment. I especially love how she gets conveniently disabled just like yuumi did and any other new release champ with a 30% winrate
: TFT Selling Champs
Its on purpose since 2 star+ are valuable units reducing their gold price for levelling them is a bit of a disinsentive for people hogging characters that dont actually fit their comp to deny enemies. curbs the rng a tad
: Unbalanced TFT
Dont try to force a team comp, roll with wjat you're given, manage gold wisely. Learn the games mechanics.
Mr Silly (OCE)
: TFT tier unlocks not working
Play 5 games then redeem the orb
: I feel like both Darius and Zed are champs that are overtuned in lower ranks simply because players can't play around their weaknesses but they become balanced at higher elos. Lee is the opposite as most people who player him at low ranks make him seem useless but a really skilled player can still make him look good.
> [{quoted}](name=always improve,realm=OCE,application-id=FjGAIbRv,discussion-id=1n853HdA,comment-id=00000000,timestamp=2019-06-17T11:09:24.501+0000) > > I feel like both Darius and Zed are champs that are overtuned in lower ranks simply because players can't play around their weaknesses but they become balanced at higher elos. Lee is the opposite as most people who player him at low ranks make him seem useless but a really skilled player can still make him look good. Theres no such thing as being overtuned for certain elos. All there is to consider is skill cap and counter play. A lot of people dont know how to counterplay zed apart from stack armour or rush zhonyas in low mmr, and thats what makes them low mmr. It is just as easy to be a shit zed than it is to be a shit leesin. Both have missable skillshots, both have potential to misuse gap closers and escapes. Lee has to make good plays in a split second, zed has hit hit triple q and double e while managing shadow cooldowns and blinks. They can both kill you level 6 with an all in full hp if you let them. Darius is similar except he has the juggernaut playstyle meaning you counterplay differently. I guess what you mean to say is their strengths are more suited towards low mmr games than if you were to play a tank even though tanks are much more preferable to a leesin and ap control mages are more preferable to ad assasins.
R4ndom F1nn (EUNE)
: Who balances this game?
Darius is a walk in the park when the enemy top lets you stack passive for free. Darius is a very good pick at the moment for sure but hes pretty much all or nothing and there are plenty of champions in the meta that do fairly well against him. Zed takes way more skill than leesin to be played to his max potential imo and its no one but the zed mains in high elo who understand this about zeds kit. The problem with zed is that even if you play him to his max potential, he cannot 1v5 like some other champions can, for example vayne. Since he is limited by his energy and his main kill potential is all in his R. Which means he has to be strong at least in the 1v1 and in laning, he is afterall an assasin.| Leesin on the other hand cannot be weak early game or else he is useless. Thats pretty much it. He has to be strong early to reward good players with him because if he doesn't get ahead early he is basically a champ with a 1 knockup and thats it.
R4ndom F1nn (EUNE)
: Please nerf morde a little in the next patch
I would say to nerf his multi-hit damage on Q and that will be enough. The strongest part about him is his ability to trade behind minions without much effort or retaliation. However, there are some champions that completely nullify morde in lane such as fiora and vlad. I think his winrate moreso has to do with people not understanding how to play against him than it is that hes op. Dodge E, use minions to reduce his Q damage, keep and eye on his W bar. Simple enough.
: Ty so much for these tips really helpful, mainly the how to clear camps. How would u keep a lead though sometimes I might get 1st blood but then my games go down hill. Also how would u support a lane that is really getting shit on now I know I have many flaws as I’m silver but what if the enemy laner is just the better player and capable of 1v2 , what should I do
> [{quoted}](name=lexyir,realm=OCE,application-id=FjGAIbRv,discussion-id=7EE8qzxI,comment-id=00000000,timestamp=2019-06-04T22:17:14.522+0000) > > Ty so much for these tips really helpful, mainly the how to clear camps. How would u keep a lead though sometimes I might get 1st blood but then my games go down hill. Also how would u support a lane that is really getting shit on now I know I have many flaws as I’m silver but what if the enemy laner is just the better player and capable of 1v2 , what should I do Like I mentioned before you don't really want to gank a lane thats ahead unless you know you can get the kill. Otherwise your time is better spent trying to get other lanes ahead so they can carry. After your first clear you can begin to think about what lanes you want to focus on. If you want to focus on ganking top, you can krugs > Raptors > Wolves > Gromp > Gank top > B > Repeat. If you want to focus bot you can do the same just opposite direction. And obviously, you have opportunity to gank mid whenever you clear raptors, wolves, or scuttle, or even after counter jungling the enemy raptors. As for keeping your lead, its as simple as not dying and focusing objectives really. If your lanes are ahead its easy to just take dragons and herald as you please. But of course none of this means anything if you don't know how to macro. Essentially you want to see what lanes are vulnerable and attempt to take the turret. Its as simple and as complicated as that. Generally the enemy laner or jungler shouldn't be able to 1v2 unless they're already fed. Think about the champion they're playing, what clear they're going for, and where they'll try to gank. Counter ganking is probably the hardest way to shut down a jungler.
: zac ult
Im not exactly sure why they did it, I don't feel as if anyone was begging for a zac rework like people have been for graves, vlad, or akali.
: This is why vision is important
Very strange location for a zed to B lmao
: how to climb outta silver
I was hardstuck silver since s4 up till last season and now i have 3 accounts in gold (s3 I was bronze). So trust me when I say I am the master of low mmr. I am also a jg main so lucky for you ill do u a learn. First things first you need a decent champion pool. 1 ad, 1 ap, 1 tank. My roster is amumu, kayn, skarner/yi. I HIGHLY advise against playing assassins in the jungle in silver. Yes, you will get a lot of kills, but so will everyone else, so what's the point? It is paramount that you focus on 2 things: Objective control (Dragon, Turrets, Herald/Baron), and team fight/skirmishing as they will be your win conditions. You generally want your pathing to play to your champions strengths. However my two favourite paths are 1. Red > Krugs > Raptors > Gank mid > Wolves > Blue > Gromp > Scuttle/Gank top > B > Krugs (Ideally, depending on what happens you may need to adapt) 2. Wolves > Raptors > Red > Krugs > Gank bot only if its free > B > Blue > Scuttle > Gank top or do gromp > gromp> gank mid or do wolves and or raptors > krugs > gank bot. (I always take this when i play kayn) The benefits of these paths are that you are maximizing your clear/gank efficiency. However, you are allowing the enemy jungler to have a lot of early gank pressure against your team if they decide to do buff > gank or buff > camp > buff > gank. If you are scouted out in the middle of your clear you also leave your camps on the other side of the map vulnerable to counter jungling. But with those things in mind they are strong paths. Now this is all well and good knowledge, but how do you clear camps? And how do you gank? Quick Camp tips: Gromps first two attacks are considered spells and steadily does less damage with each attack. This means you should rarely use your smite on gromp, as you will generally sustain through the clear back most damage he does overall. Wolves, if you have aoe use that and focus the big wolf but if you only have single target make sure to kill the small ones first. Raptors, kill the large raptor first, i like to smite it and kill the small ones on single target junglers but if i have aoe i dont smite. Krugs, you can position yourself opposite of the medium krug with the largekrug in the middle, this makes it so that the medium krug is constantly chasing you and unable to hit you, smite the large krug when low and you wont be needing smite since krugs take a long time to clear, however, they give the most gold and exp out of any camp. You should generally prioritise on killing krugs over other camps. Ganking: Always save your gap closers until they use their escapes. A lot of people think you can't gank pre 6 with champs like yi or amumu or even rengar, but thats completely false. For top lane, path through either the tri bush or river in order to come behind the enemy top laner, use auto attacks to apply red buff, when they flash or dash away use your gap closer, like gragas E or Yi Q. Try not to be tempted to dive for a kill, if you get a flash out of them then thats enough. If you succeed in killing the enemy top and they Tp as soon as they recall I recommend looping back top to instantly kill them again and completely end top lane. Teaching you how to gank mid is difficult without diagrams but if you look online you should be able to find how to use the fog of war to effectively surprise the enemy mid laner and avoid wards. Mid is sometimes the easiest lane to get a flash from since most mid laners have no natural escapes, if they're playing someone like zed, sit in the fog of war and wait to see if they use his w gap closer/escape before going in. For bot lane you want to utilize blast cone so they have no time to react to your gank, that said generally wards mean nothing when they're shoved under turret, which for some reason bot laners always are in silver. It is OK to focus the support if the kill is free and the enemy adc isnt going to kill anyone of you, at the end of the day 300g is 300g. Another advanced method of ganking is called the lane gank. When your ally is shoving in their lane but requires a gank, what you can do is path into a lane brush (either top or bottom lane) while the enemy has their fog of war restricted from being pushed in. Then when the wave bounces back you'll be in the perfect position to come out behind them and kill them. Generally using this tactic also gets you a lot of counter ganks since the enemy jungler is likely to path to pushed in lanes. If enemy jg is top lane, try to work with your mid and bot to secure dragons. If the enemy jg is bot side and you dont have time to contest them, go for a herald (as long as mid and top aren't going to get you killed). You want to start focusing herald and dragon around level 5. General gank rules: (That weren't already mentioned) 1. Do not gank if the enemy has a giant minion wave. Let your laner clear the majority of the minions first before going in. If they're at risk of being dove from this large wave, they just scare off the enemy laner so your ally can take the wave safely. Another reason for this is to let your laner match the enemy laners level, and so that you don't die to all the minions attacking you during your gank. 2. Tax only if your laner got the kill from a gank. (Taxing is when you take a couple of your laners CS as compensation for pathing to them). It is also ok to tax a few minions if you make the enemy flash and or recall. 3. Never dive someone higher level than you. 4. If an enemy laner is 3 levels higher than you and your ally, don't bother ganking. The ship has sunketh. (unless they're half hp with no flash) 5. Only dive if you think you and your ally can kill them easily within 3 turrets shots. (otherwise, refer to rule 3) 6. Don't gank if the enemy has double your hp (unless your ally has the same hp as them) 7. Don't gank on no mana. 8. If you kill an enemy laner and they don't have tp up, help your ally shove in the wave under the enemy turret to deny gold and xp to the enemy and also focus down a plate for more gold. 9. If your ally is struggling against the enemy laner and the wave freezes closer to the enemy, help your laner crash the wave under the turret so they don't get dumpstered. This pretty much covers most of what you need to know early game. Warding tips: 1. If a laner is getting camped or has died already, ward around their lane so they don't die to ganks as easily. This also goes for fed laners, if your top laner has a large bounty for example, you might want to drop a pink ward near their lane or in the top side jungle so they can see when they're going to get goon squadded for that shutdown gold. This will also let them play more aggressively and use their lead. 2. Buy a pink ward before level 5 so you can have control on dragon/be able to sneak it if you're strong enough. 3. If your pink ward is blocking vision of an enemy ward, if you decide to attack that enemy ward, that enemy ward will begin to give vision until it is killed (Meaning don't kill enemy wards that are blocked by your pink in the middle of a baron or dragon) 4. Warding inside the enemy jungle will help you understand how they path and let you know when you can counter jungler them. e.g if your ward reveals they are taking blue/gromp, you can path top side and take their krugs. 5. Try to think about where you're going to be in 60 seconds when your ward expires so you don't accidentally overextend yourself with no vision. When to call for baron: 1. When the adc is bot lane and you can 4v5 and your team is willing to group quickly. 2. When the enemy jungler is bot lane and you can 4v5. 3. When two or more of the enemy have died. 4. When you have super minions pushing into the enemy base and you are able to at least go even in a team fight against the enemy team. 5. When your top laner is splitting bot lane and they have tp up, or you know there are two or more enemies going to kill them. When to not call for baron: 1. When everyone is alive and you don't know where the enemy is. 2. When you have multiple team mates dead, (4v4 can be ok if you are strong enough) 3. When the enemy jungler is higher level than you and has the mobility to steal with smite. It can be ok if you team has heavy cc to lockdown and kill them before they can smite 4. When super minions are killing or going to kill your base. When/how you can end the game: * Taking bottom or top inhib makes it much more difficult for the enemy to defend their base against a push * Push with baron as 5 down either bottom or mid. Have 1 person shove mid and join back with your team bot or top to take the turret since its almost certain that someone will go mid to defend it. *If you have two enemy inhibs down, for the love of god just take the third inhib too, its too risky to try and end sometimes with just two inhibs especially without baron. *Getting a pick on an enemy late game and pushing down mid 4v5 *Winning a team fight at baron or dragon by either turning on them or by baiting it. (silvers fall for baron baits almost every time since they don't have good vision) *Silvers LOVE to neglect top lane. Sometimes you and your top laner can simply just walk down top and get an inhib for free and the rest of the enemy team won't even react. I could write tonnes more but i just realised i have a shitload as it is. If you have any questions for me feel free to ask
: Yeah surprised about this, probably milking his success for a bit.
His winrate has been slowly declining so they decided not to nerf him yet.
: no reason? amumu has had the highest winrate of jg's in low elo for years, consistent 55%. Yi has been OP since his changes and has been abused in challenger with the crit build/shojin. Its easy to judge changes when you have no idea whats happening in the game. Rammus was also in the same spot as amumu in low elo. They didnt nerf yi to the ground nor rammmus nor amumu, your overreaction isnt needed.
1. Low elo. Not an excuse. It's not my fault riot employees are hard stuck silver players. 2. Yi isn't op. Low elo players just dont know what to do. Yes no cast time on q is very strong but before you could disjoint from Q so its already a tradeoff. Combine that with conq rage nerf crit yi is too volatile and risky and easily countered. 3. Again you're complaining about low elo. If you had any idea how much 10% ad and 8% attack speed does to yi you'd know these nerfs hurt him too hard early game to be a viable pick in games that aren't hard stuck silver to iron mmr.
: -3% damage on Amumu after autoattacking or ulting. "destroy"ed his damage
-3% TRUE damage. On his W % health shred he'd destroy tanks but not so much anymore. There was literally no reason for that nerf. But the destroyed damage was more towards yi. The others are getting damage guts for no reason. Who tf looks at rammus and says, you know whats wrong with this champion? 10 AD.
Outis (OCE)
: yeah toxic enough is more what i meant
: Patch 9.11 notes
Patch would be fine they didnt destroy amumu, rammus and yis damage for no reason. Also rank 1 karthus ult isnt even an ability now lmao
Wrench Me (OCE)
: Aatrox wasn’t touched omegalul
Buy antihealing omgegalul
Outis (OCE)
: whats your point? have i ever claimed to be or not to be something? im referring to very specific use of certain language that gets you suspended/banned in my question. again, if you actually read properly, you'll see my question is more to do with riot's system and how it works, rather than calling anyone out for 'toxicity', so your insinuation of hypocrisy here is moot. yet again, i would suggest reading properly. grats on deleting your original comment btw
Ironically it was deleted by riot, do what you will with that information.
TwerkWDF (OCE)
: i have requested to speak to a human for 2 tickets and both cases have been "solved". i one game i got reported by 3 of my teammates was a game i accidently banned the champion one of my teammates wanted to play. they abused the crap out of me but im not one to report. i made the mistake, i said "oh shit mb man" and i wanted to move on but they kept going. petty things like that are the reason i got banned and its stupid.
You only have 1 ticket open at a time thats why they may have closed it.
: What Role Do You Find The Best
Top lane for sure. You can affect the map in so many ways and manipulate the enemy team without them realising.
Ifu think youre so good play ranked 😂😂😂
rand56432 (OCE)
: I don't play badly, My team does and that effects me and the match.
Lol. Are you actually complaining about match making in normal games? Think about it for all the trolls you'll get in ranked. Like ive been aying since s3 and im gold and i get brand new s9 players but i still carry. I can almost garuentee you're not as good as you think
TwerkWDF (OCE)
> [{quoted}](name=TwerkWDF,realm=OCE,application-id=T8eq2lFQ,discussion-id=iVqT2nhR,comment-id=,timestamp=2019-05-28T11:39:47.477+0000) > > i just want to talk TO A HUMAN. its abit unfair how my accounts get banned for bantering in game.. i dont understand people threaten me, my family but they dont get banned and i say "ez" and "you're bad" and i get banned and theyre JOKES. i even clarify them in game... > > Ive had my main account banned for a stupid reason and my second account banned for a stupid reason. I think 90% of the players should get banned in my game since they banter but since i get reported by duos i get banned by A BOT.. They should honestly review my games and see the banter.. Im over it. And with the Support i can't speak to a real human i keep getting ANOTHER BOT telling me whats wrong. If your ticket is still open it means they are reviewing the matter if you have requested a human. They will only respond once they have come up with a decision and can take anything from a day to a week. Verbal abuse is almost always going to stay as a ban if you are a repeat offender. However ive been banned by a bot in the past for "inting" when i just got reported 7 games in the past 20 for playing yuumi and after requesting help i was unbanned in 6 days.
feroplay (OCE)
: LF super chill player for high Silver duo - bot duo or I can jgl
> [{quoted}](name=feroplay,realm=OCE,application-id=mR0UmRrp,discussion-id=HGZoQo4J,comment-id=,timestamp=2019-05-28T12:54:26.297+0000) > > In game name: Feroplay - please add me if interested. > > Hiya, > Can play either roll in duo bot, or can Jgl if you wanna top/mid. > > Chill/mature games, prefer in game voice. High Silver Elo looking to push to gold. > > Cheers Add my smurf Jinhae
: Mordekaiser Rework | Gameplay Preview
Looks so awesome. Alot of people are going to say hes op but i feel like hes going to really struggle to be useful if his numbers arent there. Too much counter play available to his kit.
Zaleskar (OCE)
> [{quoted}](name=Zaleskar,realm=OCE,application-id=FjGAIbRv,discussion-id=iqdJ24T9,comment-id=,timestamp=2019-05-28T22:57:07.164+0000) > > Please. For the love of my fucking sanity. Please. > > Why are there bots in my fucking games. 3 bots on the one team and they have a full team. Game is over. > > To make matters worse, we can't actually leave the fucking game. > > My sanity. > > Kindest Regards, > Zaleskar Is this a normal game or?
: But how it really be in gold "Afking for a win, lemme know when its over" ~Gold adcs, 2019 "LELWUTISGANK?" ~Gold Jgs, 2019 "WhAt Is A pInG" ~Gold Mids, 2019 "Tank? whats that? ~Gold tops, 2019 "maybe if i sit in everything, we'll win the game" ~Gold sups, 2019
Which is why late game champs are good, can capitalize on people no knowing how to close out games, you just win every fight since thats all they do, basically street fighter in this elo. Like i just played a game where we had mid inhib and bot inhib down, told everyone to group top so we can get top inhib then baron and end. What did they do? They go mid because there was someone trying to push against supers and they wanted to kill them. Like what?
Outis (OCE)
: it is not my philosophy though. it is literally riot's rules, according to the 'volunteers' statements in the past. again, what the person typed is, without a doubt, punishable unless their rules have changed. i don't see why you are getting so butt hurt about this question i asked to them. all you have demonstrated is your flawed reading comprehension.
Your need for constant insults at the end of making your point proves you're toxic and likely an instigator of toxicity on your team, you'd deserve a chat ban just as much as him.
: I think another important tip for every elo would be tbh Good mental, have had so many games where we are losing early and every time we get like a pick typing "good job" or "wp" helps bring the team mental up and have them actually believe a combat is possible and not mentally check out just want to ff at 20
that would go for all mmrs except diamond+, the don't care about feelings xd
Rioter Comments
: Yuumi's skills looking invisible when onto Evelynn
If it didnt go invisible then it'd be unfair for stealth champions when yuumi is on their team. People can troll them by using Q to reveal their location so no, it should be invis.
Outis (OCE)
: lmao you're getting really desperate now. why has this thread triggered you so hard?
I'm just demonstrating your flawed philosophy. Not everyone who you report deserves to be punished. Someone would see what I quoted as being passive-aggressive, which is toxic, and believe its punishable. At one point this kind of passive aggression in high MMR games would easily get you a chat ban. Not so much now days.
Outis (OCE)
: according to riot, use of certain words when they are clearly directed at someone (not just repeating or quoting what someone else said) means you definitely do deserve a punishment. so idk how you twist that into me having a ego trip. it is not my policy or stance. maybe if you tried reading properly you would see im asking if/why things have changed according to their stance.
"maybe if you tried reading properly" Toxic. You deserve to be punished.
: Yuumi works well
She has quite a few bugs
Nightjar (OCE)
: Ionian Boots of Lucidity is only 900g. But yeah you'd probably be better off picking up another forbidden idol or fiendish codex at that price. Personally I like to play Yuumi as a slightly more co-dependent version of Rakan. Guardian-demolish-boneplates-revitalise, Transcendance-gathering storm. Building shields with ancient coin into ardent/redemption/knights vow/athenes/locket max e into w and finally q, like rakan but with more shields and less cc. boots are overrated. alternatively, if you like memes; Glacial full AP Yuumi, start spellthiefs, Rush Gunblade, Sorc boots, Twin Shadows, Zhonias, Morrellos finish with Shurelias. max q into w, focus on jumping around and sticking to the bruiser giving them a bit of ranged catch potential with the glacial slow zones and a bit more stats into their damage. Can make a Darius/Hecarim/Jax/Irelia a whole lot scarier.
Yeah i feel like yuumi actually has a lot of options and it depends on the lane. If you're vsing a kill lane guardian is pretty good for shutting that down as well as taking heal and exaughst with the adc taking barrier. In a poke lane you can take arcane comet which is guaranteed on every Q you land with the slow. Aery is a good in between poke and sustain but really you should lean towards one playstyle. If you're vsing a heal lane then it depends on the healer, if you're vsing soraka taking arcane comet is good because you can punish soraka specifically and she cant heal herself, but with sona you kinda just play passive and scale with guardian or aery. After some games i also dont recommend athenes every time, I prefer rushing ardent and going into hextech glp. Its really good when you're ahead. If you're going arcane comet you'd also obviously take Q level 1 instead of E and maybe tank afew hits for your jungler instead of using E.
Rioter Comments
: Teamfights
Adc's should never sacrifice their position to go for carries, thats an assasins job. Adcs are there to put out pure dps, attack anyone in your range and stay in a safe position. By the sounds of it you played it pretty well. Obviously if there are two targets close by that you can attack, attack the least tanky.
: It share the same fundamental principle called Idea. In order to refine an idea, one must take it through a series of trials. Just like how you are trying to out do me, it all starts with a step.
: You know how taric and sona bottom lane became meta? Yea, think on it.
You know how champion picks and champion builds are different things? Yea, think on it.
: > Your first statement: "The game is constantly under threat of change, (no one knows when or how their favourite champ/skin will be hit with the rework stick), " As you can see, I'm not talking about Nerfs/Buffs. Im talking about how at any time your champ could be removed from the game and replace with another champ that shares the same name, and has 1 or 2 _similar_ abilities: {{champion:266}} {{champion:28}} {{champion:39}} {{champion:10}} {{champion:20}} {{champion:78}} {{champion:14}} {{champion:50}} {{champion:44}} {{champion:6}} {{champion:83}} (to name a few) > Your second statement: I am aware of the concept of boycotting, but at the end of the day the only reason why you should buy a cosmetic item is if you like it. I do like it. I also like not having to pay 3000円 for a piece of meat. > Third statement: That's like... your opinion. Quite simply: No. It's not. Shortly after the release of Xayah and Rakan Riot made an official post stating that Xayah and Rakan would always receive matching skins, to keep with the couple theme. Rioters have also commented on multiple reddit and boards threads confirming that it was always Riot's intent to give them matching skins. > but it's not based on the fans, it's based on the professional player. Yet Riot often says no to the pros. Faker wanted Ahri. Shy wanted Riven. Duke wanted Gnar. So it's not really up to the pros either. Riot's main objective is to make money, they do that by selling shit to people who want it. They'd be stupid to not listen to what the people who are actually buying the crap want. > You'd be happier keeping your collection up to date than trying boycott them I'd be happier if in the future Riot kept their word. So i'm willing to have a little unhappiness now, in the hope that the future might be better.
Or just do yourself a favour like me and uninstall the game
: And who are you to dictate which mode people can or cant theory craft on? Your problem is not that those players are feeding; But, because what they are doing is outside the scope of your understanding. > most of the people here are casual players but the vast majority of high mmr players agree with this statement You're ALL CASUALS. Unless this is going on your resume, or a part of your job. This game is a worthless financial contribution.
Yea its outside my scope of understanding why you would build crit neeko in a ranked game. You are correct. Here i thought ranked games was about climbing the ladder but clearly I am so feeble minded as to assume that was the case. Clearly ranked is the game mode we choose to play to theory craft and have fun with random builds. How could I have been so blind.
: Because this game is not run by a totalitarian regime, people can get creative if they want. Do you understand this simple human interaction?
Do you not understand that I said its fine to be creative in normals? You're just taking the piss aren't you. Go troll your ranked games then.
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: the real issue is the fact that they are charging an extra $10 for an icon. we have got to the point that an icon costs 2/3rds of the price of the skin it is connected to....
yes I agree that is a problem and extremely greedy
: > You can't expect a champion to never receive a buff or nerf. In no way did I mention this or anything to do with it. So I fail to understand the relevance of this statement? > You should buy a skin because you like the skin. In this case, you buy the skin to support the team that won and the riot devs. You buy what you want. But you also vote with your money. If you don't like animals being squeezed into cages for their entire life, then buy free range meat and eggs instead. If you value the rainforest, don't buy palm oil products. I value Riot's promises, so even though I want the skin, I'm not going to buy it. (just like I like cheap meat, but if an extra $5 means the pig can have a half decent life, then thats a sacrifice i'm willing to make). > Just because Xayah and Rakan are a pair, doesn't mean they need matching skins every single time. Actually.... it does. Riot specifically said as much when the champs were released. > No one is telling you to buy the skin. No one has to buy anything in league. Yet we do. > Team skins are to celebrate the pro players performance for that champion. They're not to pander to your feelings. Actually the team skins are very much about pandering to the player's feelings. Pro play is something that many players feel strongly about, and if the players didn't care, then Riot would most definitely not be making team skins. Think about the last batch of SKT skins, Riot make skins to congratulate the Pros, and the players felt so strongly about it, that Riot recalled them, changed a bunch of things, made a whole new skin, as well as removing one and replacing it with another that the community felt better about. So how again do the skins not pander to our feelings? > The only one that cares about your skin collection is you. And I am sad. No one asked you or anyone else to be sad as well. But I'm well within my right to explain why.
Your first statement: "The game is constantly under threat of change, (no one knows when or how their favourite champ/skin will be hit with the rework stick), " Your second statement: I am aware of the concept of boycotting, but at the end of the day the only reason why you should buy a cosmetic item is if you like it. Third statement: That's like... your opinion. Fourth statement: Glad we agree Fith statement: No sorry, the team chooses the skins that reflect their player's performance. They're not empaths capable of feeling how much people like skin or not. At the end of the day, they do commemorate fond moments and performances of a players champion, and that's the reason they picked Kai'Sa over Xayah for Invictus. Its egotistical to think that we create those moments and performances by feeling strongly about it rather than the professional players hours of dedication to pulling it off. It is specifically because of the professional players performance that we feel strongly about them. So invictus chose skins for champions that they felt best fit their performance. So yes there exists a connection, but its not based on the fans, its based on the professional player. And in that way they're not pandering to your emotions, if they were you wouldn't be crying about a skin. Final statement: And no one asked you to make yourself sad. Your happiness is your own responsibility. You're being stubborn about something that doesn't even matter. You'd be happier keeping your collection up to date than trying boycott them but hey, you win right? I'd say save the money anyway, but you do you boo.
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: Perkz Is Toxic! | Midbeast Mental BOOM | BoxBox Scammed Of His Challenge...
I've actually played a game with midbeast, completely toxic player imo.
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