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You would fit right in bronze 5 with me
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Just gitgud
: Riot, what the fuck.
Just PM me and we can talk it out, it is obvious you have some problems that can't be solved with you spamming the forums. {{champion:20}}
: i always report but reports dont work. case in point there is a pair of trolls who ill name here, because even the 5 minutes before it gets removed is enough to warn players about them. sovietstalin, and toxicmemelord. These two players, are known trolls, active trolls, that have been trolling for well over a year now. How do i know that? oh simple, im one of their favourite fucking players to tilt, they recognise me by name, they go out of their way to either carry the team if they are on the other team, or build nothing but culls and run it down mid if they are on mine. And they arent just trolls, theyre smurfs too, in low elo bronze. Yet riot does fucking nothing. ive shot maybe god i play a thousand games a season easily, i have them maybe every 20 or so games. So a few hundreds reports, give or take. So why the fuck arent they banned if the report system is so flawless, like if it cant even catch a pair of accounts literally made for the sole purpose of trolling low elo players, how the fuck can we expect it to work for literally anything else.
Its like I'm almost as famous as you are on the forums.{{champion:20}}


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