Maraudaur (OCE)
: Normal Draft test coming to Oceania
Yay no more waiting for shitty Flex queues
Lysaaer (OCE)
: Where will the 2017 OPL Finals be held
Rito HQ most probably, I cant see it being made a live event this year. Its been a huge year for eSports development in Australia, with Rift Rivals, League of Origin and the introduction of Gaming Houses for the teams hasn't been a cheap transition. I think possibly next year we might start getting live events. I mean. Imagine if Rift Rivals was hosted here!
: The best Support OCE esports
I would have to agree with Rusty here, Egym but I do think Rouge from sin also deserves a mention, Especially post Rift Rivals. His play making support has been off tap.
Razör (OCE)
: Does anyone else want the old champions back?
: I don't think Ahri deserves another skin yet
A thing to keep in mind is that the Skin Economy is the majority of what keeps this game afloat keeps this game. If they make skins for champions that have a low play rate like Atrox, They will only use money. The people who Design, animate, Implement, Voice act, Program dont work for free, so not only do they need to make money back on the wages, operation costs ect then turn a profit. While Riot is a game company and by all means of the imagination do a fantastic job of pleasing their patrons (Not the website the actual meaning) They are still a business, and like any business they are in the market to turn a profit. So why do champions like Ahri, Lux, annie So on so forth get skins more often? Its because its what sells, its what keeps the $$$$ rolling in and its what keeps everything both you and I love about the game afloat. By no means do I disagree with the whole ahri is over skinned. My Fav champion still only has 1 skin and even then Her base is better (Rip Taliyah Nerfs) but she isnt played and there for I will wait until either she is played enough or she gets the Kayle Treatment and they Throw her a pity skin.
: Turn Draft pick on for the first week of new patch
There are multiple reasons why this isnt Possible. 1. Queue times Will be Huge if they want a quick draft, you wont find it here. They will be the same if not longer than ranked and there is a high chance it will impact the queue times of solo Queue negatively. When you get to challenger queues can take 15+ Minutes. 2. Dodging would increase if people don't get the role to play the Adjusted/added Champion or it gets banned (With 10 bans this is highly likely) 3. 99% of people don't follow the new meta for days after the changes are put through, they almost always wait for it to be tried and tested by Pros 4. The Community promotes learning not a Queue type 5. In all honesty if people do want to do this normally just go into flex with some mates and test the waters there. If not go into a custom game, play 2v2 or 3v3. 6. Most people play ranked not to Test the meta but to Climb, Blind pick is the best place to meta build as you cant have what ever you want to play banned away or Drafted away from you. 7. Adding a new Queue type takes a fair amount of work server side as well. Is it really worth Implementing it for 2 days of use in a fortnightly period?
9uitar (OCE)
: When will Camille be on sale
its done at random, She could be in next weeks sale or she could be on sale in a few months, Regardless I wouldnt rely on it being soon, my bet is you can save the IP to get her before a sale roles around
Sickness (OCE)
: 1 orange essence short qq
: Why don't skins come out with the patch?
Both marketing as well as server load I think. When people are patching their clients and They are taking the new files It puts load on the servers, If people are also putting through store transactions this more load. As someone who works in IT this is quite Possible. But its also likely that These are all separate servers. EG the Logon, Client and Game servers are all separate. But the patch server may also share the store, I dont know riots network topography so this is only speculation, But if it Helps, Unless its a special release like High profile skins (EG Worlds skins, Star Guardian or Legendary skin) they normally release on the Thursday following the patch.
: How to get a Blue/Purple/Green name? Just curious...
Exactly Right, Riot are watching and if you hang around the boards and be well fitted member of the community being helpful and polite, People like Riot Maraudaur are watching and they will take notice.
: Who was the creative genius behind the Nasus change?
Probably the same guy that gave lux CDR on kill with her ult
: OCE Draft Pick
All it will do is have people complain about autofill and long queue times for their norms
: SKT Worlds skins
Yeah I have the RP in Cards for the same 2 skins, I mean Fish is like "Available for 1350 RP on the 5th of July World wide" To me that sounds like they will be released as each time zone gets to the 5th.
: SKT Worlds skins
Then why say on the OCE Broadcast they would be available on the 5th when its not true, I know its nitpicky but its just annoying that it gets my hopes up when I work like 70 hour weeks and I come home with RP cards and still nothing
Rioter Comments
: When towers daydream?
I agree with Seras here, Its not like just a visual bug its a game changing bug, It has happened to me before where I walk under tower in an empty lane with a full wave and the agro just chops from the cannon creep without it dying and instantly has a hard on for me. Its rather annoying.
: Dodging Solo Que
^ Then dont 1 trick, You have no right to complain if you have a champ pool of 1. I agree with the OP how ever, Sona JG, Yasuo support are all troll picks in my mind, I dont think we should lose the LP, Maybe 1 free dodge a day? Wouldnt be so bad
: Hey there, Are you still experiencing this issue?
> [{quoted}](name=SephirothSG,realm=OCE,application-id=ElA0rvVL,discussion-id=As8QKxEH,comment-id=0001,timestamp=2017-06-25T02:02:35.746+0000) > > Hey there, > > Are you still experiencing this issue? Thank you for your reply, But I no longer have the issue I left it for a day and it allowed me to redeem it.
: > [{quoted}](name=V8 Reformed,realm=OCE,application-id=T8eq2lFQ,discussion-id=PAmLRWZv,comment-id=0000,timestamp=2017-06-20T13:27:34.414+0000) > > lmao, everyone starts at level 2 honor. Yeh there are honor 0s around already lol
> [{quoted}](name=Your Neighbour,realm=OCE,application-id=T8eq2lFQ,discussion-id=PAmLRWZv,comment-id=00000000,timestamp=2017-06-20T15:13:22.577+0000) > > Yeh there are honor 0s around already lol These are people who have received bans for Toxic Behaviour, Frequent leaving and Racism
: Level 3 Honor
Also you dont need to receive honours to level up, You can climb just by sticking to the summoners Code and not receiving any punishments (This includes low Priority Queue)
Mitchy (OCE)
: We are the Chiefs Esports Club, Ask Us Anything!
I am pretty sure they wanted you to direct questions to their respective twitter accounts
Jason (OCE)
: Did Tainted Minds Break the Law?
I think That Fasffy was Treated like absolute Garbage, being someone who has or be it super briefly, met her. She is a super sweet person who would go out of her way to help out anyone in need if it was within her power and she was blatantly disrespected, Bullied and put down because some guy has a fancy lawer. With the amount of laws, Human rights and contracts breached, I believe that TM should be made to compensate fully for not Just Fasffy, But the players and coaching staff fully as well as take a 2 year OPL Ban. Absolute joke! How will esports grow here if we have scum like this holding it back?
Gasburger (EUW)
: How long are queue times in silver+ elos?
Bronze is super slow, 5 mins+
: Help Me learn
Thank you Fam :)
Rioter Comments
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Peppa Pig (OCE)
: Got Banned For Posting Racist Song Quote
It will be because it was racist, Riot has 0 Tolerance for it
: Oh, look, another leave because of this.
It was patched this morning though, Send a ticket into Riot they might be able to help if you got lowpri from a client bug
: New Honour System Feedback
I also wish we had a view of when we will lvl up our honour rank, I had 3 ranked games in a row when I got Majority and lobby notification and I am still lvl 2
: When is the 10 ban system hitting OCE exactly?
We wont be getting Normal/Draft as the server population isnt high enough for it to be Viable with reasonable queue times.
TacoLlama (OCE)
: Why aren't Abyss eSports in the relegation/promotion tournament when they came 7th but TM was 6th?
OCS is a little odd right now, and sadly doesnt get the attention it really needs from the community, and it would be hard for Riot to justify spending the money on it if it gets 100 People watching each week. I tend to watch when I can as I love eSports and I wanna see it grow in OCE, That and Hysterics has the best casting voice around haha
: Harassment from another player
If you send a Log in a ticket Riot are more likely to punish, The reason is because the report system is automated and will only punish if there is a high number of reports for the same thing to stop people getting banned from someone whom is just salt reporting
Nikola18 (OCE)
: In Low Priority Queue Last 9 Games
Or did you afk/leave a game on low pri? that will reset the count
: The Community legit ruins the game if you are low elo
At the part he said accident he banned my hover just to be a dick
: The Community legit ruins the game if you are low elo
[Summoner 1]: can i mid plzzzz [Summoner 1]: :((( Br0kenWings [Summoner 2] : No [Summoner 3]: ban ilo please [Summoner 1]: wow big fuck you to you %%%% Br0kenWings [Summoner 2] : Really? [Summoner 4]: can i jg [Summoner 1]: yes Br0kenWings [Summoner 2] : I am a %%%% because I wont give you my role? [Summoner 1]: no u cant jgl* sorrrryyy Br0kenWings [Summoner 2] : Right [Summoner 1]: I WAS JGL LAST GAME AND CARRIED MY SHITTY TEAM [Summoner 4]: lmao [Summoner 1]: I JUST WANN GET THE LANE I WANT YOU PEICE OF UTTER SHIT Br0kenWings [Summoner 2] : Lol Br0kenWings [Summoner 2] : I can play more than [Champion] [Summoner 1]: oh no omg! [Summoner 1]: oops [Summoner 1]: accidents [Summoner 1]: ;) Br0kenWings [Summoner 2] : Yeah man Br0kenWings [Summoner 2] : Its okay Br0kenWings [Summoner 2] : Copy paste report Br0kenWings [Summoner 2] : Too Ez [Summoner 1]: for what [Summoner 4]: holy [Summoner 1]: it was an accident [Summoner 4]: this is already gg [Summoner 1]: ^^ [Summoner 1]: may aswell dodge br0ken [Summoner 1]: i mean if you were nice Br0kenWings [Summoner 2] : For being abusive? [Summoner 4]: no [Summoner 1]: rather than just saying "NO" [Summoner 1]: then i wouldnt have reacted Br0kenWings [Summoner 2] : You asked a question Br0kenWings [Summoner 2] : I gave an answer [Summoner 1]: You said "NO!!!" [Summoner 1]: quoting you Br0kenWings [Summoner 2] : Just because you are a salty scum bag Br0kenWings [Summoner 2] : LOL ___ **[NO NAMING AND SHAMING]**
Rioter Comments
: Are custom skins a bannable offence
Cheers Guys, I mean if there is even a slight risk of a ban, Im not going to bother with it. I mean the custom skins look cool, but not cool enough to get an acc I have spent like $2600 even a slight chance of a ban. I mean I support Riot and league to the best of my ability. But some times the community comes out with cool stuff that riot doesnt have the time to make them self or doesnt agree for whatever reason. I personally think they should do something similar to valve and allow people to make the skins, have a market to sell them on then take a cut of the sales of the skin. I would go for that but the down side is it would need alot of moderation and resources and time to implement. To Riot it probably wouldn't be worth it sadly.
Rioter Comments
: Please help league wont open log in screen after i click launch
This error is when your client fails to create proper threads for your CPU. Open your task manager and Kill the thread that is causing the crash, kill it and relaunch
Rioter Comments
: Camille Needs a Nerf ASAP
She cant 1v1 a yas with a good ult. The thing that makes yas so powerfull is his mobility, if you ult and keep him out of creeps he loses that and has lost his gimmic
Rioter Comments
Tomo7182 (OCE)
: "while we investigate an issue that's negatively impacting game"
Its okay, soon the Veto of the least wanted spot to be played will be added so everyone can just veto support
: ranked has reset? P.S rito please tell us?
It resets tonight, The ranked timer can found [Here]( as you can see the season starts in less then 24 hours
: Camille Breaks Ekko's Ultimate
Its fair, She is a hunter, hunters trap their prey. If ekko can just Press R and get away, its a little unfair. it would be like if Ez could flux out of a thresh hook
: Camille Breaks Ekko's Ultimate
Tomo7182 (OCE)
: Can people please stop saying "its pre season" as an excuse to troll/mess around?
Ha! You should see what its like in bronze now. People doing stupid crap like Xerath Jg, Sona top, Raka mid. All I wanted to do was climb a little. I dont expect to win every game. But this is pretty crap, As its only affecting players that are trying. I dont even see how its fun to die over and over.
: Thanks Riot :D
Its the Icon for having a Geez at the pre-release of the new client. It's actually not a bad Icon. I like how it looks
Gehirn (OCE)
: RESOLVED - Connection Issues - 2:45 PM - 23rd Nov
I cant even get to the logon screen. It just tells me there is an error and I need to restart or shut down my client. Im sure it will be resolved pretty quickly. it will get fixed.....Eventually
Gehirn (OCE)
: Yea the calculations for placements was incorrect due to a buggy MMR reset, that's what we're getting at. So you should never have been placed in B2, if it had been done right the first time then B5 would have been your real placement. You should start seeing some decent LP gains if you win though.
> [{quoted}](name=Riot Gehirn,realm=OCE,application-id=3fteLeTW,discussion-id=XMZm8OPI,comment-id=00450000,timestamp=2016-11-17T01:29:56.455+0000) > > Yea the calculations for placements was incorrect due to a buggy MMR reset, that's what we're getting at. So you should never have been placed in B2, if it had been done right the first time then B5 would have been your real placement. You should start seeing some decent LP gains if you win though. Cheers for the info. I commend you for putting up with all the salty people who are mad about the placement resets. I mean, if you are the quality of Diamond then you wont have a problem climbing
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