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: Is this any better?
Yeh, looks good. Might leave it at a mystery chest for now (I'll sort out more) and discuss more (including maybe doing another) tomorrow if you don't mind.
noogai (OCE)
: It seems I missed an S, back to the drawing board for a minute.
It looks alright, even with the missing S (which I'm honestly not too fussed about for this). It's mystery chest worthy at least.
: Here is another option for you, I haven't watched the show so i don't know the exact specifications of the text but here is my attempt.
Looks to me like you got the text right. Well mostly, I think the E could use a bit of work (or is that just not showing up properly?). One other thing, the bit around the first S looks like it could do with a little touch up, I can still see some of the outlines of the original E (more so at the bottom).
RLG Shaky (OCE)
: hopefully that works, oh and btw i hand wrote your name :/
You're right when you say it's not the best. I reckon that's worth a mystery chest though.
: Here you go! If you wouldn't mind could you gift a mystery skin chest thing instead please? Thank You :)
Could be better but I don't mind doing a mystery chest for the effort. I'll send you a friend request and send it after the one day waiting period for gifting.
RLG Shaky (OCE)
: Not the best but the best you will get :p Sorry about the bad hand writing though :c i didn't try that hard but..
The image doesn't seem to be working, just says "This image failed to load" when I click on it.
: pretty sure hes not gonna give rp lol
I've paid for similar requests before.
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SparksElm (OCE)
: Looking for team members for open ladder
We have come to an agreement for who to offer which positions. Unfortunately we were unable to play trial games with everyone as circumstances weren't as giving as I had hoped and I apologise to those we didn't get around to. Those who we are offering positions are as follows: Mid: SupremeKiller Jungle: Unholy Angel Sub: TBL Creamie Those who are being offered positions can reply via this thread or in-client pm.
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