og1764 (OCE)
: Will ~~the OPL Podcast~~ "The Pod" be coming back or was it deemed a failed experiment?
Hey OG1764, The Pod, as Hingers likes to call it has unfortunately been discontinued. Instead we are looking to producer smaller bites of content for you guys. Sorry that you were looking forward to it, as it was alot of fun to make and I know people were fans. Cheers,
Main Line (OCE)
: League of Origin
Hey mainline, Thanks for the feedback and sharing your thoughts this is what Origin is all about after all. Tally went to a Queensland State High-school for majority of his school life. This is what the edibility criteria was for selection. In majority of sport within Australia ACT is considered to be NSW eligible and we just followed suit there. Whilst I agree in future we should potentially look at opening up more teams, this is just the first step. Also the Rest of OCE isnt something I really like just due to the fact it feels like the other guys. As for QLD I think that WZRD was definitely a better choice than Midbeast but thats what selection is supposed to do, generate conversation and hype for the event. Cheers,
: Hi Spawn, I don't know how to say his without sounding creepy but, just saying it out there that I have a crush on you since previous Worlds and your daily snapchats are my saving grace to get through the day. You are adorable. That is all. <3
haha no worries glad a day is made <3
: Do you guys skip leg day?
Contrary to popular belief NO. I do 1-2 a week at the moment. Not as heavy as I do upper body as it doesnt motivate me. But I dont want to be a keg on 2 pins.
Verdax (OCE)
: Shoutout to Fish's brilliant yet sometimes out of place cricket calls! It's now the summer of cricket in India, so can you keep using them week-in week-out regardless of what Spawn says? If you reckon it'll fit - a reference to Matt Renshaw's mid innings toilet run would be perf ;)
That was actually one of the most bizarre cricket moments ever! and they need to stop
: As an amateur caster looking to break into scene how would be the best way to showcase your work to move into other opportunities if you are starting in areas such as casting the OOL etc?
I have covered it in a few areas so I thought I would post a video instead. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=oksnQya8_TM Let me know if you have any questions
Inero (OCE)
: ok you're my duo now, bye Jake
: Just wanted to say all 4 of you are handsome af. That is all! {{sticker:slayer-pantheon-thumbs}}
ooft right in the feels. I agree on the other 3 especially rusty. one day I will be big and strong like rusty.
: Jake! I was going to post a thing asking about how to start casting but I thought better of it. Then I read some other posts and I just want to reiterate (if I haven't enough through SC/Twitter); Jake, you're stellar. You and Quickshot and Pulse and Dash are the reason I practice casting and have had such an exponential interest in the career as of December 2015 when I visited LA for All-Star. I still haven't gotten to meet you yet, but as soon as there is ANY opening in the Austrailia office (caster or not), I'm applying. Europe and LA are on my list too, I just want to be involved with Riot in any way, and work my way up. AUS has always been on my list of want-to-live places. : ) You, and the rest of the global casting team, have been there for me through some difficult times, and I want to give back. Not just to y'all, but to my fellow players as well, in the form of awesome analysis and in-depth data explanation. You push me to do that. Every snap is evidence of that! Stoked for the rest of the 2017 season, and let us know on twitter if there ARE any openings to look for! Seth Stout
Hey Seth, Great to hear you love the content! I agree the Dashs Pulses and Trevors of this world are awesome and I really love working with them. Hopefully one day I will get to meet you and we can hang out. We generally tweet all openings out from personal and the RiotOceania Twitter as well as posting them on the web. Keep on trucking dude life is hard at times but awesome at times and always here to help when I can. <3 till next time!
: Hi Just wanted to ask what software modelling tools are used for the game. Also what sort of qualifications would you need to work as a back end developer with Riot?
I actually have 0 idea we dont do any of the Dev for the game in the Syd Office T_T
toested (OCE)
: How did you actually get into casting? I mean did you just go up and knock on ritos door? p.s. your friends list is maxed out ;-;
I just started casting random online tourneys such as Cyber Gamer Pro League etc. From there riot found me and knocked on my door. I have unmaxxed for you! get in quick!
Mt Lady (OCE)
: one day man one day
: Does pineapple belong on Pizza? Why or why not?
I dont like pizza. So I dont care!
Mt Lady (OCE)
: This is Tally I forgot I name changed..
Hey Jimmy! we need to gym this week DM me which day works best, As for your question: I think your playing well at the moment so you can play anything and I am happy, however, if you could find it in your heart to play a riven game for me I would really appreciate it. for inspiration I have prepared the following clip: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0HONQY4ay14&feature=youtu.be&t=22008
: What's the hardest thing about casting? Does Hingers really play football for Germany?
Hardest thing about casting for me is skirting the line between being critical of players and pointing out mistakes, whilst trying to be entertaining AND not insulting pros to the point they wont talk to me and give me useful information. Yes I think hingers is the left back for Germany but you would have to check on a football website.
: Where is opl show week 4? :c
Unfortunately we had to give it a miss due to some behind the scenes circumstances. We are super bummed we let you guys down and promise from next week (we are on IEM Break atm) we will bring you the best damn podcast from the Riot Oce Office. BABY
Inero (OCE)
: @Spawn I tried to play my series without you and I lost. I have lost all hope in playing league without you as a duo partner. Why have you abandoned me
YOU DIDNT EVEN INVITE ME. sad you lost a series bro. I am always down to Duo (when im not busy). xD
: Hey Fish, I see you're still with the Magic 8 ball. How has your romantic relationship progressed thus far, if you don't mind me prying? And to all the casters: who can rugby tackle the best?
I have never played rugby, but I am going with Fish, he does legs day all the time. I feel this gives him great power.
toested (OCE)
: Hi all, my name is Adam but I'm better known as toested, I'm 16 and I know that I want to be where you are one day, as a caster for league. I have a pretty dank mic setup and am creating a database for champions, items, timers, literally everything in the game. I plan to begin casting when I feel confident enough in my knowledge of the game (i've only been playing since kindred came out) . anyways I was wondering if you all could give some advice on everything and anything, how does one get into the industry of casting? so far ive found that you just have to work your way up from nothing and once you get good enough and have a substantial viewership someone will notice you. am I right? Many thanks, toested (p.s. spawn you are my idol <3)
Hey Toested, First off thats awesome you are willing to put the work in. Hopefully one day you are a kick ass caster and we create awesome content together. I would say if casting is the end goal always practice, there is only one way to get good and that is do it heaps. As for getting into esports I volunteered to help a team as an analyst. I has similar spreadsheets I would share and help with scrims. Eventually this meant I became pretty knowledgeable and went on to cast from there. Hope this helps also add me in game if you ever need advice or to chat. <3
: Why do you not put your best on air talent on air and instead relegate him to production duties? I am clearly referring to Riot Benji here. Thanks!
Benji is really important behind the scenes. Pretty much you see nothing on stream without him, I believe he uses magic. I think this explains why hes on production duties.
: Do you think fervor will be used over warlords for adcs now? P.s Tell Riot that it hasen't updated on our mastery pages yet, thought it was released patch 7.4?
Haven't read patch 7.4 T_T been busy all day will report back if I remember after I have read.
Arkangyle (OCE)
: Any chance we'll see Hingers calling games in the future? All I want in life is *more* Hingerisms. Also, if you had to pick a Split 1 MVP today, who you got?
I want this badly as well. Hingers would be a great PbP and I know he is working on his knowledge. hopefully one day? But probably not? Right now my MVP is Lost I think. He is just so damn good!
Revoke (OCE)
: Power rank these 5 Spawns: Beard, glasses Beard, no glasses Clean shaven, glassss Clean shaven, no glasses Head in hands after RNG blows a gold lead to MURICA so big it would fix Greece's debt crisis.
jubjub727 (OCE)
: Rusty why are you a traitor, we want you back >:( Spawn can you slap rusty for being a traitor Who's your favourite fan rusty and why is it me? "I add everyone" - Spawn 2016 *ignores jubjub when he tries to add spawn* - Also Spawn 2015-2017 Oh and hows ted :D #SomeMemesWillNeverDie http://i.imgur.com/CYZzYgu.jpg
Ted is good. I do add everyone I currently have no pending invites so thats unlucky. I dont believe in hitting Rustys they are not to be messed with.
: D
I think the most OP ability is either Chogath silence or viegar stun field. not sure.
Essembie (OCE)
: Should I go with the 12mm+2mm underlay HDA chinese knockoff laminate flooring, or should I pay a grand more and go for the belgian designed stuff (knowing that it is probably made in the factory next door to the knock off)?
Always pay top dollar for everything. Champagne taste on a beer budget all the way.
Wolves (OCE)
: What's your best thing about what is going to happen OPL this split? That will make it the best one yet.?
I think gaming houses and increased infrastructure is the thing I am most excited about. Now the players are focused in and going to be giving it there all. I am also super excited about this years wave of imports, especially Tainted Minds, bringing in not only players but a coach. This will be awesome for the OPL and should make everyone better.
: is OPL short for opal transport card?
It might be, will check in with some people and get back to you.
Peppa Pig (OCE)
: Cricket or AFL?
I love cricket atm, in saying that go the bombers!
Main Line (OCE)
: Hi guys, how do we see the OCS teams? Will Roguey, Hysterics and Mendrix present them again? And does Blinky have big enough balls to win the OPL for his team?
Tweet this one @riotBenji I believe he is handling it.
OCE Yisus (OCE)
: URF or NURF?
I only play ranked sorry I dont know.
: Bench: 80kg Squat: 70kg DL's: 100kg I weigh 74kg so I'm happy with those so far! Hoping to improve further (obviously) and squats are an easy place to start
: I approve of this...
I went more with Shane Warne for Fishy
: Comment more than a question You need to be on facebook and interact with the community there more! Facebook you can see the tumbleweeds well tumbling by, then on twitter it is a forest of tweets. Can you please do something to balance this out. I absolutely hate to use twitter and having to log into twitter just to see when any activity is happening is just a unnecessary step to getting involved.
We agree! We will be better on Facebook in the future.
Havanä (OCE)
: How much do you bench, squat and deadlift?
Hey Havana I have been trying to smash gym since worlds and been going pretty solidly since mid last year. had about 3 weeks off after finals as I was lazy. I bench 80kgs 5x5. havent done max in ages so I dont know. I dont squat as I have a bad back. But I do 160 kg leg press 5x8. I prefer body weight for back. I do 5x12 chinups if that helps? (I am 75kgs atm) Cheers Havana
Revoke (OCE)
: Feel free to ignore if I shouldn't ask multiple questions, this one just occurred to me. Which member of the early-2000's Australian cricket team most closely resembles each member of the esports team? Can be either a physical resemblance or resemblance of mentality.
HAHA ok this is a hard question. apart from the fact I am Justin Langer. Rusty might be Andrew Symonds. :)
: what is your stance on the opl compared to other leagues around the world, i feel like we have allot of catching up to do.{{summoner:4}}
Hey Rick, I agree we do have a bit of a gap starting to form, in saying that our best teams are good enough (example is Chiefs going toe to toe with INTZ). Also our players are good (really good individually) most of it is team issues (communication and macro play). This means we can make up the gap really quickly in my opinion (CIS did this, LJL, even LMS). Hopefully with live games, gaming houses and all the other changes its the boost we need. keep cheering OCE on. Cheers,
: Hey all, Really appreciate the work the team puts in, hoping to see more OCE players on the big stage! My question: Is there a champion that's been out of the meta for a while, that you're hoping will make a reappearance this year? Reworks or otherwise count
Also honestly we appreciate you. Without people watching and supporting our teams, we don't have jobs! We hope the changes help the teams perform this year also.
: Dear Daniel Ringland, How do you feel about SIN enlisting the help of notorious cyber felon poopsteve420? - Sincerely, Middle Runner
please note! I am Jake Tiberi. I thought the house tour was a cracker. really nicely done!
: Hey all, Really appreciate the work the team puts in, hoping to see more OCE players on the big stage! My question: Is there a champion that's been out of the meta for a while, that you're hoping will make a reappearance this year? Reworks or otherwise count
I hope Sion comes back! as a support. i really enjoy him and think hes funny to watch!
Arkangyle (OCE)
: Two questions - I've noticed that when looking at potential jobs in eSports, most of them require experience working in eSports. Seems a bit chicken and egg - how do you get experience if all jobs need experience? Any advice for someone looking to get into the industry on where to start? Also you guys seem to go to the gym a lot. Who's the best/worst lifter?
Offt Arkangyle, This hits close to home. The answer is volunteer in my experience. You don't get paid at the start but make yourself useful. Uni Clubs, analyst work for a team, managing and organising scrims. Its tough but if you really want to make it this is how I got involved. From there you use your experience to apply. We do go to gym and this is one area I don't really like stack ranking. All the casters / esports people go generally and I am just proud that the guys and girls smash it out to stay healthy, it isn't a contest, its about looking after our self physically and mentally. In saying that I love working out with Rusty as he is a great spotter.
: Is EDG still a top tier LPL team in your opinion? If not why?
ooft not OPL so I am not answering. ;) nah gut feel is infrastructure means they will be top 4. but not the top.
: I Plan to play Syndra mid in ranked because i believe i do a good job but i only got her yesterday should i get her to at least level 4 before taking her into ranked?
This is a tough one. really depends on you! I learn some champs really quickly, but there are some I just cant play. I'd suggest a few normals and you will know when your ready.
Ninox (OCE)
: Favourite champion lore (excluding the real popular picks, let's keep it interesting) and why?
I think Miss Fortune has the best lore. is also one of my favourites to play
Exhausted (OCE)
: * Given that OCE server size is small and the ability to grow will require more popularity, skills, infrastructure and exposure. how do you feel this can be overcome? What can be done to get investors for teams? * Advertising is being tested with Direwolves with their sponsor L.G but still no ability to promote or see the Sponsors/brands during a broadcast seems quite limiting for OCE to grow. OCE Appears stuck, with no ability, desire or options for top tier players.. true? if so. What can we do as a community to change this? and what will do you for us and the E-sport scene as a whole? * What will be done this year to give players motivation to climb, stay motivated and get more resources? IE: Bootcamps. International comps etc.. i for one would love to see an international event hosted here and have teams from other wildcard areas visit us for a change, or maybe get some NA and EU teams as well :)
Hey Exhausted, My humble thoughts below: 1) I think sport is really successful in Aus / NZ already, no reason league cant be the same we just have to continue to grow the popularity of the OPL. hopefully having players in Sydney, more content and personality helps that in 2017. 2) Remember with players on camera there is a heap of opportunity for sponsor engagement, with shirts, interviews. we are also looking for broadcast integration where possible. 3) I think the motivation is the same everywhere, to win! these players are hungry and no one likes losing. Cheers,
: Community character that best resembles each of you? And why is Chris Britta?
Revoke (OCE)
: Forgive my professional curiosity, but given the resources limitation that affects the ability of orgs to hire paid staff, what do you all see as the next big innovation or step forward in expanding the support staff of orgs that isn’t “more money”?
I think people need a solid coach. Some of the best teams didnt work out because a coach wasnt good enough or set up for success. If you have the right coach it goes a long way.
: Ebon Hawk or Millennium Falcon?
The falcon. is this a real question?
Jason (OCE)
: Casters; Unfortunately, we suffer from a condition called humanity, which includes making mistakes and being slightly less than perfect. It's unavoidable. However, has there been any mistakes that you've made that have stuck with you? Whether for embarassment, or just for pure comedy. Esports team; It's cool seeing such a bold move being made for a small region to "enforce" lan competition, and shift focus from the community events and live viewing opportunities. Some figures I've heard in the wind paint a relatively scary picture for 2018. Do you think that, upon achieving the goals you're aiming for in 2017, you would continue to support OPL teams with the same level of financial incentives? A few people have voiced their concerns, that if you're not the top three, then you'll have to take up second jobs and such, which will just widen the divide in competitive play. Everyone; Esports, or eSports?
Hey Jason, Not really never made a huge mistake that stuck with me. I did have this thing where I would stare at my co-caster (altus) and never acknowledge the camera. This lead to Benji putting a "look at the camera" sign behind Max's head. Apart from that cant think of anything. Also its Esports. I have no idea what an eSport is.
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