: Champion Mastery Levels 6 and 7 live now!
I don't like it how you have to pay to level up a champ, its stupid.
: 1 files scanned, Jhin error?
I've got the same problem. I was fine yesterday but today im stuck on 1 files scanned on the patcher for awhile. I've tried deleting the recommended files to start a repatch but nothing works and when I click repair the client crashes. Please help.
: Patching Error For OCE On Mac
I fixed it by reinstalling, but it took a while to download league again. :D
Maraudaur (OCE)
: Patch 5.2 Bugs Megathread
Im on a mac. I haveI no problems with patching then getting to the login in client on NA when when I switch over to OCE the patcher client goes through thousand of files then stops then shows an error happened then goes to 99% and stops and looks at one file. Before the new patch i had no problems but ever since yesterday the client is playing up and i can't even get the the login in screen. Ive tried deleting the files in the Lol application, but everything I try from support doesn't work. I even tried to repair the game but it shows the same error. I even tried that DNS thing everyone is talking about. Please does anyone have any advice?
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