: looking for a plat 4 or above Top laner for OCE, my user is MonsterByTrial.
: With all the Clash disappointment and malfunctions that happened, can you at least give us all a chance to remake a new team considering that most of my team members shifted their schedules and skipped events and might not be able to play later?
teams get automatically disbanded after each clash weekend, so you'll be fine
: Patch 7.4 notes
I love Riot Blackfrost Anivia no longer has two bones jut out of her neck when using her Joke emote. You could say we got rid of her funnybones.
: riot smite it for us lads {{summoner:11}} , we tried so hard and its only because nobody wanted to play twisted treeline {{item:3070}} {{item:3070}} ,its the least you can do for the people that actually tried.
This. The one we lost last year was TT as well. Either dont make that a bonus or make the points required less. No one likes that hot garbage map and no one wants to play it
: > [{quoted}](name=Staldy,realm=OCE,application-id=ATM3HYki,discussion-id=F2G122fB,comment-id=0002,timestamp=2017-01-20T05:11:39.208+0000) > > Have you heard about the up and coming gold top laner Staldy?! Kappa But seriously, how do you as a team talk about and put into practice, taking down the established teams/big dogs like Chiefs and Legacy? As the coach, I feel it's important to get the players to understand that although Chiefs and Legacy have the history behind them, they're still fallible. They miss cs, skill shots, make bad calls, etc. We're not necessarily focused on taking down the "big dogs", we're just more focused on ourselves, and our improvements as players and a team.
A good mindset to have :) Wish you guys luck!
: Abyss eSports Club AMA
Have you heard about the up and coming gold top laner Staldy?! Kappa But seriously, how do you as a team talk about and put into practice, taking down the established teams/big dogs like Chiefs and Legacy?
: {{sticker:zombie-nunu-bummed}}
Hey gotta stay true to my muppet self lol {{sticker:slayer-pantheon-thumbs}}
: OPL Last Hit
Because the Koreans do it and who can argue with them? {{sticker:zombie-brand-clap}}
voetre (OCE)
: These rioters are sticking to their roots...
The rioters are just trying to branch out
: OPL Rewind: New beginning
Return of the legatree
: Dat Moment when....
Mocking OCE? Only if you're a tight ass nun with no sense of humor.
: omfg riot the joke
ahahahahahahahhahahaha It's too easy sometimes :')
: I think Champion Masteries are just a fun thing to collect I don't think they denote any actual skill with a champion. Granted you expect someone with a mastery to not be completely clueless with that champ though. I have 5 level 5's: Bard, Braum, Blitzcrank, Thresh and Jinx. (im still a garbage Thresh though, I just like playing him). 233 Mastery Score. Highest Mastery: Blitzcrank 103K
Support main? My housemate has bard at like 300k as his only level 5 >.<
: one. yasuo.
You Sir, are the reason I have trust issues {{sticker:zombie-brand-mindblown}}
Ingénue (OCE)
: I have 30 level 5s. {{champion:25}} {{champion:21}} {{champion:37}} {{champion:99}} {{champion:43}} {{champion:40}} {{champion:51}} {{champion:222}} {{champion:143}} {{champion:103}} {{champion:117}} {{champion:89}} {{champion:67}} {{champion:16}} {{champion:22}} {{champion:61}} {{champion:432}} {{champion:127}} {{champion:39}} {{champion:63}} {{champion:81}} {{champion:1}} {{champion:15}} {{champion:429}} {{champion:133}} {{champion:18}} {{champion:7}} {{champion:131}} {{champion:203}} {{champion:34}} I only play champions I have mastery rank 5 in ranked (for the bm emote spam when I die) I only play champions I don't have rank 5 on in norms (and I stick to 3 champs per role till they reach max mastery). I love the mastery system, the only downside is that people assume you are going to be perfect at a champion once you hit rank 5. People can still have bad games, and on top of this you can reach rank 5 by losing your way there (my tristana games tbh).
Yeah dw, my trist and sivir were the same. Is that to give you time to get used to and good at the champion? I like the idea of that, never thought of doing it that way before.
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: Nasus Stacks
Sirchez (Probably the best western Nasus player) looks to be around 400 at 20.
Légs (OCE)
: How did you get your first pentakill ?
tbh I can't remember my normal or aram pentas, but My first (and only) ranked penta was with Darius with 5 dunks for 5 kills
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Staldy (OCE)
: LF Gold 4ish Jungler for duo to climb with
Hey guys, no longer looking for a duo partner, but feel free to add me in game anyway :)
Sephyre3 (OCE)
: It's a caching issue that only shows up if you arrive within like a minute of the post going live. You're just too fast :) You should be able to see it now with a ctrl + F5.
>.> Well that's awkward. Cheers :D
: OPL Rewind: Episode 9!
I can't even see it D: pls
Talon12 (OCE)
: thats nice asshat
Well this escalated quickly {{sticker:slayer-pantheon-rainbows}}
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: What champion do you recommend i learn
Malphite. Tanky and can win fights with 1 ult
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: The general rule is, if you aren't cs'ing or being attacked. look at the map. There was a helpful guide i read that you should looking at the Minimap after every CS just to get into the habit then you will find that you do it a lot more often than you did.
Thanks :) I'll start doing that and see if it helps :)
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: What champ to main?
I always love Cho'Gath. Can Jungle, top or mid without any concerns. Fun champ to play, and always nice to feast the full tank for 500+ health when building ap <3
Staldy (OCE)
: Rengar :)
D: I have a whole heap of champions I don't own :( I'm a mid/top player so I wont play him too much, I promise <3
Wuks (OCE)
: Mystery Champions being distributed, What'd you get?
Olee (OCE)
: We need to have the settings tab in Champ Select
Finchi (OCE)
: Voice chat, and rank help please.
Yes i'm silver, but the thing that has helped me improve heaps, is watching replays of my deaths and see where I can do better. I downloaded this, http://store.overwolf.com/app/Overwolf-Replay_HUD and am climbing on to gold. That will help deal with your play, because anyone here would agree, you'll be making mistakes in some way. On the team thing, yes bronze is annoying and don't communicate. What I've found the best way to deal with it, is to ping and communicate in chat. Also, buy wards! It's amazing how much vision a ward can grant and keep you alive. Without knowing which role you play, can't really give lane specifics, but try to keep your cool in game. Getting angry at people will only take away from your play making ability. Voice chat built in? Nah, same problems as chatting in game. Try to find a duo partner and use voice with them. Best way is for a bot duo or Jungle and top/mid :) Most important of all, remember that every game is winnable. At Bronze level, throws happen much more regularly, so just hang in there, farm up a bit more and believe! Staldy
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PureMoist (OCE)
: 5 Types of Dickheads You Might Stumble Across [Australian and Oceania Edition]
I laughed so hard at this, especially when I realized that the Grammar/Spelling Nazi name was spelt wrong :')
: Patch 5.18 notes
Is this live now?
Maraudaur (OCE)
: My ranked journey the last 4 days. (1 win 10 losses)
I'm gonna go half way between this. Yes there are people who try to lose games to "troll" other players or because they just find it amusing or fun. However, I have more people leave or stop playing after they get ganked/soloed or they go in for a big play and it doesn't work. It is very frustrating to lose LP for losses when people have left or dc'd. I would much rather have the lp loss decreased if something like that happens. And even if you try to keep them motivated, they then just start trying to 1v5 the entire team and refuse to help out the team or try to use teamwork to win. However, I have also been in games where staying positive and trying to keep people interested has resulted in a comeback win from behind. I also agree that by losing you are learning, however the learning is not worth it when 1/2 people dc or feed. When a Katarina is 10/0 say, no amount of learning can help you survive that. I've gone on big losing streaks, and some of those losses are my fault because I played awful. Not flaming others and trying to stay motivated is a key way to come back to a winning streak.
: Go retro with 8bit Arcade art!
When do we find out the winners? Said it would be announced yesterday {{item:3070}} {{champion:72}}
: 1. I think our chances are reasonable, our competition is strong but we are stronger this split than before! 2. ADC or jungle 3. EDG and SKT
Cheers :D Will be rooting for you guys! OCE for world champs? #InRayderewetrust
: Hi i'm Derek 'Raydere' Trang, ADC for the Chiefs eSports Club. Ask me almost anything!
Hey Raydere, love watching you play. 1. Based off what happened at the IWCI, what do you think your chances of making it through IWC to worlds are? 2. What do you think is the best role to get to higher tiers? 3. If you could bring any 2 teams from around the world to OCE who would they be? Cheers <3


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