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Sephyre3 (OCE)
: Schedule change for URF this weekend
Dear Riot, Today I logged into League and found there was no more URF queue! It made me super sad, because today I don't have to go to work, and I was really looking forward to relaxing with games and friends. I'm really confused why League would do this to me. I mean, first he extends the queue times because he knows how much I love URF, then he TOTALLY forgets that its a long weekend and I can play all through Monday. I mean, talk about mixed messages! Sometimes, it really feels like League cares about me - he let's me know when sales are coming up, he always invites me to the coolest eSpots matches, there was even this one time when he built an artificial reef with my name on it! Swoon! But then he pulls stuff like this and it feels neglectful, you know? Like maybe he has more important things than me going on? Please help! Am I being too sensitive? Or should he be putting me first? Thanks for your advice, Hurt & Confused

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