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: Bencel: how do you put up with all these guys? Rogue: if you could bring your cat to the house, would you? Starjun: what is the most creative thing you've done to get the Sin gaming house up and running?
Managing to build 5 PCS's and monitors underbudget took a serious amount of creativity. I feel like running a cable for internet through our neighbour's window into our house would probably take the cake though. :)
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: Flaresz: We all know Juves never ganks top lane. What's it like having gone from laning against Dyrus to becoming OCE Dyrus up there on the lonely island? Juves: As the shotcaller of Sin, what do you think is most important to teamfighting successfully? Is it setup, target selection, something else? Obviously all are important but what's the most important thing? Ryoma: How do you plan to show Sin fans that you can be just as cute as the recently-departed Wzrd? FBI: What's been the worst change to ADC of these 3: A) QSS no longer cleansing Zed ult. B) Lethality C) Reworking Graves. #BringBackOldGraves Rogue: Weapon Safety is very important. How do you maintain those finger guns to keep them in prime condition whilst still keeping those around you safe. Starjun: What's been the most exciting thing about bringing the Roam guys on board? And secondly, will we be able to purchase Sin merch soon? Bencel: Why have you not worn a tie during pick/ban yet? Is there another reason, or are you _just _ fishing for a reaction from me? :P
Hello friend! we actually have some really exciting plans for merch which should be finalized soon :D The most exciting thing about the Roam guys is definitely the reach they have. They are able to get meetings with people I have no chance with haha
: You guys seem to be one of the more fun teams, and have deliberately cultivated the "fun hooligans" of the OPL. How do you plan to continue to drive the success of Sin gaming LOL? Will you lose your fun edge as the performance requirements rise? I think not winning, but being competitive is fine, but how do you sustain a career? An org? Your fanbase? I saw your pickup by some management mob, please, please, please remain being SIN gaming!!
Hey mate! The success of our org is really dependant on our interactions with our fans. As long as fans care about our team we will have a future. No need to worry about us remaining true to Sin Gaming. Even though we have gotten support from Roam eSports we will still continue to have that "authentic" Sin style. Thanks for your support!
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: Ask Us Anything - Oceanic esports team
Is it true that master mirko where's his Sin Gaming hoodie in the office regularly?
: Thanks for the well wishes. It's tough to say, in my experience you just need to figure out how to get noticed. If you're a player you need to be on the challenger ladder or in amateur tournaments where people can see you. If you want to be an analyst or a coach, making videos, articles or some other kind of content where you can show off your abilities. Same goes for people who want to become casters. Practice casting and send a reel of yourself to someone you think could help. If you want to get in on a support staff/management level it's a lot more like applying for a job. You need to approach orgs with a resume or something to that effect.
: AMA LGC Carbon aka The Big Carboss aka The best jungler in the world aka Mr answer your question
Hey Tim! Do you have any tips for people who might want to get involved in eSports but don't know how to start out? Good luck against Chiefs next week.
: HeyGuys, My name is SIN Juves and I am the jungler for SIN Gaming AMA.
: Sin Gaming vs Dire Wolves - Tonight at 7pm AEDT
to help get you in the mood for the game https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=BOrkaSEZcxI
: Sin Gaming vs Dire Wolves - Tonight at 7pm AEDT
: Player ran orgs > Established orgs lmao
: Competitive Ruling: Flying Joo
: Players to watch
: Rosey's revenge: Sin vs Chiefs
it's going to be a really great way to start the OPL split with SIN vs Chiefs!
: OPL Competitive Ruling: Rich Gang
Oh man. This makes the Challenger Series even more intense!
: 4Not forfeits to Rich Gang and Avant Garde
This was really unfortunate :(


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