DjVortex (OCE)
: Why is there an Ahri nerf???
It's kinda a tweak. They shifted more power to her E. Basically this change is going to let Good Ahris dominate and punish bad Ahris
: Is cassiopeia just really easy to play or have I found my next main.
Please tell me about Pre-Rework Akali. Really wondering how ez/fun she was
: Is Heartseker Ori a legacy skin? Why wasn't it advertised on release.
Pretty sure that Riot announced that all 'Valentine Skins' will only be available during Valentine's Day when Heartseeker Lucian and Quinn came out.
Serfige (OCE)
: Ladies and gentlemen, let's have a round of applause for OP's masterclass in autism.
What's so autistic about asking a change in detail?
Talon12 (OCE)
: was actually what i was going to say, down to the period. Then your comment loaded. Much sad.
Noki (OCE)
: The number game
Amadem (OCE)
: Tell me what to buy guys!
You seem to play a lot of Lux so Spelltheif would definetely be worth it for you! As a Talon main, I'll tell that you should get Blood Moon Talon. Its quite a good skin. But thats just my opinion :3
: Nothing too interesting, but far from terrible! I am partial to Vikings however. And a Viking with a chef hat who lobs chunks of meat around... Well, how could I resist? I like the Orianna skin, but whenever I play Ori I cant help but feel a little dirty. So I'm not sure if Ill get it.
You got a better discount on renegade than I did :(
: Got project yas, ssw talon, rengar, and nightstalker rengar for under 1000 i call win. And hey, technically it was free, won in that OPL tipping thing :P
Yep, SSW is a worth skin. It's my 2nd favourtite skin (after Blood Moon of course)
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: Is this Laptop alright for LOL?
I have the same notebook It can run league at a medium low, low being the best
Noki (OCE)
: The number game
Keep it alive guys 157
: Ctrl Z
*Fizz* *Lee Sin* *Yasuo* Rito Plz
: What a frustrating lane..
Being a GP main [you'd know ;)] it's kinda essential to remember that you're a squishy. If you build TobiasPlank, you'd go TriForce, IE, Ghost blade, PD, Statikk Shiv and a Last Whisper item. That's basically no defensive stat whatsoever.Your build, you had TriForce, IE and Statikk Shiv. Nidalee's kit is all about hunting, correct? So, thematically, it made sense to give her abilities that made her feel like a hunter/duelist champ. If I'm correct, her Cougar Q is Takedown, an ability that literally deals more damage to low enemies. Her spears deal more damage with range. She can lay down Teemo-Caitlyn traps (don't we all love that?). And she has a sustain. Honestly that seems quite unfair ESPECIALLY when she's meant to be a Jungler, not a top laner. And last off, let me lay down some GP advice (i know i was sub-par those games, decent at best but hear me out). Always run Thunderlords, better burst more damage. Always go Ghost blade second (Caufields first) as you need the CDR and the AD + Lethality is a nice bonus. Don't be afraid to pop barrels for the movement speed boost as you can kite with it. Barrel bushes for surprise chains (and vision). Use Ult to 'assist' teammates. Your boosted pal, StealthVortex88
: I agree, and thats exactly what they did with Graves as well. Those updates are something I can get behind! they have a purpose, and bring a champion to life. But Vlad's update made him no more of a hemomancer than he already was, Fizz needed a nerf not an update, and it certainly didn't make him any more fish-yordle like. Darius is no more or less of an axe wielding manic than before. Its these kind of updates, purely for balance or popularity reasons that I have issue with. Talon, LB, Ryze, Graves, all had meaning. and like you said, solidified who that champ was supposed to be and they were great! But Brand's had no meaning, Amumu's has no meaning, they were just publicity stunts. Thats what I don't like :(
I actually was wondering why Riot was throwing out reworks when it wasn't even Mid/Pre-Season. Why exactly were they throwing big changes around?
: Reworking instead of Balancing. (serious discussion)
Ctrl+F Talon > Admittedly, some changes like LeBlanc, Ryze, and Talon, were undoubtably a step forward, from champions that was notoriously hard to balance Not only that but these updates sort of solidified the champion's identity (Talon as a roaming killer and LeBlanc as a Deciever). Maybe that's also a reason champions get reworks?
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Talon12 (OCE)
: Rakan's release skin was literally fire... Also nice link to google images with nothing there.
Here is the concept art:
: A Grave mistake!
I'm a bit bothered by that attack speed..... Don't most crit items grant attack speed as well? Back on topic, yes it seems unfair that Graves is like a ranged juggernaut. Maybe we could balance him by not granting him True Grit? Or possibly just limit the amount of buckshot on a single target?
: Actually tilted.
It's IP, move on
: ?
Pretty Egotistical dude if you ask me
Fitzky (OCE)
: I hope you get dunked into hell {{sticker:slayer-jinx-wink}}
: We need StealthVortex88, he's the true Talon wisdom guy! But I would assume that his damage is only that extreme because he lacks any form of CC, his poke is underwhelming, he has no defensive abilities (except his ult invisibility) and he can only really do proper damage to 1 target, unlike his peers Zed/Fizz etc etc. who still do crazy damage, but can do it to multiple people. So he has 2 choices, either jump on the enemy early, or sit and be poked into oblivion. And he should be rewarded for jumping in. (but it shouldn't be at the cost of counterplay.) That being said, I haven't VSed a talon in a while now, and I haven't played him for a bit either. So I haven't had a fresh dose of this recently. So i could be underestimating the severity of this.
: Talon w, q. The perspective of a Talon main.
Well, Talon is quite a lane bully in game and can scale pretty well into late game (if you get fed). The main problem is the fact that his Rake is such a good poke/zoning tool and how it gives you 2 stacks of 'Wound'. The all in combo at level 3 is disgusting, however if you can manage to shut him down early game, he'll struggle. He's what Riot calls a 'feast or famine' champ. Yes, unlike most assassins, he HAS to focus all his abilities on one target and maybe that's why his damage is so absurd.
: I know you kinda well, but still wanna join in xD Generic questions incoming! 1. What is your favourite game mode? (excluding normal 5v5 games) 2. What do you think the best skin in the game is? (and why) 3. If you could remove 1 champ from the game, who would it be?
1. 3v3s, fast, intense, snowbally 2. The best skin, in my opinion, has to be Blood Moon Talon (yes, I'm biased). The recall captured Talon's character perfectly, for me and the animations look dope 3. I would definitely remove Shaco from the game. I just hate how he just.....Plans everything and tilts me so hard
Talon12 (OCE)
: Why would you say that about Talon, it was a rito trick to find our what they need to nerf more. Graves or Lee. Only one true to themselves can answer this question.
: Hi, I wanted to know what you write about on the boards (what is your main focus), and what are you hoping to achieve by spending time doing this? I for instance:- read about current issues in league, (to keep up to date with them) write about the OPL, (evolved from watching, and trying to help build the spectator base in the Oceanic region) try to promote my Digital Puppet Masters Tournaments. (To build a following and attract more participants).
I don't really have a main focus so i must be a shit poster :)
: Maccas or hj's
Burgers are better at Hungry Jack's
Maraudaur (OCE)
: What do you want to do after high school? Why do you enjoy talon and gangplank? Whats one thing you wish League of Legends had?
1. I intend to finish high school and study software engineering as I love video games a lot 2. I enjoy Talon simply for the fact that I can burst down a squishy and get away most of the time Scot free. I love Gangplank because of all the barrel combos and the unexpected critical damages 3. I don't really know what I'd want league to have, I'm happy with it's current state :)
Talon12 (OCE)
: Riven or Fiora. Only one true to themselves can answer this question.
: Who are u? Tell me about yourself.
I'm Shyam Bhat. I currently study in Year 10 and started playing league as a way to connect further with my friends. I play casually and don't take the game too seriously. Family from India, currently in India until the 5th of May I main Talon and GP currently
Talon12 (OCE)
: You answered wrong.
Talon12 (OCE)
: Teemo or Yasuo. Only one true to themselves can answer this question.
HeartVine (OCE)
: Ebon Hawk or Millennium Falcon?
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LGC Elam (OCE)
: Greetings StealthVortex88, You have some good points with what you have brought up, I am curious though with you being an Assassin player yourself, how do you think the builds on her would pan out if you were to play her mid? I can imagine items such as Youmuu's Ghostblade working quite well as it gives her the movement speed that she needs to be an assassin along with the damage she needs to burst down people. I can also see items such as Hexdrinker and Black Clever working well, but I am curious if you had thoughts as to what could work well on her considering what we know about her kit if we were to play her like an Assassin. Let me know what you think/if you have any ideas. ~Elam
Honestly, i think a Lethality Build would work but I'm unsure until I've actually tried it. Something like: Youmuu's for kite/engage Edge of Night for the spell shield Duskblade for the true damage Ninja Tabi for damage reduction Black Cleaver for armour shred Final item would be situational Potentially a Trinity Force, considering she needs to use her abilities to utilise her passive
: It doesn't take tooooo long to get back into the swing of it haha xD Wow thats a fair way away. When do you leave? (Maybe you'll be lucky enough to miss the Lee epidemic when this whole God-fist thing explodes.)
I left on the 31st of March, so i missed the 'bots prank' :( True, i hope the Lee sin epidemic is dead by the time i get back
: Hahaha yea i know xD (and i play my fair share of assassins too, but don't tell anyone. ;) haha) Yea I know, its an interesting mechanic, i would imagine he would have to build tankier like you say. (or be in a movement speed-orientated team and zip around like the Flash!) But i expect that his dash/shield will come in useful. Tanks will be mid-fight, and he just jumps between them, stunning everything he hits. When I first saw Xayah, i had a feeling you'd like her! :P She does look a lot like Talon's daughter (who knows, perhaps on a mission to Ionia... met a certain fox lady... who can say ;) hehe) Ohh india! Nice! That'll be a shock to the system so ive been told. I remember when Taliyah came out, I was in italy, and I was hyped to play her because she reminded me of Azir. Perhaps like me and Taliyah, Xayah will join Talon in the ranks of your mains :P
Potentially, yes. I guess it'll take a while for me to get back into the swing of league when i get back. I've been told the Tank update is next, and I won't be back until the 5th of May, so I'm screwed :P
: This ^
What about Azir? I mean, his soldiers are technically not autonomous, so he can use his soldiers during CC effects?
: Im actually genuinely impressed with these two. (especially with Rakan) Obviously they are meant to be kind of like the 'Kindred-that-could-have-been', and work best when they are together. But even individually I think they will be a positive influence in-game. The most popular playstyle (at least from my experience) is that of the flashy mobile assassin, and despite neither of them truly being one, they seem to embody all the positive aspects of that playstyle. Bringing that fun playstyle into other lanes (without bringing the much-hated bursty baggage of a true assassin) is great. It lets support players have the opportunity to make flashy interesting plays that Lee Sin's, and Leblanc's get to enjoy, without just creating an 'assassin-in-the-bot-lane' type champ like Vayne that just causes problems. Because of this, assassin mains will have less animosity when autofilled (or calling late) to support, _(because lets be honest, its usually them that make a fuss)_ and now they have a champion that they can still enjoy just as much, while actually helping the team. (FYI picking Zed support isn't helping... You all know who you are!) Xayah as well seems to be a more flashy/ability orientated ADC than others, and those kind of champs (Ezreal, Jhin, Vayne etc.) have always been historically popular. She performs the role of an ADC, but looks to play more like an assassin (unlike Vayne who plays like an ADC but is an assassin), which again opens doors to players who love that style of play. I think these two will relieve a bit of pressure on mid lane. I see many games where sustained or control mages such as Cassiopeia or Viktor would be much more beneficial to the team, but people cant shake the need to play more flashy/playmaking 'exciting' champs. These two provide a unique avenue for people to channel that need, but without compromising the team-comp. So lots of mid players may start trying their hand at these two (Hell if there was a support like Azir or Sol, id be on that shit in seconds!) which hopefully frees up the mid lane pool a little. (I'm always striving to see more in-game variety) Its very clever of Riot to see the styles people find fun, and rather than just releasing more and more assassins (the easy route), they have tried to bring the assassin playstyle into more avenues of the game. Thusly, widening the respective champions a great majority of the population want to play. Which is a lot more positive than flooding the market with more of one very specific class. _________ My concerns: well my greatest concern is Rakan's ultimate. The last time they brought a 'charm' into the game, it quickly became the most cancerous CC known to man. And it was only a **single target skillshot**, not a multi-target.... (i don't even know what to call it). However, it is an ultimate, and unlike Ahri, Rakan alone doesn't seem to have the damage to completely shut-down an opponent in the brief moment that they are disabled. So perhaps there is hope yet. Another concern is Xayah's returning feathers. Thats a lot of utility and damage that an opponent has to look over their shoulder for (especially when the actual enemy is in front of you), and it could become very confusing to fight her, you're having to dodge things from both sides, and you lose a lot of damage when trying to sidestep a barrage of snares flying at you from behind. Also her untargetability worries me a little, she looks very slippery and hard to catch already, and the whole point of an ADC is that when you do catch them, they DIE! Having someone with that much damage output _(and what also looks like really good kiting potential)_ being able to negate abilities like Camille's ult, Veigar's ult, Leona's ult, etc etc. Abilities that usually are (and should be) death sentences for ADCs. So it will be interesting to see how far she can push this without it becoming a problem. Again though, it is an ultimate, and not and E (looking at your sorry ass Fizz), so it might end up actually being quite balanced, its hard to say. Another concern: Pick/Bans. While they can be played separately, they are meant to be together, and when one is banned, it seriously reduces the viability of picking the other. Likewise, when you see the enemy team pick one of them, it would be instinct to deny them getting the other, so it will be simple logic to pick the other and deny them the full duo (or ban the other, if this new system of banning comes in with the 10 bans). Because of this, I would assume it would be difficult to get the duo in ranked without prior-organising to pick them in the opening when your team can pick twice in a row. (and if we are honest, that wont happen in any elo below plat, without serious luck.) ________ Overall, I look forward to their release, I'm interested to see where the winds take them. And that recall.... perhaps one of the neatest things ever released in this game. and with a fair amount of play potential too. (you can essentially give Xayah more farming time while backing)
But Lorrrrrrrrrd, I'm an assassin main that can play any role and doesn't complain about it. Jokes aside, you do realise that Rakan's Ult is kinda like a OP ghost, so he has to walk through enemies to utilise it? So, i guess he'll have to build tank so he can live while walking through enemies Personally, I'm looking forward to Xayah because it's like Talon had a daughter and her playstyle, as you said, is very assassin like. Man, all these blade related abilities got me hyped. Hopefully, when I get back from India, the hype would've died down so i can play the champion in peace
HeartVine (OCE)
: Seems like they would be ideal as a damage focused duo bot lane, Xayah as the ADC and Rakan as the support. Honestly, I thing this may do a world of good for bot-lane synergy, and (based on how things look now) I would definitely recommend these two to any bot lane mains, I know I'm going to get them (somehow). Rakan also seems like a (potentially) decent jungler. Regular shielding from the passive, heals from champs and epic monsters, good engages and a good little bit of crowd control. Xayah could, perhaps, work as an assassin. Seems to have fairly reliable "sustained burst" damage, as well as a movespeed buff. Personally, though, I'd take her top, if not bot.
I KNEW YOU'D DO THAT! Taking bird people toplane. Once a Quinn main, always a Quinn main. EDIT: Sorry, I mean Valor Main
LGC Elam (OCE)
: Rakan and Xayah Gameplay and Strategy Discussion
Well, I know that they're supposed to be a bot lane comp but is it possible to take Xayah mid? The reasons for why I see this is that A) You need to prepare for a kill using your feathers B) All your abilities have a 100% AD ratio, so an assassin build could potentially work, considering that she has an attack speed steroid in her kit C) She does have low mana costs and cooldowns AND a fairly good CC What do you think?
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: But talon is no skill?
probably. he can be binary and you can just R -> Q someone and they'll probably get one shot.
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HeartVine (OCE)
: "CATCH THE PIGEON: After putting at least one point in Behind Enemy Lines, Quinn respawns as Valor after deaths for the rest of the game" *squees*
> [{quoted}](name=HeartVine,realm=OCE,application-id=dQOcTl8O,discussion-id=f2WrjlFq,comment-id=00000000,timestamp=2017-03-22T02:14:50.041+0000) > > "CATCH THE PIGEON: After putting at least one point in Behind Enemy Lines, Quinn respawns as Valor after deaths for the rest of the game" > > *squees* ?? show me plz
Fitzky (OCE)
: Riot doesn't revert reworks, don't ask such nonsense
Didn't they do that to Kog maw tho? I mean, it was because he was broken but they do revert reworks?
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