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cypher7 (OCE)
StonedAdvantage - I would like to join if your taking ppl?
BlastUup (OCE)
: Any NZ clubs recruiting?
Yeah me too, StonedAdvantage Need some good players to take it a bit more seriously (not too serious), I just muck around because I have no one to jam with.
Merkel (OCE)
: No item sets in the new LoL client beta?
Flood Riot with bug reports stating that there are no item sets...and that THEY are the bug! Here's my report notes... 1. I can't believe you did that. 2. I really can't believe you did that. 3. Why did you do that? and finally 4. I still can't believe you done that. I spent hours and hours on mine, I did not set them up for each champ but it set up for each type of champ. AD Full, AD Off Tank, AD Full Tank, AD Sup, AD JG, and so on and so forth. There were a shit load of them
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