Wongza (OCE)
: Auto Permanent Unlock with Ultimate Skin Shards
You still have to craft it with 2950 orange essence bro ive been holding onto my dj sona skin shard cuz i didnt have enuf essence and now they release this shjt for people while im here watchin my skin shard not being unlocked
: The event..
nope u can only have more token by buying em in shops with RP. 96 token is max for events
braids (OCE)
: Looking for Sup main Gold +
im in brah tired of soloin (ign Stormmmmmm)
123456789 (OCE)
: looking to do the new mission (the tower one
mirvin5 (OCE)
: 5 teleport worlds mission
: LF group for 5 man teleport mission.
: really...its a smurf account...its only norms for the mission wow.
lel i didnt know i thought it was just some newbie and the mission have to be a win so... lel play with your real acc brah
: 5 Man Premade Melee Worlds Mission
: mission 5 melee premade match (world mission)
anyone else? plz comment ill spam add (cuz people dont really online at the same time {{item:3070}} {{item:3070}}
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: Hey, not to put a dampener on your parade but ELO hell doesn't exist. Your gains and losses are based on your MMR, so if you cant climb out because of that, the system doesn't think you deserve to be in your current division. On top of that, if you can climb out of your current ELO, being in higher ELOs will be even more difficult for you to win. Despite common belief, there's a huge difference between, say, Plat V skill and Plat I skill. The best way to climb is to better yourself as a player, don't rely on others to carry you, or else you will be in an ELO where you don't belong.
excuse me but i was plat 2 last season and plat 1 in my country so i don't see any reason i shouldn't be in there this season or just because i lose too much cos of toxic people blame each other and afk then that's fine i'll just have to play my gold clean account to get up then. FF afk
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FlashAce (OCE)
: Looking For Lvl 10-30's To play with till I get 30! Must have skype!
WorstLeesinPlays or VietnamBestRiven or this account. Just contact if u want ( cuz im a little bit bored these days )
Sax (OCE)
: LF Someone to get out of Bronze
add my second man im so bored now (VietnamBestRiven) I can play most at night time if u want to know, if dont see me just contact Stormmmmmm
add me man im livin in aus, im 17, I like to listen to music too and im not the worst player so ^_^ yeah have fun :)
: Plat 4 (season 5) Fill (any role) for ranked 5s team of high gold +
: Looking for players to start a team silver-plat
i'll add you and try some games havin the real rank duo
: LF Ranked Team
Vao team t di ti t add i'll add you i'm stormmmmmm the first line was just Vietnamese cuz i think your name is like vietnamese name but if its not nvm then lol :)
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