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: Another case of report abuse
Let's hope the report works. Generally for trolling behaviour like this, nothing changes.
: If you fact check half these people's claims. The chances that out of 10games they've played, and the majority of those are with trolls and toxic players are SLIM. There is no such things as a "clean environment", there will always be those type of matches where people act out of line. BUT! It isnt as often as these people have claimed. And how many games are they playing per day to say that? They are lazy, NOT because there is so many examples to choose from. I would suspect it due to lack of evidences.
Well that's your opinion. Considering that you didn't check their claims and just wrote about "chances", maybe you should take your own advice. If you're actually playing the game in the player's elo, you might see the evidence. Nearly every single game. You know why people don't provide evidence? Because it's a fat waste of time. Nothing will change, people will still argue on the internet about the evidence, Riot will do nothing to change their system (e.g. they haven't brought back the tribunal, even though it was promised in 2014) and that time spent providing evidence to people that can't change anything could be put to use doing something useful. The game would be hella more enjoyable if matchmaking was fixed. Then players would not have days were they lose 10 games in a row, only to win 10 games in a row the next day despite their skill level not changing one iota, because of these issues. Transparent matchmaking would hold Riot accountable and would also be helpful for the community to help them better it. Do you think that's gonna happen though? Riot like the current system. It creates roadblocks and means that players have to be addicted and play so many more games to climb the ladder. I totally agree with what Wyntr wrote above.
ZealxWest (OCE)
: Who needs to be fired for the Kayle/Morg Changes....
To be clear, Kayle's early game (before level 11) is worse than ever, and late game better than ever. They completely wrecked the champion. There was no need to change either of them, and Kayle's skins look terrible. Her champion size is still too small and the Aether Wing skin looks and feels like a 1350RP skin now. Patch 9.5 is a cesspool of stupidity. Nunu number nerfs (because "he is too strong in soloqueue"), and then Morgana buffs (just to make her stronger in soloqueue). I mean what was the reason for the update? Because Kayle was terrible? Well she's even worse now! Morgana was bad because she couldn't get in range to ult? I mean like Zeyzal says, don't balance champions to be good at everything. Morgana was perfectly fine before. Just because soloqueue monkeys couldn't get in range to frontline ult doesn't mean she needs a buff. She was being picked in competitive! Balance for challengers please and avoid stupidity. If Monkeys think champs are OP, they can still ban them until they get better at the game and understand why they are currently not the best. In the meantime just make champions semi-viable in soloqueue, that's all we ask. Even better, hire LS to be an advisor to the balance team. It's not hard.
: You can blur out names in a screenshot. Provide dialogue of events. ETC... There is a lot one can do, if one really want to make it as sucessful as possible; Instead of lazily pointing finger in comfort.
Well, I guess they just decided to be lazy, because its well known to actual players of the game. I mean the automated AI needs to hit certain threshholds before punishments are dished out. It also needs to have what "toxicity" is programmed into it. Currently this system is only sporadic. It needs refinement (especially when dealing with trolls). I would say that when Riot has that refinement, they would actually have an AI system capable of winning the world championship. I can understand the poster's lazyness to not go into details.
: Gold 3 serious player with 56% win rate looking for reliable duo.
After checking the I would say that if you are truly serious at climbing I recommend watching NEACE's ["The Elo's Explained".](
Socon (OCE)
: KDA means nothing, only the ability to close out a game. Late game an ADC neeko is useless because building AD doesnt scale well with her kit, AP does. Meanwhile you have full AD vayne 3 hitting everyone on the team and shredding tanks like butter. You're not a competitive player if you build off meta, full stop. If you're not going to be competitive in ranked that is griefing.
But if they were actually playing to win, then its fine. Perhaps they haven't dropped to their ranked monkey division yet?
Ms Cougar (OCE)
: Any game that hold ranks has boosters, account sellers and smurfs. Get used to what this does to competitive integrity outside of any mode where full teams arent selected (its usually worse in full team modes at low levels in other games).
> [{quoted}](name=Ms Cougar,realm=OCE,application-id=FjGAIbRv,discussion-id=rArdE0KE,comment-id=0002,timestamp=2019-03-01T03:18:28.608+0000) > > Any game that hold ranks has boosters, account sellers and smurfs. Chess is a notable exception regarding the boosters and account sellers. They do have cheaters though (equivalent to engine scripters) and smurfs.
: > Actually playing the game What a cheap respond, it has no weight behind it. You havent provide a shred of evidence to support your claims. Everything is, i've seen this, i've seen that. All hearsays and opinions. If you want to forward legit complains, then start mounting the evidences.
They probably would like to, but naming and shaming is not allowed unfortunately. Snowflake era of humanity. Come back in 50 years if this forum is still around and we have just finished world war 3.
Athenelol (OCE)
: I'd rather have the lag of NA than play on OCE rank system. Silver 3 into Gold 1's. Dead game.
If you live in Perth you could try playing on the best server, Korea. @NinetalesOCE only gets 120ms ping with a VPN


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