: Gold is low elo. Why are you shocked new players are there when it is the grounds for a new player to start?
gold is low elo yet over 60% of players who play ranked are below gold. those who don't play ranked are not confident enough because they are new and more likely below gold elo. hmm so tell me, why am i shocked new players get gold mmr. hmm. i wonder buddy. i wonder... {{champion:103}}
Strip (OCE)
: New ranked placements is actually fake.... What is going on Riot?
ghost42 (OCE)
: Perma banned with no warning
yea when people play together and report the 1 random guy, be prepared for their computer auto ban system. Happy league of legends my friend
Rioter Comments
: Riot OCE Update and Q&A
Can we please have dominion on week ends please? im sick of the NA ping just to play a couple of games of dominion please i miss it. also can you make 3v3 permenant now? or dominion permanent? i know we dont have many players for so much queues but i need dominion please... thanks also ranked down from 4 to 8 am is that still necessary? can we at least have 3v3's ranked please!!! i know you opened it for 1 day before (team 3v3's ranked) can u make it available on weekends? i rather 3v3's ranked that just normals... its not hard to find 2 other players and make a team. please. it will be awesome. thanks
Chronopie (OCE)
: So it'll be moving from PBE to a single region beta, and, if that works well, a gradual rollout. Maybe we (in OCE) will get this feature in 2016. Mid 2016.
You are so right my friend, not even an over exaggeration, about a year from now we will get this update, on OCE. They don't even consider OCE Anymore It has noob ammetures can't make it to worlds, even Brazil is considered more than OCE, according to my calculations {{champion:74}}


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