: Please fix your game
It must be happening to everyone https://boards.na.leagueoflegends.com/en/c/bug-report/JGnOrPcA-cant-loggin-client-says-my-username-password-is-incorrect
: Easy OP champs
: Wins?
Forget about wins and sort out 2 proper rune pages to begin with, only once you have those should you contemplate ranked
FlayBoy (OCE)
: Traditional Galio?
I dont think that they do that anymore they did with sej, karma and trundle
: Available times for Rotating game mode
Rotating Game Mode: Friday: 11:00am - 3:00am AEDT Saturday: 11:00am - 3:00am AEDT Sunday: 11:00am - 3:00am AEDT Monday: 11:00am - 3:00am AEDT
: No games this weekend?
: so, what do you do when your main goes meta (10% or more pickrate)?
WilliK (OCE)
: Bronze 1 and cant get lp, get horrible teams
Start with focusing on improving your cs. Also think that everything is your own fault and what could you do better
: Explain To Me How Ranked Works
LP is points you get for winning a game. Reach 100 points and you go into promotional series for your next tier or division. To get into silver you will need to get 100 points in Bronzw 1 and then win 3 of your next 5 games. Also you will need to know that losing games causes you to lose your LP
: Ranked not serious enough bronze - silver
Mastery doesn't = competency. You can just spam enough games to get to mastery level 4,
Wuks (OCE)
: Share your 2016 Season in Review Highlights!
http://imgur.com/a/1x9Cz So many bombs
: How Can i Do my Best to Counter a Ranged Top Laner?
Lets start with looking at your opening items. You probably shouldn't have started long sword and pots, dorans shield and pot or cloth armour and pot probably would've been better starting items for you. I see you sold that long sword at the 5minute mark. You won't always be able to favourably trade in every match up so you will have to learn to play more passive at times. Allow them to push the wave to you and try to last hit at or very close to your tower. If they are continually pushing like this then call for jungle help or let the jungle know that they are pushing and can be an easy target to gank. Maybe look at changing ignite out for flash in some situations. Or if you're confident without flash then think about exhaust maybe.
: Where TF is draft?
Normal Draft will be retired at the start of preseason for all regions except North America, Europe West, and Brazil. Our goal is to offer the fewest number of queues that give unique experiences (so we can keep queues healthy) while keeping disruption low, and in all regions except NA/EUW/BR, normal draft had very low participation. In an ideal world, we’d like to retire normal draft in all regions. http://eune.leagueoflegends.com/en/news/game-updates/competitive/how-rank-2017-season
oPuredo (OCE)
: HU Janna Skin Sale?
probably not for a while since it was recently only released
: Support in Ranked
You need to learn to build better to start with. You don't need to get a dark seal on Leo. Your builds that I can see in your match history appear to be very suboptimal for support. Get a sightstone. update your trinket to the red one. Think about items that provide auras for the team. Think about getting mikaels if the enemy has alot of cc If you're not already letting the jungler know when you've blown summoners in bot lane then start saying flash down on x x or no heal things to that nature. Stop thinking that the team is heavy and start thinking maybe I'm heavy. Until you start to change a few things like that you may not be able to start carrying.
: Honestly.. lack of guns is the worst thing graphics are tops imo 2nd best battlefield
: i can sup / jungle - i play semi casual atm im just playing BF1 till pre-season starts
How good is BF1 would you recommend it?
: Yasuo doesn't need a nerf.. That is the whole point of his kit is to delete someone, I main Yasuo and Yasuo is indeed very easy to counter and to pop him like a squishy, the best tip against a Yasuo is to constantly harass him in lane, make Yasuo fall behind in early game and you won't have any issues till around the 40 minute mark. But Darius is just fucking stupid, not even at the slightest his he balanced and so is Fiora.. Even though Riot decided buffing Fiora would be a smart idea
You could say that about any champ though, just harass them in lane and make them fall behind early.
: New champion concept. Please leave thoughts. Merrill, The king of erosion. (Interacts with terrain)
Miicka (OCE)
: Meh sick of skt winning and everyone praising faker just because he's faker I mean he legitimately fed his ass off today (apart from the ryze game) yet the commentators praise him as a god. Anyway I'm just happy that SSG managed to prove everyone wrong, they didn't get completely stomped. This was probably one of the most fun finals to watch.
So Faker died 16 times across 5 games. He was 28% of the the teams deaths across those 5 games. He was heavily targeted in each game and Ambition had some amazing kicks on Lee to get Faker destroyed. I wouldn't go as far as saying he fed. It was a great series and like you say SSG were more competitive than people thought they would be.
: questions about icons
Yes you will, *Icons will be granted up to two weeks after 04/11/16 at 17:59 AEDT
Erøse (OCE)
: Continue the story!
Why didn't you put the pink down you could've saved me
Erøse (OCE)
: Continue the story!
feels awkward so gets his phone out and pretends to text somebody
Madi (OCE)
: Question about Ranked
If you finish the season in silver then you'll get the silver border and summoner icon. To be ranked in the new season you will have to complete 10 more provisional matches when the new season starts to see where you'll be placed
: What is your favourite Champion and Why?
Zilean because he gives you a second chance more often than not
: Yeah, same with Anivia.
: What happened to the Memes and Games board?
You're not in America anymore Dorothy
RStormZ (OCE)
: Help Need S on Varus
Drastically improve your cs on him. 1 game in your last 8 as varus you managed 3 cs a minute the rest of those games you were below that. 3cs a minute isn't good and that will be holding you back on getting an S
Nomar5 (EUW)
: Best of Peanut - The Smiley Boy || Best jungler in the world
: Out of the quarters SKT, ROX, H2K and SSG should advance to semis. Once in semis I think SKT and SSG will progress to the finals where SKT should win out over SSG 3-1
Yea I agree with this. Should be a 3rd set of SKT World Champ skins coming our way
: We could have won
Mute and report is your best bet. And you did report him so that's good. As for winning, from stats it looks like WW was carrying pretty hard. You need to focus on your builds a little more, going for all that attack speed probably wasn't your best bet. You spend alot of money on potions you could look at getting a refillable potion which is 150g and refills every time you go back to base or corrupting potion for 500 gold which holds 3 charges. You ended up spending 1050gold on potions alone. I know thats a bit beyond the point you're making but little things like that can also help you win the game
This guy knows whats what
Warau (OCE)
: heard there was a team called "Korean Destroyers" is that ANX ?
No the Flash Wolves had that tag until SKT tore them a new one and sent them packing yesterday
: Did star guardian quiz..no icon?
It does say it can take upto a week to get the icon when you do the quiz
Spidicus (OCE)
: Since SKT1 was the first #1 team drawn - why is it they play 2nd chronologically speaking? https://gyazo.com/231286b3d355668bc28ee31087530642 is a printscreen of the current site showing the Worlds Finals Bracket... It shows SSG vs C9 as the first Bo5 series. I thought the only rule was that Two teams from the same group couldn't be in the same half of the bracket. But Riot have put ANX in the same half of the Bracket as ROX. What is going on, my mind is blown. Seems rigged to me!
I'm not sure why the games are played in that order. ANX and ROX are in different sides of the bracket. The left side of the bracket is stacked and the right side is weak, SSG should make it to the finals this year though.
Spidicus (OCE)
: That's actually not correct. If TSM won the final game vs RNG then TSM's final score would have been 4-2 and RNG's final score 2-4 making TSM 2nd placed for group. The final game between TSM and RNG really was the decider for 2nd place, If RNG won it would be 3-3 a piece with RNG winning due to tiebreaker and if TSM won they would be ahead 4-2 to 2-4 and take second place based on wins alone.
And you're incorrect as well only because TSM never played ROX, i'm assuming you mean RNG in which case then you would be correct in everything you're saying.
Nightjar (OCE)
: what about champions who are considered bad but actually have really high winrates and are hidden op. Such as Zilean, my plat friend thinks it's a terrible support but look at his winrate and his play/banrate is so low that I doubt he's getting nerfed anytime soon.
Zilean is a great champ, I would say he's better off played in mid than at support though
Maraudaur (OCE)
: Introducing the Distinguished Members
Is the purple hard to read for anyone else or is that just me and my deteriorating vision
: World Pick em' (Help please)
1 is the highest the team you think that will end top of the group
: Can someone send me the link to how you can pick T-T
Rioter Comments
Knuuckles (OCE)
: Ranked emblems
I don't know but if you go to your profile in the client the emblem will be under your current rank
: Helping Others Improve -Dynamic Q sucks-
I think the borders look good, didn't notice them to much when was watching it all.
: The Rambling's of a Lowly Bronzie
It's not all about winning 3 in a row and losing 1, it's over the entire season of ranked where your win loss becomes a factor in deciding your LP gains and losses. You're not a salty player and you have a great attitude so that's a good mindframe for ranked. I know what it's like to be in bronze and have low gains feel like just keep going backwards further with each loss. You just need to try and avoid that mentality as it will tilt you and effect how you play if you beleive it or not. All you can do is focus on your own gameplay and your decisions you make during the game and that will help you get the wins coming. Sure there are going to be games that you can't win and there will even be some games where it's outside your control but they will be minimal. It's possible to climb out of bronze and if you keep trying to improve your own gameplay you will slowly see the rewards for it.
: I know, I keep losing because of the teams that i get put with, like for example my supp was zilean how kept ulting himself
> [{quoted}](name=Hodgkinson,realm=OCE,application-id=mR0UmRrp,discussion-id=zLqATIK1,comment-id=00000000,timestamp=2016-06-12T06:33:00.976+0000) > > I know, I keep losing because of the teams that i get put with, like for example my supp was zilean how kept ulting himself Zilean is a great champ
: Pool Party taliyah?
What about BakeryTime Taliyah, she can ride a bread stick.
AFatNut (OCE)
: I have one question. I have updated League but I cant seem to find Taliyah or any of the new skins in the store, is this meant to happen? Im really confused -.-
They'll be released at a later date in this patch
  Rioter Comments
: Hey Mate, Sometimes I find that my mentality is the biggest factor with this kind of streak. The game hasnt changed much but you notice it more because you are focusing on it. I try to break it up with DuoQ with Rusty - another caster, or go to gym and just throw myself around the weights room. Also it may be that you should start to focus on your play abit more. What could I have done to win that game, should I have grouped, could I have got us ahead or communicated an objective. When you focus purely on your own play I find I start to notice improvement and that makes me happier, then i can just go back to the grind. Hope this helped you out, in short I think mentality is actually a big portion to how happy you can be playing league! Cheers Spawn
You never should've shaved that glorious beard
: > [{quoted}](name=CaptainHindsight,realm=OCE,application-id=Ntey9fRZ,discussion-id=QJxU2VN0,comment-id=00020000000000000000,timestamp=2016-01-31T09:33:47.667+0000) > > It's got nothing to do with kda. Kda doesn't win you games. Wow, someone else who actually understands the game properly, the amount of players who talk shit just because your KDA isn't good is astounding. What I meant was that you are playing Ziggs a lot, if you are playing right you either have high KDA or low depending on your team. I've been here 5 years, the amount of game I have seen that are over early is amazing. I don't give a shit about the KDA, the amount of towers, Baron or anything for that matter, what is real is the attitude of the players, and not what they say, but how they play. I see it time and time again, players who refuse to help and do nothing but bitch and moan, that is when a game is over, when a player stops helping. Fair enough that a player can complain for whatever reason, but the moment they take that shit awful attitude and show it in their gameplay, the type of player who simply refuses to help someone else just because one bad play, one mistake, accidentally got the last hit as a support, that is when you know the game is over. You can have someone who is an asshole but plays well, still helps his team and still tries to win, but when they stop helping, game over, every single time. I remember one game not too long ago that stands out true to this, our mid simply refused to help, period. He NEVER was with the team, he only joined when he could get a kill and than fucked off somewhere safe. His KDA was great, lots of CS from all the farming he was doing, and even though our team was winning it was inevitable that we would lose. We had 4 players trying their best to win, eventually got under 2 inhibitor towers, but due to one person refusing to help us, we lost. It happens all the time, an asshole player only out for themselves losing the game.
Yea player attitude varies greatly from game to game. You get the players who are team focused and positive want to help and don't rage if you give up first blood or die repetitively in lane. Then you can have the player who is only focused on themselves, the player that thinks they're better than everyone else, then you can have the ragers/blamers who never do anything wrong it's always someone elses fault. What it sounds like for you though is that you need to be in a team, and that will remove all the troubles you are experiencing.
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