Maraudaur (OCE)
: 2017 Ocean Week fan art voting! (Updated)
This has no longer become an art competition, it became a spam vote competition. Even Shaifira would agree with me, in order to stay relevant for top 3 you have to vote using incognito mode. To consistently spam vote on a particular artist. I am writing for you Riot to internally rank the top 20 in order of best to worst. Oh and if you think i'm just salty because I can't match you can remove me from the shortlist, there is no longer integrity in this competition . Your move Riot.
Shiafira (OCE)
: omg im even worse >< i was going to do one of the 2015 contests but got a bit depressed from seeing the competition and didnt even enter asdfghj so many regrets after that i told myself to enter the next one but i totally agree it really helps with the art skills~ and everyones art is so nice <3
: Stylus is my vote, if i'm right they are fighting in Auckland.
Noaleigh (OCE)
: Shiafira and Stylus are my 2 favorites, but...i like the Evil Poro XP so Stylus you have my overall vote. Well done to everyone though as they are all so unique. Good luck to you all x{{summoner:30}}
: 4.20 Patch Bugs Megathread
There's a bug when sometimes you hover over a minion,tower, enemy(pretty much every object) it makes like a blue or red box depending on you side that covers it fully. It was annoying and it first started on patch 4.20. Rito fix plz <3 :)


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