: Nautilus Reef January 2016 Update
Yay my name is on the list <3 I honestly thought that Riot just gave up on this whole idea because there wasn't a word about it up until now, but I'm glad that they're going ahead with it :)
: Patch 5.24 notes
Please make low priority queue only last 10 minutes instead of 20... i know it's bad to leave your teammates but I can't be bothered waiting that long man :/{{summoner:3}}
: Data and Champion Balance – Part 2
oh nice, exploitable weakness must be how you came up with the new fiora "W" C: mirite{{champion:72}}
: And usually that riven main is a few tiers higher player on his smurf account getting his bronze 5 friend to gold 5 only for that player to then ruin everyone else's games because they have no idea what to do at gold 5 level. sm1 else's comment "A vote dodge in the champ select lobby and/or a vote-kick in-game" ^ the community has been SCREAMING for a "report this player for trolling the draft lobby IN THE DRAFT LOBBY PHASE button for YEARS for ranked solo queue in particular. There is no way it could be exploited to queue dodge/maliciously get someone banned if implemented in the following way : - Only for Ranked solo / Duo queue, requires 3 of 4 people to click to register as valid that one of the final 2 people is trolling the lobby. Takes multiple reports from multiple players and draft lobbies before the offender is temporarily suspended from the entire game for days/weeks/months as repetitive offending occurs. I cant see how it can be so hard to program this in when you already do the exact same thing in post game for other offence types, Why does it have to be in the pre game lobby ? So that other people dont alt f4 out, rewarding the troll with a new lobby where they may get a more favourable situation for what they want and hurting the player who "took one for the team" by alt f4ing out of the lobby the troll had ruined and therefor losing lp and getting a time wait restriction. If all 4 other people vote the 4th person as trolling/degrading the quality/chances of winning the game for the other 4 people in a game mode that is about winning (ranked) vs game mode which is about having fun/trying new things (normals) will the lobby be Cancelled and remade without the offending player ? NO it will not. Why ? Because that would allow exploitation of the system "hey guys OUR TEAM COMP DRAFT SUCKS COMPARED TO THEIRS, ive never been reported for trolling the lobby, ill take one for the team and get 1 trolling infringement "point" so we can get a new draft and hopefully a better chance of winning team comp" <--- that is why the game cannot be cancelled, but the report button still needs to be there so that those who try to make others leave lobbies will still be punished eventually based on repeatedly offending. As the system currently stands their is nothing that prevents people from trolling lobbies then going 2nd person mid lane for 20 mins till team surrenders because adc got annihilated (0 cs or heaps of deaths due to being zoned) and their legitimate mid is underfarmed and underleveled having been taxed by the troll. while their opponent mid in the shorter lane has far more easily than your adc been able to wave clear with aoe and keep up in lvl cs and few deaths.
first of all, if boosting were to occur the player that got boosted would lose their rank faster than the booster got them to the rank they paid for if they played ranked at all. Secondly you shouldn't leave the judgement of another player to a handful of bronzies to decide every single game... that would feel like a repeat of the report button in csgo. In csgo, if anyone wins something at the end of the game the large group hosting that game vote to kick that player so they get the prize themselves. To translate this to league terms, the duo groups would vote to kick anyone who they assume is bad based on their horrible logic until they're finally queued with someone who will carry their asses. Then you're the one that technically got boosted by exploiting matchmaking and those people who you kicked along the way would all receive punishments just because you have the numbers on your side to kick others with your duo buddy. So you might ask how would we be able to exploit match making? just lolking everyone and if you don't think they're good enough then you kick them. Ways to increase your chances of kicking others if it requires 3-4 people: queue at the same time with a friend of yours at the same rank, persuade a third person to kick, a lot of people would be encouraged to troll the "yes" button on the kick if it's an option, if there's two duo queues in one team you can all decide to kick the fifth if he isn't good enough for you. This is a horrible idea and should not be implemented at all. At first glance it might seem alright but taking these things into consideration, i have to say HELL NAW.
: I cant help but say it; some people deserve to be told off in-game. The mute buttons exist to allow players to stifle verbally toxic players. The question is, what can we do about the griefers who run around taking every bit of farm you try for then feed your lane opponents? Bans issued after being reported is a step in the right direction (though I've still not heard of anyone near me whom has received punishment for ANYTHING), but what do we do about it on the spot? A vote dodge in the champ select lobby and/or a vote-kick in-game (considering both teams' opinions) would be grand; for some behaviours, replacing them with a bot is better than letting them continue.
No type of minion/monster/epic monster is reserved for any one player, not even with their role being considered. Even a support has the right to take all the cs in the lane if they can because terms like "solo mid" or "duo bot" are just a part of a meta. They aren't strict rules guiding where a player should go or what they should do, they're simply recommended. And with that said, imma go play Teemo support. {{champion:17}}
: New player reform system heads into testing
should implement a way to report the reporters for false reports :)
: Change it up with Chroma Packs
would've been cooler if you could choose specific parts of the skin to recolour yourself with any colour that you want...
: oooo nice one man XD some spaces would be nice
ain't nobody got room for that
: Unveiling the future of League of Legends
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: You’re cordially invited to a soirée!
Finally! Visual updates to {{champion:154}} {{champion:34}} {{champion:76}} and tibbers all in ONE!!! OM... dats a GG.
: RP adjustment in Oceania
If you want to even think about raising the prices maybe you should give people a reason to play the game first... Perhaps by fixing all the champions affected by recent updates (there are a lot). This game is becoming more and more unbalanced as each new patch takes effect. Judging by how long it takes riot to make changes to champions it will only be about a year before the game itself becomes optimal. You shouldn't focus on nerfing champions like lee sin because after all it takes skill to play a champion like him, and so only a maximum of about 20% of the entire player base will play him in an overpowered way. How about focusing on giving the other 80% a fair chance who don't have much skill? You could change champions in a way that gives them poor scaling like lee sin, however, their abilities could be made easy to use. That way, the players without skill won't exactly climb without learning what they did wrong, but they will at least have a better time in their own rank. Anyways... i don't usually like posting my point of view because i'm susceptible to a lot of criticism but oh well. Btw looking at that chart showing how much our dollar has dropped scares me. Maybe you shouldn't have posted that :I What are we gonna do about it? we're just gamers looking to have fun with a little bit of rage {{champion:17}}
: Bard, the Wandering Caretaker, revealed
Rabid Llama is my new favourite champion designer :3
: Bard, the Wandering Caretaker, revealed
omg he could be so powerful if played right :3 he's kind of like lulu with some of his abilities
: lol, that Kat splash is horrible. GOOD JOB RITO.
i like it :c
Maraudaur (OCE)
: Artificial Reef champion vote! (congrats you did it!)
What's the statue going to be made out of?{{champion:111}}
: Worlds 2015 to be held in Europe
Ples rito hold it in aus so that no one thinks the oce server is a joke anymore <3
: Champion Update: Tristana
Looks like Riot Girl Tristana went from one of the worst skins in history to one of the best for Tristana. Dats a gg.
: 2015 season kickoff sale!
This sale is sooooo good but i used my ip on aquiring most champions :p
: Elise and Thresh don the Blood Moon mask
Awesome splashes, cartoon models.
: Except most junglers you CAN'T clear 3 camps now....
Well you can if you're willing to wait 20 seconds or so for your smite to come up on the third camp. Although time is crucial early on in the game... I only do it sometimes. If u wanna clear 3 or 4 easy just play an early champ like lee, panth or something. Starting on the golems for the stun buff will help a lot in getting the 3 camps.
: Patch 4.21 notes
LOVE THIS UPDATE. Awesome skins (thresh needed another, although i'm not sure Malzahar did but at least he has a good looking one now). Negatron <3, WW nerf, panth nerf all needed to happen. I'm not quite sure what you did to my rengo though :s did you take away a bug buff :.? Should probably buff elise a tiny bit if u want people to play her and get the skin.


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