: Team Up & Pool Party
The Ocean Week Was really easy since barely anyone was busy, but when uni students have exams and grade 10 highschoolers got mid term ones, its pretty hard in my opinion... why riot :< {{item:3070}}
: The ultra rapid fire is winding down
Why not make it like a routine, like one day urf, second day doom bots, third day Poro king, and so on that way we can play different featured game modes and we wont get sick and tired of it being one specific, and everyone can be happy :D, plz riot :<
: sanguine arrow ashe
Hey thats a pretty good one just keep em coming and ill see which one ill choose
: Skins Suggestions
Oh yea i also forgot to add, i dont have the time to draw so much since.. highschool and things, its really stressful so i cant really get on this forum on mondays-thursdays just keep it going and ill read them soon!
: Skins Suggestions
Hi guys its me again im just wondering if anyone would help me have some suggestions on the actual look of ashe her self for blood shot ashe, im having a lot of trouble, also technoflame ill get to the skins you came up with after ashe since... im stuck on her frame look i got the arrow and quiver and the bow itself, if that is okay with you, im actually working on heartseeker nidalee as well
: thanks :)
Hey Hamzilla Im just wondering mind drawing some of the skins i make up? im just gonna sketch a few and then ill send it so you can improve it on photoshop or something. if that works great :D. just put my intials or summoner name somewhere ill be sending some soon. (the bloodshot ashe is starting to work, the bow is so friggin.. bloody .-.)
: Death Reaver Team, Top- Death Reaver Zed Jung- Death Rever FiddleSticks Mid- Death Reaver Katarina Adc- Death Reaver Lucian Supp Death Reaver morgana And Justice Heros Top- justice hero akali Jung- justice hero irelia Mid- justice hero Kayle Adc- Justice Hero Sivir Supp- justice hero soraka
Hm thats pretty good but i might have a tip something like a different support would be more best, nami is so innocent D:. shes just a fish who gets turned into sushi D:. Someone like soraka, lulu or morgana would be better. Great suggestions tho, if you can try draw it id love to see what it would look like :D.
: thank you!
Hmm i think this might help you but you can actually i dunno might be able to send this to riot through e-mail and suggest it hope it does id love to see this ingame
: You Responded quick, and that looks great did you make that or found it in images? I think riot might make it they did make a few atlantean skins so far :D.
You drew it NICE
: I drew an Atlantean Nami splash art idea :3 if thats okay
You Responded quick, and that looks great did you make that or found it in images? I think riot might make it they did make a few atlantean skins so far :D.
: Skins Suggestions
Hey guys, i just started creating a few drawing on different champions, i actually put in the thought of drawing that, but anyway, i have thought on a new Ashe skin, i know there alot of them and Marauder just recently released. But im drawing things similiar to Blood Lord Vladimir but its not called blood lord, i was think of making Blood Reaper Ashe or Blood Shot, i dont make up good names but its all i can think of, thanks for reading this
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