: ADC MAINS ADD ME (support main)
ADC's don't waste your time, no lane pressence, no awareness, plays champs they don't know on first impressions (obviously leaving a BAD impression due to this) even messing around in a normal game.. not even worth the time, just giving yourself a headache being in the same game.
Gehirn (OCE)
: Hey there, I'm happy to look into this for you but I can't seem to find your ticket. Do you mind telling me the summoner name you used when submitting the ticket in question?
There was no Summoner name given as it was an email sent to the support email directly, seeing as finding the old support ticket form is hard enough to find with the "new and improved" lay-out in the support section/s without being instead, redirected to FAQ's that are of no relevance or help. I would be happy to submit the issue again as long as i am talking to someone that will actually read what is being written, which i would imagine wouldn't be too difficult, though as noted here experience has proven otherwise. I would also like to make a formal complaint about the support staff member "Shaky", who i was unfortunately given as my support representative.
: well what exactly is the issue with the employee? would need to know more details before recommending ombudsman or not. you need to keep in mind that this is a free game, and therefore their support service is a free service for a free game so you're not really a "paying customer" in that regard.
They refused to actually read the report in question and simply gave me a "blanket" response when it came to "solving" my issue, it had next to nothing to do with the issue i was reporting about, i replied as such and explained my report in a bit more detail, again, it wasn't read properly and it was brought to a player support specialist, once again the details and reasons behind the report were not read properly (as per previous and unrelated experience this happens ALOT) I then asked to speak to the specialist's manager to see if i could actually have contact to someone that would actually read what is being written instead of sending pre-written responses that only infuriate the user by leaving the issue un-solved and ignored completely by the so called support staff. As stated, i asked to speak to their manager and i quote: > Hello there, > > I'm sorry if you don't feel I am not genuine and gave you a blanketed response. :/ > > We love hearing feedback, and it seemed your issue was with player reporting. I would be more than happy to speak with you. > > If you have any other questions or concerns please feel free to voice them here, otherwise we will have to consider this matter closed. I'm here to help and I apologize for any confusion regarding your ticket. Yes, it is a free game, however there is a certain level of support they need to provide to both free and paying customers if they don't wish to have individuals like the local ombudsman breathing down their necks for negligence on their part, by paying i mean both monetary value in purchases made in the store and in emotional state paid by the infuriating circumstances that follow talking to a support staff who ignores the issue completely. This can be interpreted however, but this isn't the main issue here (the "paying customer", although i have paid for stuff in the store, this was to see if i would actually get a response from a RED or anyone Riot Staff related but it seems they care just about as much as support staff do about reputation and supporting users with issues) Getting the ombudsman involved is simply to be given contact with someone that will actually take into account what is being said instead of reading a single line and then sending pre-written crap as a response under the ruse of support. This would be the last resort if i don't get into contact with anyone prior to losing further patience.
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