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: Prema for this... WTF
You type way too much.
: The Truth of bronze/silver ELO hell
I wouldn't worry about it too much mate, Intoxicants are for the weak minded, Just let them be.
HeartVine (OCE)
: If I remember correctly, Riot's reasoning for "pulling back" on the frequency of Featured Modes was that it's difficult to keep up with a 2-week rotation, and that having the modes available too frequently causes them to lose some appeal over time. It's understandable, I think. Having to update a mode to work with the next patch *every* patch is a *lot* for teams to handle, especially when they could be improving the game in other ways (so long as Riot lets them), and I certainly agree that modes being available too frequently causes them to become boring. Featured modes are a unique and fun way to play, but only because they're not constantly available. Something like URF or Invasion (just for example) would become very boring very quickly if it were available all the time.
Too much effort to put Ascension or Poro King in the patch ? Haha
: agreed they should get rid of murder bridge you forgot the woods btw that no one plays
Yeah I have only played the woods a total of like 3 times, Would rather not play the game at all than play that.
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: Ranked Howling Abyss
Hey, I should of provided more info, If there was to be a ranked system on Howling Abyss you should be able to obviously pick your champion, Not be randomised. Cheers.
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