Etrite (OCE)
: Plat 5 here. I would be happy to join
: Looking to start a ranked team. After a jungle and mid.
Add Rouen Boostscooter or SuperSquirter if interested
: Hey yea i would love to join but is there any rank requirements?
theres no ranked requirments. wel like to have fun and want to improve. We're over the ranked team we're in hence why we want to start a new 1. add me if you're interested
GaMeRz0 (OCE)
: looking for ranked 5's team
what position. Do you play? me and friends are after perma jg and mid.
: Jg Main looking for silver + Ranked 5s team add me: special ed
Rioter Comments
: If you have a problem with what people say, make sure you voice that concern in a constructive way. Something along the lines of "Please don't use the word cancer, it offends me" Can go a long way when playing with adults who understand. Although I am still a teenager, I have learnt from experience that until someone tells the person they are offended in a constructive way, they won't stop. If you respond with rage it eggs them on, but responding in a civilized manor can make more of a difference than you think.
Alot of them are just teenagers haha. im 17 myself
RageGrace (OCE)
: Riot, I hope this system will recognise that wishing someone/their family cancer is just as bad as a death threat. Until you are affected by this, children do not understand how hurtful it can be.
Erh same. I hate when i see people saying that. My favourite person in the entire world died of cancer and i play league with friends when im down then here's people saying stuff like that. Makes me want to stop playing league altogether. OCE is so toxic. Before the OCE server i played on NA. NA was nowhere near as bad as OCE.
: Meaning I won't be getting the mystery gift because I got a 14 day ban due to getting a couple BSODs.:( Oh well, there's always next year, and I appreciate you guys doing this.
I feel ya. My video card thingy in my laptop shit itself so i crash every 30-40mins :( purple screen though
Tack22 (OCE)
: What person would chose Pink Taric over Black Taric?


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