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Well since im the same elo bracket i dont really suggest playing support if you want to climb. I'm a support main and i gotta tell you its super hard to carry a losing team from support if youre not on a play maker like leona. My suggestion is to use the practice tools to practice last hitting. Get really good at a couple of non-meta champs. So things that arent gonna get instantly banned. Do a normal game or two before trying a ranked each day to get your head in the game, and don't play ranked after a loss for that day, else it can get tilting and chances are you'll snowball loss after loss
Maraudaur (OCE)
: I made a comment in this thread - Let me know what you think =D
Hey Maraudaur, Thank you for your reply, and i have read your post and while fair i do still think rune prices need to be looked at a little. Take the runes at 205ip, they're 4x less expensive than the ones worth 820ip. Yet when refunded they're currently worth the same, even though it took 4x as much effort to save and buy them. Just doesn't quite seem fair that regardless of price the runes are all lumped together under one banner of 100ip. I mean the runes worth 205ip are currently valued 4x what the expensive ones were because you can buy more for the same price, thus have gotten more return than a single expensive one. Just fuel for thought. And as a side note on the same topic, it'd be really awesome if you had 100 or more runes refunded you could get a golden rune summoner icon or something. Just a little thing to show off that you had worked to get lots of runes
Pretty much. Hope you got more use out of your Crit damage runes, and all the other crazy niche expensive runes. Or you would if you had more than 2 generic rune pages. With low cost runes for the most part. Seriously though, just because you haven't worked at all to get your rune collection up doesn't mean that the rest of us haven't. And 100ip return on a practically unused set of 820ip runes is like saying you'll trade your 2015 ferrari in for that brand new hyandai i30. 8x less value but at least you have a new car right? How about being constructive with your arguments rather than trying to troll in all caps hmm?
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: Why Kalista is weak
> [{quoted}](name=BurningAvalanche,realm=OCE,application-id=FjGAIbRv,discussion-id=UbiHWBqU,comment-id=,timestamp=2016-11-12T03:43:51.974+0000) > > I think Kaliosta is too weak because evbery game the enemy team just gets a frozen heart on their tank line and she can't do shit. DO sometihng with that, that might make her better. Not very helpful feedback there but hey, I'll throw my 2c in too. She's weak because her item path isn't as flexible as many of the other adcs meaning that she has to prioritise attack speed, which isn't necessarily a good thing with the cost vs power, and the fact that shes been nerfed heavily to keep her mobility from going insane doesn't help her survive most things, especially given the huge amount of champions with dashes. A Frozen heart is all well and good to counter her with, but it shouldn't really negate her as hard as it does compared to everyone else. Even vayne still shreds people while against a frozen heart because she isn't getting doubly negated with armor and its aura.
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torby69 (OCE)
: Another "Bronze Elo Hell" post.
I feel ya dude, I'm in the same boat being a support main. Every game there's an afk, a deliberate feeder, a flamer, or a riven player. And there's no guarantee you'll get out of it. I got 12 games in a row and thrown back out of silver because every single team I got after being on a huge win spree was full of people who gave up 3 minutes into the game after some twit picks a troll pick then gives first blood mid
: I know you will hate this, but there is no elo hell and you will run into people like this even out of bronze.
> [{quoted}](name=Professor Chaos,realm=OCE,application-id=FjGAIbRv,discussion-id=sU80LUE5,comment-id=0002,timestamp=2016-06-29T03:44:41.923+0000) > > I know you will hate this, but there is no elo hell and you will run into people like this even out of bronze. So... its pretty much hell all the time yeah?
: No. Fucking no. I for one will not give up. I am not OP's second or third account BTW, just some long time player who is getting rather angry at Riot's disgust at how they treat low ELO players, for that matter, all new players who don't have a team that they can pubstomp lowbies with. I am sick of this shit Riot put on us and the general community telling us "If you were good enough blah blah blah". Fuck them, fuck the lot of them. This season has gone so far down the toilet that it is being recycled in the shit factory that stores our week old diarrhoea. It is fucking retarded, never in 5 years of playing have I ever had a ranked season this hard to even get a win, let alone get out of low ranking and I FLAT OUT REFUSE to fold to Riot's wishful thinking that we will all one day end up being chum buddies and sucking ass to get a team together so we can play their game. NONE OF US SHOULD.
I'm a long time player too and I agree with all of this. The game at the moment is broken for everyone except assassin mains and tank ekko/fizz players. I cant drag myself out of bronze. You know why? Every time i manage to drag myself to silver I get a streak of teams who give up, afk or fight between eachother. 4-1 votes to give up should not count as a loss for the person who wanted to stay and fight on. Afker's should be punished harder than people who actually leave, but even then a 4v5 game shouldn't count to LP loss. I know it's open to abuse for people boosting, but really.. when was the last time you won a 4v5 when your mid laner just leaves 10 minutes into the game after being fed all your teams kills. On top of all that shit is the fact that no matter how much you destroy some champions in lane pre-6.. as soon as they get that ulti.. you have literally no way to counter them. Here's looking you you zed. You too ekko you asshat. And i dare ANY of you to buy a f***ing zhonyas on your kallista or other AD champ to counter that s***. Cus thats all you have.
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Amaryliss (OCE)
: Hey, could anyone plz suggest any good champs for learning new roles?:3
Top - Shen. This would force you to pay attention to your map and your ally health bars, which is a necessity, and gives you experience at initiating fights and tanking Support Soraka - ^ pretty much the same reason, but also gives you good practice at timing skillshots and managing your own HP Ashe ADC - decent last hit training as well as practice at positioning since she does not have much in the way of escape besides slows Jungle - probably warwick, easy to pick up and gets through clears relatively easy so you can focus on gank paths
Fitzky (OCE)
: Thunderlords is too OP man
I do agree that it's a little strong, and it is kind of taking the mastery system in a way that I don't really like. 90% of players on the teams I play with/against have thunderlords as their keystone. Obvious exceptions are those that take warlords. But it is rather funnelling the majority of people to take the full cunning tree instead of the other two. Probably the biggest factor for me is that it's almost invisible power for the most part since it feels like its hard to judge how many stacks you have on you till BAM you're struck by it. I'd just like some sort of graphic indicator like vaynes silver bolts


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