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: Are you completely %%%%%%ed and oblivious to the past ten years of anonymous online gaming? It's already been proven on multiple accounts that in an anonymous online setting the default nature of people is to be horrid to one another, and in this setting positive re-enforcement NEVER works. The only thing that works is punishment. Go look up any, any psychological experiment performed on online gaming. Personally I've read over 40 different ones and they all essentially come out the same. But then again I seem to actually have the patience and capability of reading. That's why the OCE server is completely crazy with arseholes running wild with rampant toxicity for lack of a better word. A complete lack of a punishment system has had OCE running riot, and in any case where someone is reported they reply with "Who cares, nothing will ever happen". That will only stop with harsh punishments being handed out in overkill. And where the %%%% are you getting this "Only 1 in 10 punished actually left from rage" crap from? Is it the bleeding heart stories from the forums? Because it mighty does sound like it. The majority of people who leave games do it for the fun of doing it, because they know they are ruining the game for 9 other people. It's more like only 1 in 10 leave for circumstances beyond their control. And 1 in 10 leave from rage. That leaves 8 people who NEED to be punished for leaving. It doesn't matter if 2 people are punished wrongly, hell those two people can send a %%%%ING SUPPORT TICKET AND MAKE THEIR CASE HEARD. All that matters is that we have a system in place that finally works. It works, and look at that, the amount of people AFK and DC has dropped since it's been implemented. IT'S WORKING. Yet you bleeding heart %%%%s want it removed because of the minority of people who say they aren't at fault when they are punished.
Woah chill dude, im allowed an opinion.
: The point is if you don't punish people they make things worse.
Lord Sesshomaru is right its just a game, unless you are in a championship series or something, then who cares if you lose a game or two cos someones internet gave out, we aren't all perfect, we don't all have perfect internet or whatever there is no use punishing 100 people just incase one of them is a troll. most dc's are due to tech problems anyway, they probably feel bad enough that they let down their team and then on top of that they get a notice saying their account is gunna be banned. so now the accidental dc summoner is left with: an internet connection that doesn't work the feeling of letting their team down probably 4 reports from their team members a loss of IP and a banned account thats a lot for an accident why are we supporting this? to punish that 1 in 10 who leaves for rage? thats just your own vengeance. positive re-enforcement gives far better long term results than negative, we should be rewarding those who don't leave instead of punishing those who do.
: A Graphic Design Opinion on Debonair Ezreal (Suggested Fix)
New golden hair is WAAAAYYY better RIOT plz update it!


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