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JLC Cotts (OCE)
: IGN: JLC Cotts Rank; Plat 5 Role: ADC/Supp Availability: Weekdays 12am-10pm. Weekends Open.
Sorry we are not interested as your rank is still a bit to low, but thank you for commennting
: Hi Role- Top/jg Rank- B3 Availability- Mostly everyday from 4:30- different times. I would really like to play with you in ool and any other tournaments.
Thank you for your time, but you are to low rank
: IGN: (screen name here) RANK: Bronze II ROLE: Support AVAILABILITY: 24/7, let's trial now) TRUE AMBITION: Whip it good.
Sorry but ur to low rank, but thanks for your time
BigDogTim (OCE)
: IGN : bigdogtim Role: ADC Rank: Plat 1 currently Avaliablity: 4:30-10 , depending on what I have to do. would love to try a serious team..
Thank you for commenting, would love to trial you Added IG
: IGN: EternalEmVy Rank: Diamond 5 Role: ADC/Jungle Availability: Weekdays 3:45pm-10:30pm (usually), Weekends, I'll adapt to whatever hours I'm needed.
Hey, TA will be interested in trailing you Added IG
: IGN: Reload Cuddles (about to change it} RANK:Gold 2 ROLE: Adc or Jungle AVAILABILITY: Weekdays 4:00Pm-10:00pm Weekends Whenever im on
Sorry, we're not interested but thanks for your time !
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traloop (OCE)
: ***
: Coach with slight experience looking for a team.
Hey im from True Ambition the team that always beat you guys Are u quitting The Knights?
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: Fusion finalising roster today for OCS Invitational- Fast track into the Oceanic Challenger Series!
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Terran (OCE)
: Challenger top looking for team
Hi I am the captain of True Ambition LOL team. We are an international gaming organisation and is need of recruiting top players and forming a powerhouse and are going to try qualify for OCS IF INTERESTED CHECK OUR TWITTER : TRUE AMBITION GG ADD ME ON LEAGUE AND TELL ME YOUR TWIITER SO WE CAN NEGOTOATE AND ANNOUNCE OUR NEW TOP LANER Thank you
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Anıma (OCE)
: Mid/Low Diamond ADC LF team
hey i added you and if your interested this is our twitter: Reply if interested
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: So you are looking for someone who basically plays in the OPL to coach you? You wouldn't be looking for someone who is only diamond as they would have the same expertise at this game as you right? Otherwise your rank would be irrelevant...
Not necessarily an OPL coach, you just need experience from coaching a semi pro team or higher or if you have very good game sense and knowledge plz add UP Vespik
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: IGN? Add me - F4F Predator
Hey my team is looking for great players and would love you to join our team I've added you to discuss Urantic Powerhouse Captain And Manager, UP Vespik
: LFT Plat 5 Jg/Sup
Hey my team is interested in recruiting you and would like to discuss about you joining the roster I've added you and we'll discuss Urantic Powerhouse Captain And Manager, UP Vespik

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