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: Do you have "Enable Low Spec Mode" checked?
yeah much better then it was better but still have a 5 second delay on everything lol but sweet as aslong as game play dont stuff out haha thanks bro
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: Yeap, the old client has been removed as part of Phase 2 of the [New Client Rollout]( Only the new client will be available for now onwards, unless there is a change in plans.
ffs they could have atleast fixed the lag in the new one before making every1 resort to it lol okay thank you
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: Ocean Week Recap
so who got what ?? and why only some ?
: Hey there, Were these gifts from riot? If so then they're probably just the snowdown rewards.
yeah just one mystery though
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: how do i go back to old client? im 100% sure it said we can change back if we werent happy with new1
cheers guys took a while but yes run as admin was best way for me :) makes a big change in time when loading in champ select ,thanks again
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: To swap back to the old client just press the ["Launch legacy client"]( button on the bottom right when you log in.
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