: Why did i immediately get a 14 day suspension?
My dude email riot, board might take a while...
: That's ridiculous, riot don't want to ban people because they might come off as "racist" yet these people are calling me "australian pig"? I don't know, pretty ridiculous system if you ask me.
although you can not stop them from trolling, but u can mute them. Or maybe you also wanted to have a 'firendly' conversation about race.{{sticker:slayer-jinx-wink}}
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: Not sure about other elo's but there are plenty of them in silver, and I've never seen a decent Chinese. All of them usually feed or do bad overall. Then flame in chinese with words like "shabi" "caonima" which means "stupid %%%%" and "fuck your mother" respectively. It's actually pretty hilarious. xd
But what would a decent Chinese play say to you, to inform you that he is a Chinese?
Belrick (OCE)
: .... Main Either engage champs, blitz or thresh or leona and you will climb fast. They can hard carry. Or Passive support champs like Soraka or nami and you will climb slowly but surely. Ap mage sup for solo q self carry. Zyra still the best (high base damage) but brand and lux good too. be aware that these champs typically "steal" kills from adc. Sion sup is not enough IMHO. Too specialized, like Nautilus or Mao they are just one minor patch away from going from A tier sup to D tier
thx for the tip man
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Quixotic (OCE)
: LF bronze support main wanting to climb
u wanna play 2 IT WILL BE FUN- sion
cow (OCE)
: Adc looking for support
wow dude i am looking for a adc {{champion:14}} support sion main btw
: i dont think i deserved a permaban for what a did
There is a mute button if some one picks fights. PLZ USE IT
Xenoblade (OCE)
: Client slow
50%of my friends can't join because this........
: 16 teams. 16 artists. Worlds Wallpapers are Here.
: Thank You
I have the icon but not the skin???wot???{{sticker:zombie-brand-mindblown}}


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