: @Crayzee If current X5 had to vs OOL Reload from last year, how fast do you think it would take for Masimo to thrash Midbeast in mid and carry the game 1v5?
I'm speaking on behalf on Crayzee, and say 3 minutes.
: If you had the money, would you invest in a seasoned retired player from overseas to help the team be more successful?
Absolutely would invest, specifically in support staff - not a knock to our wonderful coach & manager, but given how small the skill gap is on an individual level at the top, we simply need more work on our teamplay.
: Hi Guys, I wanted to ask , do you think you will win a game this split? Do think you can still avoid relegation, or is your goal to focus on playoffs to get back into the top league?
I think we'll win a game, but we're still focused on winning through relegations and continuing next season.
egoist (OCE)
: @Tgun Do you enjoy being on x5? How does it compare to being on previous teams?
It's definitely an experience. I'm used to rebuilding teams, so it's pretty much the same as per normal.
: @Exile 5 what do you guys think seperates a diamond adc from a challenger adc?
In a region like OCE, I would say consistency is probably the biggest thing. It's hard to say, because the ranks are marred by a large amount of smurfing, but being able to be consistent over a large amount of games will end up allowing you to rise to the top.
belquin (OCE)
: Hey team - whats the biggest challenge in transitioning from being a Solo Q player to becoming an OPL player?
Communicating with four other people consistently over the course of a game whilst still maintaining focus on whatever you're doing individually is probably the biggest problem people will face.
Jannado (OCE)
: Hey guys - What do you all do personally to "untilt" yourselves?
: Tgun: fired up or ready to serve?
Fired up, can't play Tennis anymore due to my knee :(
: A lot of respect for you guys to keep on keeping on in the face of so much friction. Given your situation and near certain relegation matches, do you think there is still a clear gap between top of the OCS and the OPL? I would have thought being exposed regularly to OPL level games and scrims would give you a clear benefit over OCS teams. Is there a time coming were OCS teams will have very little chance to relegate gaming housed OPL teams that outscrim them 10-1?
At some point, you have to take into account how much practice is "effective" - there is definitely a diminishing returns to how much you put in to how much you get out in return to practice. That being said, I think there is a clear divide between the best OCS team and the worst OPL team right now, both due to how much more volume OPL teams can get in practice wise and the large amount of bans that went through and rattled all the OCS teams.
: Question for all, cats or dogs?
IdaMayn (OCE)
: if a meta is working so well and overly well in worlds why dont other regions look to mimic it or evolve it?{{champion:21}} {{summoner:3}}
I'm going to take this as "why don't we copy what other teams around the world do" The answer is quite simple - copying Korea directly is difficult, because a lot of their decisions are made on expecting the players to play perfectly (and expecting their opposition to make near perfect decisions, too). We simply aren't as good as them, so there's more room for "stylistic" champions (see: Ceres on Tryndamere vs us) and individual skill to shine through.
: How many hours do all of you spend on playing solo Q and scrims per day? Do you believe that being an "Oceanic E-Athlete" can be a long term job? The most valuable thing you learned since joining Exile 5? What are the player's reactions to constant losses? Why is Guts so handsome? Sebbie what are the responsibilities of a manager? Lastly how confident are the team on "winning 1 game by the end of season"?
How many hours - Approximately ~6 on scrims, and the rest of the day is mixed between SoloQ and relaxing. Some days a bit of time is spent on VOD review, too, but it depends on it the coach has any games for us to sit down and watch to learn from. Long term job - Not right now in the current climate as far as OCE esports goes, but Riot is doing everything in their power to move that along quickly. Think back to the dawn of most sports, almost all the players had part-time / day jobs to go off to, and we're (roughly) in that stage right now. Most valuable thing - Having a good mentality to cope with losses and deal with, in all honesty, being put in consistently shit situations. Reaction to losses - It sucks, but given how many roster changes we've had it's not too surprising. Hopefully we can turn it around with a win against Abyss this weekend. Thanks for the questions.
: Who is your favorite past OPL team??????
Satiric (OCE)
: @x5 Crayzee hi Dobie, it's me Chimpy Chimperson, big fan here really excited to get in touch. Just had one question, which is the better trilogy in your eyes Twilight or Lord of the Rings? I'm personally leaning toward twilight just due to the fact that there's way better "best girls(tm)" (see: Traps) and Lord of the Rings has a cringy little CGI orclet(TM) based off of Penders physical characteristics, who is also voiced by Jappa Jones and has kleptomania for hand jewelry. Anyways sorry about the rant thanks for reading Tgun, big fan of you and the rest of the Avant Garde squad. Will be tuning into every HoN game of the next OPL split and rooting for youg guys! P I C K V A L K Y R I E
Definitely Twilight, I love things that sparkle.
: Leona or Naut? :)
Naut is stronger, Leona is way more fun (for me).
: is it true that you once had sex with a siren?
mantv (OCE)
: Yo Brad teach me league to get better :'), i feel like i could improve alot
noobo (OCE)
: what this friend the memexd?
: Hey Tgun, As an aspiring challenger player, i'm currently stuck in whats known as "Elo Hell" (A.K.A, Bronze 4). Do you have any tips for me to rise up the ranks in solo queue? Thanks for any reply, good luck to you and team immunity with whats left of season 5! Applegeek21
A tip? Alright, an honest tip: There's no such thing as ELO Hell. Take every game seriously, find mistakes in your play (I guarantee you'll be able to find mistakes in your play -- if not, find a higher elo friend to spectate a few of your games and point them out) and improve. Any role can carry to Diamond (even support), as long as it's played well. And, of course, have fun -- you'll improve much faster if you're enjoying the game, so play off-meta stuff.. like Blitzcrank!
Inny27 (OCE)
: Hey tGun, who is the coolest and buffest 20 year old you know? ;))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))
AskiKa (OCE)
: Yo, 25 year career professional gamer here. Pro (#1 best of best) for most rts command and conquer games and many fps titles semi-pro. Got a question. Isn't it true that two ADC bottom lane are much more effective at killing and can easily minion farm while going to work on bottom enemy much more effectively? I also find these so-called support champions to de-value the finishing ability of sides. I suspect in the future we could see five adc owning hard anf ully intend to prove my words by doing so. My theory is that two adc will SHUT DOWN that lane and totally dominate the enemy therefore compromising the enemies ability to ss or gank. So if all enemies are locked in to top bottom or middle, it kind of shuts down the ability of players to go on jungle excursions. I struggle to understand why someone would pick a support when they are so weak as compared to five adc's that can easily any one of them win the game in the end. Don't get it, cheers. (remember my name and watch out for me in the coming months, it'll take about three to six months for me to really find my micro and learn the game properly, buy far, my biggest issue atm is the ganks that ally players fail to notify of). cheers.
Playing with two ADCs leaves you very, very vulnerable and gives you a much worse team-comp. You lose a lot of pressure bot, and the reason people play support champs is because they're able to conceed farm while still remaining relevant -- think about Alistar, for example, without many items he's still a viable threat midgame. However, an ADC with ~2k gold missing (or, more likely, 3k) is very weak (comparatively). As of right now, the only off-meta thing I think is viable is playing a mage as support, as they can snowball / scale hard, yet still remain relevant without much farm (think Annie, aoe stun is always relevant -- Syndra, to an extent, also the same).
FattwiT (OCE)
: Hi Tgun, With Love, FattaT
: A Koala? So you can just sleep and be cute and cuddly and lazy all day? nawwww
: If you could be any animal.... What animal would you be???
Hmm. I'd be a dog if I could guarantee I'd have cool owners. If not, probably a Koala.
Cloudy342 (OCE)
: Imagine you're working for riot as the company creator but you're blackmailed to do the following things. - Do a rework on the visuals of a champion - Do a rework on the gameplay of a champion - Remove three champions from the game What would you do to the above situations?
Visual Rework -- Leona. Probably my favourite "not-quite-meta" support. Gameplay Rework - Malzahar, or generally anyone with a targetted suppression. "You can't play anymore" one-click buttons suck.. Remove three Champs - Ezreal, Teemo, Nami. Hate all three. ...I guess I'm easy to blackmail if I just accept it and find solutions, right? ._.
: Hello TGun, what would be your #1 tip for those trying to climb the ladder as a support. And what is your favorite flavour of ice-cream?
Find a duo partner -- any role, doesn't matter. If it's not an adc, focus on roaming and helping out their lane, if it is an adc, play something that dominates lane (graves leona is an old faithful combination). Banana (or Mango froyo).
: Hey Bradley I was wondering if you could tell me some tips on playing mid with talon. I do understand that sometimes champs like Annie,Diana and pantheon are really difficult for talon but if you could maybe tell me some strategies you use in mid,especially your early game.
I'm not a very good mid talon player, so I asked my friend who made challenger playing (almost only) Talon, and he said: Against Panth, get cloth 5 and play safe. Against Diana, you won't ever be able to duel so start flask, farm and try and get ahead by roaming. Annie will simply beat you 1 vs 1 so farm, ask for ganks and beat her by roaming. Also wouldn't hurt to go for an early hexdrinker vs all the AP champs, especially bursty ones (Annie is important) as it stops them from oneshotting you.
: I didn't have a question, but i just wanted to let the people @RIOT know i enjoy these threads, and thanks Tgun for your time answering questions!!!
: Im coming for you!
There's many brushes for me to hide in, you're screwed mate.
Blackavar (OCE)
: woah, that was a fast reply! and one more question, in your opinion, is ranked better/funner than normal? does your team ever play normals or is your team solely dedicated to ranked play?
Getting to the questions between practice ^^ No-one plays normals unless it's to de-stress. Normals simply aren't taken seriously (by most people) enough to consider it practice, so we just stick to Ranked // organising series against other teams.
Blackavar (OCE)
: is support your favorite role? and is support the role you play the best with?
Yes (In competitive, soloq it can be frustrating unless I'm duo'd with someone) and it's definitely my best role.
ModBrat (OCE)
: When in a lane swap, and you are in the 2v1 lane against the solo laner, what are your 3 favourite bot lane duos to use e.g. Morgana + Lucian, Vayne + Nami????
Anything that can roam. These days you rarely ever end up in a true "2v1". It's either a 2v0, 4v0, or you leave your laner to play 1v1 while you try to affect other lanes before roaming back. Favourite supports are: Morgana, Nautilus, Thresh for this setup.
ModBrat (OCE)
: If OPL had a fantasy league very similar to NA/EU LCS, Who would you pick for you're starting line up?
Hmm. Chiefs players would obviously be very contested (Raydere would be first pick in >every< draft, unless someone was trolling). Aside from that, Porky is an extremely consistent and solid top-laner, Perfection is a great mid-laner, Soulstrikes is showing himself to be a top tier jungler and I'd have to pick myself because I'd imagine it's just like playing yourself in a Wrestling game / Fifa / NBA 2K / any other game -- you have to do it.
UberBro (OCE)
: Logged in (for the first time on these forums) for this, haha; https://twitter.com/UberGiantsBro/status/614313667937464320 Not a question, but I still keep track a bit of the team {{champion:32}} Well since I'm here I may as well ask a question(s). What is your plan after OPL/League? Do you have a dream? Ambitions to takeover Madlife in the OGN?
Oh god, climbing was something I did indoors -- even then, I would barely go on overhangs. It's just insanely scary.. After League? Not sure. I enjoyed teaching, but would also love to continue doing something related to E-sports.
Hznfvo (OCE)
: What currently makes Blitzcrank so strong in your opinion?
People generally have poor map awareness in SoloQ -- you can very easily exploit this by showing up, grabbing hold of them and never letting go. This is also why he's not as great in competitive; people have a much better awareness of what's going on around them, so they die less to picks.
: Hi Brad. Whats been your biggest regret in your entire gaming career?
Tough one. Probably not switching to LoL sooner -- I climbed to Diamond on NA in (i think) 2013, before I went over to attend an MLG representing Team Immunity for SC2. I chose to uninstall League and completely focus on Starcraft for a few more months. This is the only thing that has nagged at me, out of all the bad moments (losing at WCS Aus comes to mind), it's the only real regret. I should've quit after WCS Aus and moved over, instead of holding out hope for an extra few months.
dean (OCE)
: Hi tgun, How has the transition been from supporting veteran adc players like uber/denian to a more up and coming player in zenk with little experience? Do you need to change the way you play lane yourself? Thanks!
The veterans seemed to want to control the lane more -- tell me what to do, how to do it // how to play lanes, but let me call when I felt we could "engage". Zenk leans on me to lead the lane and call out what to do and when to do it -- since I'm doing this, he's able to focus more on mechanics & positioning, only costing me a little bit of my focus on overall map control. Playstyle myself doesn't change too much, aside from being a lot more vocal in the laning phase.
your name (OCE)
: Do you find supporting is often hated more then it should in the lower elos when quite honestly, supports are the reason games are won? P.S. who's your favourite/best support!
Support is the most difficult role to carry with when your teammates are poor (unless you play something extremely aggro, such as Annie) which leads to people erring away from it. However, if you have good synergy with an ADC (or better yet, your whole team!) you're able to look amazing, which is why when you face a good support it seems like they're carrying. Favourite? Blitzcrank Best? Right now, probably Morgana.
: So many Ama's, what is going on?
: Who is your favorite OCEANIC caster OF ALL TIME :)
: What is your feeling on the constant roster changes and how do you think it has impacted the team's performance this season?
They've hurt us as a team in the short term, but will benefit us in the long term. It's shown in the games -- our performance is inconsistent at the best of times. People will have seen us play well (notably, vs Legacy) and people will have seen us play poorly (notably both games vs Chiefs and recently Dire Wolves). However, planning is always done for long-term goals, not short-term goals.
SleepyK (OCE)
: Besides Chiefs, who in the OCE scene do you see as your biggest competition and what players do you have the most respect for?
Besides Chiefs, everyone else is beatable.. I'd say the next strongest team was Dire Wolves, but they seem to be dealing with some tension inside the team right now. Legacy losing EGym hurt them more than they'd like to admit, AV are adapting to a dynamic change since losing Veritas (going from playing AD-centric to anything else is a large change) and Sin seem to be as inconsistent as us. I'd say right now, the #2 team is Legacy -- but by a very thin margin. Players? I respect Raydere the most out of any other player -- anyone who can be as consistent as he is, for as long as he has been deserves it.
: What exactly did you take / had you drank before playing that game VS Sin, you played out of your mind?!?!
Lots of weet-bix? Heh.. honestly, our morale was pretty poor going into the game (we'd had very poor results in scrims that week), we just got lucky with a very nice draft (sivir comps are so braindead) and our aggression paying off.
Zenk (OCE)
: Hello Tgunner {{champion:53}} When is this guy making a comeback?
HLN Ryoo (OCE)
: Hello fellow summoner What is your ultimate fear?
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