: Unfair RIOT
lol you broke tos by buying the account so either do it legit or risk getting banned. how can you be so naive to think that someone sat there and leveled the acc for hours for you to buy it for like 30 dollars ?
: New Epic skin: Dragon Master Swain
Hedgehawk (OCE)
: Why has it been so long since Alistar and Tristana have been in the Free Rotation?
only certain champs are in free rotation every week usually they ones with new skins foe dat money
MrElfs (OCE)
: This person should not be playing league of legends
you have a mute button and choose not to use it then you deserve to be offended by anything they say. mute him and play or don't mute him let him get in your head and have a cry because you are weak
: just in my promos i was 5-0 toplane then my midlaner proceeds to go 0-9 before 15 mins and we ff gg riot, inb4 this account is banned for "abuse" too, joke of a game
words hurt especially if they are through a fucking computer screen they can be fatal if everyone just didn't give a fuck what others said about them it wouldn't matter but because so many fucking idiots get offended by a word in todays society its a big problem even assuming that a male that looks like a male is a male even tho they say they are a female so they get offended because you didn't know that they didn't want to be called male even tho they still look male and have a penis and are biologically a male its backwards logic riot keeps banning people for being toxic the more people care about it and its just going to get worse
Ingénue (OCE)
: AFK behaviors are picked up automatically by leaver buster and the players are issued a penalty. Unless it was a ranked game, it is unlikely to put them in a low priority queue if it is a rare or one off occurrence for them. You also can't tell if someone has a LPQ from the outside, just like you can't see if people have been chat banned. Scripting bans usually take a little while to come into action, since they come out in waves and Riot's detection systems are often a lil bit slower than the ever evolving scripts. That being said, it doesn't mean they won't be punished. It will happen, it will just take time (if they were in fact scripting).
afk behaviours are a load of shit you get 4 or 5 low priority que before anything will actually happen if you say the wrong word in chat you get a 14 day ban or insta ban if you are unlucky so basically just abandon the game and youll get less of a punishment then if you were to sit there and react to anyone
: I'd love a rioter to read this.
the only thing that seems to get you banned now is being toxic
djfunkey (OCE)
: Option 1: Create new account and start being nice to others Option 2: Go to riot support to see if they can help Option 3: Quit league, get a life and move on
number 3 sounds the least stressful. its roit(tencent) blanket ban on toxicity doesn't matter if you greif int or even afk at fountain if you say anything that makes someone uncomfortable yes uncomfortable so you could say good job that makes me feel uncomfortable so ima report now. but swearing or anything remotely offensive to someone else and you get a chat ban or perma its stupid and it just means that roit (tencent) can get all these b5s who wanna be faker to start again and buy more shit so they can get more money
Niji (OCE)
: The game has had several core aspects evolve drastically over its life cycle. Off the top of my head. * Game has moved further and further from solo carrying. Now teamwork matters much much more. You can't go top without tp, every game is just whatever team goes balls deep on bot first. Now its whatever team has the heaviest weights rather than the best players that decides things. * Strict meta enforcement despite the fact Riot always used to say they didn't want to force meta they have consistently restricted player build/playstyle choices. * Ability creep. Note I mean this as in they have moved away from basic more down to earth kits. Every new champ these days has some crazy new mechanic. * Removal and replacement of the older classic champions. Riot essentially just deletes the original champion and completely replaces them these days if they do a rework. * Certainly T being allowed to make champions. * Punishment for game effecting behaviours is still minimal (griefing/inting etc) whereas punishment for verbal has become really tight and left to a bot that doesn't care for context. Swearing jokingly to a friend is banable if the bot reads your logs etc. * Moving towards more exploitative business models with regards to cosmetics. * Game is revolving more and more around competitive players and E-Sports with every single season. * Complete lore removal and rework from the ground up. Almost all the old lore has been retconned now. * Mass reworks like the juggernaut and marksman reworks that changed tons of champs who didn't need changing for the sake of a "class rework" (think they are stopping this now tho) * Now fully owned by Tencent. I could probably name more stuff but this is just the general list. Arguably some of these could be preferable however they would be preferable to someone who didn't play in the older seasons and get attached to them. A lot of the old players are haemorrhaging and have been for some time. It doesn't matter to Riot (Tencent) however as they understand that these constant changes and new addictive systems/gameplay patterns being brought in will result in a net gain of players. More new people join than old people leave. In short it depends but personally for me its gone downhill consistently. I uninstalled again today after another game against Zoe. Man who would think putting all a champions damage into one ability would be a bad idea? Haha dude. That was more just the last straw however.
ITS NOT ROIT ANYMORE ITS TENCENT AND LOOK AT PUB G its is or was the most streamed game and has a massive e sport following already and esport game is not a game to have fun in its a game to get a job basically
: okay, telling somebody to kill themselves is a definite no-go zone, it's not good to say to anyone because you don't know what their life is like. racial slurs and homophobic slurs are also a no-go zone, because they are highly offensive and can really hurt someone. Stupid I don't find too bad, but as long as you're not saying it legit every time you type a message. Other than that, there aren't too many imo.
the worst thing about this is roit is actually giving more power to these words if everyone said it ligit everyone no one would give a fuck because its just another word like stupid
esp (OCE)
: I'm not even offended when people say kys.(kay why ess)
someone brings up a good point gets shut down lol. its because they don't want a toxic community that the game helps to create and also because less toxic means more people and more money for the greedy %%%%s besides its not really roit anymore
: One game 10 game chat ban!
mute all don't talk you int or greif all you want as long as you are nice
: How you guys define toxic, what kind of words can be seen as toxic?
lol roit thinks thy can get rid of toxicity when their game breeds it its a by product of what they have created its a team based game and if one %%%% fucks up it affects the other 4 people but don't ban obv feeders or people who try to incite this lol
: Amumu Top
if you've ever played mumu you would know this haha
: Money isn't an issue. There's just something that makes me feel good knowing I got all my skins for the cheapest amount possible. I haven't directly spent any money on my skins. All my RP comes from unused prepaid credit before it expires. XD {{sticker:slayer-jinx-wink}}
this guy haha i might have to do this
: So...why can't we have draft again?
because the people who complain about draft aren't going to stop playing but the people who winge about waiting longer prob will stop so less money for rito
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: Ways to improve league culture
the game breeds toxicity people troll in ranked or feed and afk or any number of things just to ruin someone elses game and out comes the toxicity in most people you just have to put up with toxic players like feeders etc its a part of the game more so in lower elo
Gesteppie (OCE)
: I know there are a bunch of "OP please ban champs" such as jax, syndra and malphite as a few examples. but all of them are manageable and you have a good time trying to shut them down, just like in any normals game with a fed champ. BUT, Fiora isn't. When she has the ability to block EVERYTHING for a 0.75 time frame every 4 seconds (even Sion's UNSTOPPABLE ult) with 2 dashes every 2 seconds AND a massive heal (even though there is supposed to be healing reduction in AR URF). Most OP champs you can catch out by mashing your keyboard and hoping to hit them whilst SOMETHING of theirs is on CD. You can't with Fiora. PLUS Fiora has the true damage so you've limited options in itemisation against her, and in AR URF, when you want to have fun, most will just go full damage. I know most will say "it takes skill to play her" but after hitting 6, most people would have figured out you can w everything and stomp with her, no matter your skill level >_< especially with everything being so spam-able.
from what ive head ar urf was riots answer to balancing urf
: Recruiting for NO/FF
"country: Australia "best time to play for you" random mainly at night "summoners name" tm06asf "do you have discord" not yet "what elo are you in" bronze 1 "what are your preferred roles" supp
meowkim (OCE)
: Bronze 5 wanting some people who want to work in a team to get out :)
Justaguy (OCE)
: Bots in ARAM
i havent seen a bot in any game type after i hit level thirty
: SO why are premades allowed to take champion select hostage?
every other region had draft picks but us before seven and from what ive been told riot have now taken draft norms out for all regions because we were complaining we didn't have draft norms. idk why riot cant just make draft pick norms it would make it so much easier to actually play your role if you want to practice a champ or get to know a new role but no we have to contest with auto lockers. i just think it something easy the lol community actually wants and would make them a bit happier instead of pumping out skins skins skins.
Shana Rei (OCE)
: The matchmaking system is never busted. You win more games your MMR rises regardless of your lp. If you are getting 17 or less lp per win your mmr is below that ranks average, 17-20 is the sweet spot and 20+ is when your MMR is higher than your perceived rank. it is literally as simple as that. A challenger smurf playing on a fresh (inflated) account would easily break 35+lp per win and start skipping a lot of ranks (eg go from silver 3 to gold 4 in 1 set of promo games) as the MMR is way higher than there actual shown rank. You think it LOOKS one sided but in fact I would guarantee the ranks are a lot closer than you think. If we could actually see our real MMR I guarantee that if you took all 5 on your team, added them all up and then divided by 5 and do the same to the other team that number would be very close. This is how the system works. The system does NOT match each persons number individually. 1600+1400+1400+1400+1400 VS 1600+1450+1350+1350+1350 If you take those above lets say you are 1600 on the team on the right hand side. Your team MMR is 7100/5=1420 The other team is 7200/5=1440 See how the numbers look so different but in fact the teams are very very close to being even?
thanks for taking the time to explain this guess ill just have to try and get better and carry lol. im usually getting 25 plus lp a win and 15 or so for a loss so my mmr is a bit higher than my current ranking ?
: Besides LithiumLights and others have pretty much explained it in full, another thing seems to be that you also frequent Flex Queue. Were you playing alone in Flex Queue? Because that mode is designed for premades, and the matchmaking is pretty borked over there. But yeah as explained, each team's MMR should be relatively equal in total. It's more to do with you tilting yourself after seeing the enemy players' ranks than to do with matchmaking balance really.
this comment was just about solo/duo it was a lot worse in flex hah
: Option to review reports before submitting
or dont press enter next time haha ;P
: PSA On Internet Connection
even after the upgrade it its still going to be shit internet and telstra are the worst mob for it https://www.reddit.com/r/explainlikeimfive/comments/40m0t8/eli5why_is_australian_internet_so_bad_and_why_is/ follow the link to learn a bit about why we prob have the worst internet of any first world country
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