: Nice Placements RIOT pls answer poll
I feel your pain bro. I was s4 last season and got placed in Iron 2. So far I have won all of my promos but i really don't feel like its making a difference at all. Just learn to carry and you'll be okay.
: Wanting Appeal
Meh, it sucks but it happens. Also asking for X player to be reported is considered an offence so that doesn't help.
: Anyone can tell me which words lead to this ridiculous suspension???
: A lot of league is knowing the matchup and how to play it. I would focus on one role, top, mid or adc guessing at those champ picks. I would avoid adc like the plague after the next patch. As you've been a support for a long time, I'm just going to assume you know the importance of warding and how to play around vision, so I would start with your top lane. Mid lane has so many variables to be effective it's easier to start top and move from there. Some of those champs you have can viably play top as well depending on the matchup, so it's a good place to start. Pay attention to the enemy team comp, and figure out if it is more useful to have TP for team fights or ignite for kill threat/pressure. This comes down to knowing the matchups, the champs you're versing in lane, only time will grant good knowledge of what's going to happen. Pay attention to your jungler. Is he a farming jungler (which will likely disappear next patch thanks to the jungle gold nerfs) or a ganking jungler. A ganking jungler will look to get lanes fed, but will usually ignore a lane that's been unlucky and let your opponent get fed, which you're likely to do in a new role on unfamiliar champs, so be wary. A farming jungler won't be around unless there's a definite kill there which relies on you as well. Be aware that no matter which role either top or mid you take, you may well be on an island as far as your team's concerned. If you aren't particularly stron on the other hand, the enemy jungler is going to see a big bucket of fried chicken, and constantly be there for 2-3 ganks. Don't TP to lane and be aggressive if you've just been ganked and killed, and be aware that they might even dive to kill you again as their jg will definitely still be in the area if he was healthy, getting vision on camps or maybe counter jungling. If you can push out waves, look to take advantages in the river or get vision down on the enemies camps to get a feel for where he might be, and possibly save you from a gank. Same as support there. Get scuttle if you can do it fast, take the fruits, all of these things help. Control wards are still your best friend. Other than that, watch some pro streams/vods/vids in the role you are looking to take up. Have a look at how they play the split push. Staying out of vision but nearby as waves push up so you're less likely to be collapsed upon. I'd also start not playing those champs, play something tanky or team fight focused for a bit until you get a feel for the lane. Just having that time there and seeing what players can do on champs before jumping into the carry role that you obviously want will make the time easier when you do take those champs. Mechanically those champs are alot different than nami, and alot more intense. If you constantly lose track of your mouse on the screen, forget things like Zed, Zoe, Ekko etc. But it does make me sad to hear that you can't kite to save your life and you got into gold.... learn where the opportunities for good trades are, playing around cd's etc. Hearing you say you're not good at this also makes me sad you got into gold :( Also, playing with ignite instead of tp or exhaust takes some getting used to. For a while I just completely forget that I have it, or use it outside kill range. Keep the enemy champion selected at all times. Left click on him. This will tell you important things like health, when things like electrocute are up, other passives etc. This, along with his ability usage will give you the best info for trade windows.
The best feedback I have had so far! Thank you!
dsvn (OCE)
: Looking for people to level up with! Hit me up in game ;)
Mason (OCE)
: Add me on league man: TSM Mason I'll coach you :)
: I can't really help because I'm not good at the game either, but I've watched some Leaguecraft 101 and TopRenektonOnly's Ultimate Renekton Guide. Leaguecraft covers the basics of the game and tips on how to win lane or how to splitpush and lalala. The Ultimate Renekton Guide covers his combos and teamfighting and there's a Table of Contents at the start of the first video. SoloRenektonOnly tests out new builds on all Champs, but you can still watch them and see what he normally does in terms of trading, what he does when getting ganked, etc. I think TheGlacierr is a top main who makes videos smurfing in lower Elos to explain things. I don't really watch him, but you can see what he does as well and try not to make the mistakes the lower Elo players make. Sorry if this information doesn't help, and best of luck climbing to Plat! :)
That's awesome, thank you so much for that I appreciate it!
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Shankš (OCE)
: Looking for people to play with
Hey ya! II am currently unranked (I took a year off) and am a support main learning new roles. Feel free to add me if you would like.
: Looking for adc or support duo
I could help? I'm unranked currently and I main support, mainly Janna, Nami and Raka
raluca2 (OCE)
: I really like the idea of this, and even though I do not live in NZ, If you need any help just send me an invite in-game and I'll see what I can do. I had a similar experience to you, except I've only been playing since mid-Season 4. League is a game where I can just sit down and relax to forgot about the problems I'm having. I'm happy to sponsor a couple of $25 RP Cards (Given through the codes) to the winners of the tournaments or given out in the stream. I hope Riot sponsors the tournaments when you make them as this is a big issue in society at the moment.
Thank you so much! I have added you in game so hopefully we can talk soon!
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: Champion and skin sale: 16.12. - 19.12.
What time do we get the new skins?? just wanting some {{summoner:13}} on this because this wait is {{summoner:3}} ing!!

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