Meddler (NA)
: Happy 10 year anniversary!
Howdy, is there an issue on your end about linking my twitch account? it won't let me.
Ninox (OCE)
: Any 5v5 PvP Matchmade game. So yes, ARAM counts :)
just got velkoz in aram, didn't count.
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: Unfortunately, that doesn't help me in the slightest. Even searching for the chords (which are of little, if any, use to me, as I can't effectively "translate" them the way I need to), I still encounter the same issues I've experienced with everything else. I still get a bunch of websites that either require a subscription, or require a disabled ad-blocker, neither of which I'm willing to oblige for a website I don't know/trust just to access one thing, *if* they even have anything on the song in the first place. At this point, I am completely unable to do *anything* to make progress as I have nothing to work from other than just listening to the song itself, and I seriously lack the ability to "recreate" it as such (particularly with the "alterations" I was hoping to use), let alone to do so with such little time available.
bit of bad luck then mate, the point of this competition is for the community to show their talents. if you can't make something from scratch, then this competition is not for you.
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: LFM S1-G1 for Tournament (stay-at-home online), OCE
jg main peaked at gold 1, but have followed competitive since season 2, could climb if i wasn't so damn lazy. main jg but can fill adc. main jg are nidalee, lee, zac, sej, j4 and can pick up anything else if needed in game is TSM Bengi.
Jakescape (OCE)
: So instead of picking champs you wanna try you're making it RNG to get the perceived 'OP' champs? How is that going to fix it, if anything it'll make it purely luck whether or not you get a good champion on or not. What if you get yasuo and you're pretty much useless compared to other champs? Am I meant to suffer through a 20min+ game most likely doing nothing and getting no kills? What if your team is unlucky enough to get all the bad champs and your enemy get all the good champs. Winning would be completely based on luck and that really shouldn't be the case. I can't fathom how anyone would like this change, do you want games to be won based of RNG? Cause that's how it's going to be with this change. The dragons have this issue too, if your team is lucky enough to get a 2 infernal drakes in a row, your team has a pretty much won all the teamfights. If your team gets multiple mountain drakes in a row, objectives will melt in seconds. It influences the game A LOT and completely RNG based. Once a team is ahead and gets these drakes, there's pretty much no coming back and winning a game from behind is one of the best feelings, now gone due to them just being lucky for that game. Who exactly said that URF was stagnant? As I remember, everyone wanted URF and you were praised for giving it to us. Then you were fired upon when you removed it. The majority liked it the way it was, I have no idea where you got this idea of people not liking it. All I saw on the post where you said you were removing it the comments were flooded with people asking why. People liked it the way it was as per these posts with the top comments literally having thousands of upvotes.
please dont complain when youre in bronze. you dont know how 99% of the game works, and therefore have no right to comment on the state of the game.
: Unrelated but, riot there are a lot of broken champs, not broken but overpowered such as zed and yasuo, a lot of people find them annoying, what do u think about this?
very unrelated, they will not reply. also the champs you mentioned are not broken. youre just low elo.
DynastyZX (OCE)
: thats the point though you dont own them i have around 7 left and got given a ruthless pantheon skin -__- yay...
if you have less than 10 champions remaining you will receive a skin. they've said it before
: well i had 3 left so i guess thats what happened then
if you have less than 10 champions remaining you will receive a skin. they've said it before

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