Aeldoar (OCE)
: Sick of the same stuff..
It would get abused, people would block everyone who had a negative K/D ratio to try and always be on a winning team.
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: How would I become a professional eSports shoutcaster? (Advice please)
Hey man, can you stream over Twitch? That's probably a good way to practice to a live audience! With that, have a YouTube account ready to upload to - you might grow a following, and at the very worst it'll be useful for benchmarking how far you go on the journey...what changes and improvements (if any) you make and stuff like that. With anything, practice will definitely help. I don't mean to do anyone a dis-service but there's a Heroes of the Storm shoutcaster with a similar name to mine and while he's not a bad commentator or streamer I don't really rate his ability to engage the audience when there's a game in progress. if you want to have a look at him.
Isn't it down to numbers of players online? (like the normal draft appearing for summoner's rift) Haven't played TT in years, I have to say.
: A good sup to help carry the game
I've seen Rakan do some amazing things. Full AP sona can go hard... but overall don't throw your ADC under the bus if they are snowballing. For a non-meta option, try Fiddlesticks - nobody expects it, fear the ADC if they attempt to push yours.
Achenar (OCE)
: PAX Australia 2017 Cosplay Contest - Results Announcement!
Fitzky (OCE)
: The state of autofill (More ranting fun)
Honestly I don't get it. I main support and I feel like I'm being penalized for playing a role fewer people want to play anyway. Fair enough if people do want some variety but that's where my home is. If you're in a desirable position you shouldn't have to select a second choice in my opinion. I understand some people want to duo queue bot lane but I'm sure we can work around it.
: I don't get it tho, how is this not deserving an S- or S?
Mastery level 5 is no bad thing to stop at considering you need blue essence etc to advance.
This sounds like fun... is there a certain ranked level you guys look for?
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barrydudu (OCE)
: about Hextech Crafting
I'd dodge the whole thing completely if I could begin again... just get the champs and skins I want with the RP rather than trying to chase rare and unbuyable skins lol
: Don't try to carry your team, try to carry yourself. If you are winning your lane, extend your winning presence, if you are mid, reach out and control the river, make your opponent feel in danger leaving their jungle. Counter gank, make your opponents pay for every play they attempt to make. If you get your tower down quickly, rotate your lanes around so that you can get started on the next one. In every situation think about the objective and control it.
This is the best advice I think anyone can give. Know that if you're doing well in most of the games (we all have bad ones) that you'll eventually climb out of it. It looks from your match history as if you're lane jumping a lot. Stick to 1-3 characters in the same lane, stick to that role and go from there. I'm only silver 2 so hardly a pro, but you'll be amazed at what the consistency you bring to each game can do for your team <3
NZL Fawn (OCE)
: Auto Fill is the Death of Ranked
As a support I miss the old system actually...while it's not hard to keep supporting I do think the changes are bad for ranked.
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