: Zhonyas Paradox
It's part of Ornn's passive. If there is an Ornn on your team, you have access to special upgrades to certain items, one of which being *Zhonya's Paradox* {{item:3386}} Hope this helps :) {{sticker:sg-ahri-2}}
Im Scizor (OCE)
: Potions You Start of With Gone Down to 2?
Unfortunately, yes. However, as a Support you'll most likely be using an Inspiration path (either Primary or Secondary). Included is *Time Warp Tonic* which gives enough beneficial healing to make up for that. Hope this helps :) {{sticker:sg-ahri-2}}
24yejoon (NA)
Riot have actually implemented a way to get around this and avoid Leaverbuster entirely. Works 100% of the time! ...don't leave the game or AFK... {{sticker:sg-ahri-2}}
wildcarde (OCE)
You averaged 4.6 CS/min that game. *Hardly* S worthy. Frankly, I'm surprised you still managed an A with that. On top of that, your warding and vision sucks. You only placed 3 wards all game, and didn't buy a single control ward. Not only that, but you died a lot, which, since you were fed, gave LOTS of shutdown gold.
I'm one of the ones who *do* take it seriously. Unfortunately, I had my placements ruined by people who don't. On multiple occasions I had Diamonds troll and run it down for no reason other than "It's Flex Queue". And because Riot cares more about money than their players, nothing will happen to them... Needless to say, players like that have ruined the game for me.
OMG THAT WOULD BE SO BRILLIANT!!!! Especially with how her ult would look! Sort of a hack network that would break (stun) its targets <3
: We Are One(tricks)!
There's actually an NA FlexQ club/team made solely of the top Mastery Point players (*TheLoLHounds* actually made a video on this: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=oxU5AqkWQGQ ). An OCE one would be pretty awesome :D I'd be ***SUPER*** keen! This is a fresh account, but on my original one, I was in the Top 10 Mastery for Evelynn, and first started playing her back in Season 4? Season 5? I don't know... so long ago :) Also... here's some best girl: {{champion:28}} {{champion:28}} {{champion:28}} {{champion:28}} {{champion:28}} {{champion:28}} {{champion:28}} {{champion:28}}
Hejibeji (OCE)
: Mouse speed muscle memory
A game or two? Honestly not long. I recently got myself a new mouse (bulkier with faster movement) and jumped into a game. The beginning was a bit iffy, but by the end of the game I was reasonably used to it. 2-3 games later, and I was all A-Okay. Hope this helps :) {{sticker:sg-ahri-2}}
Achenar (OCE)
: Music Cover Contest Winners - sponsored by Logitech!
Wow! Nice work <3 {{sticker:sg-lux}}
Meyovir (OCE)
: New at Ranked
Unless you're a smurf, don't bother going into Ranked just now. If you do, even Silver/high-Bronze players will outclass you (not to mention flame the heck out of you), and you'll quickly end up in Bronze V with a garbage win-rate, after which you'll fill the Boards with posts complaining about how unfair matchmaking is, or that you get trolls every game, etc. A little tip: typing "**/muteall**" in chat is 100% effective against being flamed. ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- I just looked at your OP.GG... Almost your entire match-history is *Intro Coop vs AI*. Not even Beginner or Intermediate Bots. The games you did play PvP were completely bad. You were averaging around 1-2 CS/min as an ADC and just spent your games feeding. **You are 100% NOT ready for Ranked**. There's also the fact you are rarely, if ever, taking Flash, which is a core Summoner spell on almost every champion, and your item builds are all over the place. ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Since you like Xayah {{champion:498}} , I'm guessing you're thinking of perhaps playing ADC? There are lots of coaching videos online that would really help (for ADC, I would strongly recommend **xFSN Saber** on YouTube). But, personally, given that you have no PvP experience, I think these videos might be a bit out of your comfort zone. For a proper build with items, runes and Summoner spells, check out OP.GG or Champion.gg and search up "Xayah" {{champion:498}} . It would also be helpful to look up some Xayah guides to see how she is meant to be played. ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- **Also, I'll say this again... You are 100% NOT ready for Ranked.**
: Thank you so much for all your help! Lots of good points here for me to reflect on, I appreciate it a lot man, thanks.
: Also while I do definitely like to push a lot on Zoe, my thinking behind this is mainly to deny cs and have lane priority so I can help my jungler and roam bot if needed. I do as you said need to incorporate more poke into this and try and roam some more aswell maybe. Thanks a lot for the help :).
That's all well and good, but these are Plats you're facing. They [should] know how to CS pretty consistently under tower. Simply shoving in and backing off (like you're doing) won't really do much, especially since you're also missing last hits. When you do push, make sure you're up in their face and poking them. Either they a) get the CS but eat your damage, b) avoid the damage but miss the CS, or c) trade onto you while you have the minion advantage, so they get chunked AND have AoE/tower shots messing up your minions so that they can't last hit. Naturally, warding/tracking the enemy Jungler is important for this. Zoe is also the type of champ that is meant to destroy her lane and snowball from that. Roaming may help other lanes, but her main priority would be to bully her opponent and win that lane, before then deciding to roam (of course, good roams are good roams, so it's not a set playstyle).
: Thanks for the great tips! Do you think ori might be good aswell once I get better at my “lane bully” side of things?
While she's less of a lane bully and more of a control mage, so you can literally sit back and have a safe lane and scale to mid/late game, she has great pushing potential (especially post lvl 9 when her Q+W clears the casters). So, yes... while Ori suits your playstyle (just with less roaming potential), improving your lane dominance will also help her tremendously. Not to mention she's a lot easier to learn than any of my previous suggestions xD
: Lol here’s the funny part, I’ve never selected adc as a first pick role ever in this whole season, i always go mid, adc but conveniently enough always get given adc lol. Also I would gladly take up your offer on going over a game sometime, thanks for the reply. Also I play Zoe a lot, but I’m looking for other midlanders to play too, don’t like playing talon
Okies :) Well, based what I've seen in your replays, while you do play a lane bully like Zoe, you're not really utilising the "bully" part (at least not well), making me think you have a "shove and do something" playstyle. So I would look at champs that have good pushing power and can make good plays around the map, as well as having the burst you like, such as {{champion:163}} , {{champion:136}} (sort of), {{champion:245}} . If you get the "bully" part down and packed, then champs like {{champion:134}} and {{champion:69}} would be great for you. Just my opinion.
: Plat 3 mid main, need help to improvw
Based on your OP.GG, most of your most recent games have been ADC. For someone who is a Mid main, you don't seem to play a lot of Mid. Funnily enough, you have won a good amount of your Mid games. If you want to climb fast, just grab Zoe and 1 or 2 others you like and are good at, and just grind Mid. You seem good enough at Zoe and Mid that you ought to be able to maintain a decent win-rate. Also remember you are in the Top ~10% of players (approaching Diamond's Top ~2%). Naturally the climb is going to be slower if you've never been that high before. If you want someone to go over your games, I've done that for a Gold III player before, which seemed to work out. I've also played at Plat elo on an alt (now deleted), albeit Jungle.
Gekko (OCE)
: Abilities and Bush interaction issues.
Fiddle's Crow also hits stealthed champions, even if Fiddle isn't within the stealth radius.
Aeldoar (OCE)
: Dodge players/Not in your game
Hiya :) I get your frustration. Unfortunately, all you can do is report them and hope for the best. The main reason for this is due to player size and queue time. Riot doesn't want players waiting an hour in queue just for a game. Sure, the effects of blocking every single toxic Bronze may be minimal (since there are *thousands* of them). To this extent it seems reasonable. The problem gets harder the higher up the ladder you go. At around mid-Diamond+ (at least in OCE), you'll most likely be recognising almost everyone in your games due to the few people at that MMR (only about 1,500 or so). If all these players start blocking others, queue times will sky-rocket for them, and after a long time place them either with players far above their MMR or far below. This effect exponentiates the higher you go. This could also be abusable. Imagine if every Master/Challenger blocks the Rank 1 player. Due to the obscene queue times and MMR difference when they finally *do* get a game, not only would they have an extremely skewed LP gain (+3 / -30, for example), but they also would struggle to meet the 10-game quota for Challenger, and hence just decay out. And even then, they'd have super long queue times since decay doesn't affect MMR, just LP. Heck! The game would be so ruined for them, they may as well make a smurf. Remember: it's not just affecting the person you block; it affects *everyone*. And when all those other people also block others, then the game will just seize up. Hope this helps :D {{sticker:sg-ahri-2}}
highcal47 (OCE)
: looking for duo to get out of bronze
I'm confuddled... Are you saying we should be keen, and if not, that's alright? Or are you saying it's okay if we aren't all that good, as long as we are keen? I don't know... I'm either dumb or over-read things xD
Samo (OCE)
: Team Dragon Community Recruitment
If you find you cannot use the link, try this instead: https://discord.gg/zEmUms6 What happened was that they put the link inside brackets, but didn't put a space between the end of the link and the final bracket, hence adding the close-bracket into the link (which isn't meant to be there). Hope this helps :) {{sticker:sg-ahri-2}}
: am i the only one that the discord link dose not work for ??
This link should work: https://discord.gg/zEmUms6 What happened was that they put the link inside brackets, but didn't put a space between the end of the link and the final bracket, so the close-bracket was added into the link.
: Old builds that were the META that have fallen out
Thornmail Ashe used to be meta in the early days of LoL (hence why it was in the old tutorial). AD Bruiser Eve was also very good in up until her rework. Heck, before the rework, Duskblade was *such* a great buy on her.
: Hey TTL Rem, got around to updating the PBE and I have answers to your questions. [**Can Akali Recall while in her shroud? (click me)**](https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=MmQZfnFje1c&feature=youtu.be) Sadly she cannot recall while invisible as, as soon as she starts channelling the recall effect she gets revealed, a bit of a bummer but hey it makes sense! --- [**Can Akali TP while in her shroud? (click me)**](https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8y3yB8Qy0ME&feature=youtu.be) This one actually had some really interesting effects such as finding out that for the first cast of TP yes you get revealed, but after about a second you actually go invisible again! Which means this could lead to some outplay potential, but probably not as smooth as what you are after. --- **Does Rank and Honour Level affect being a volunteer** Rank never effected being a volunteer, some of the best coaches in the world are actually quite low ranks as they spend so much time analyzing the game as opposed to playing it, so don't see that as something that would hold you back. As for Honour level, this isn't something we have discussed in the past, let me get back to you on this! Hope these help! ~ Elam
Lysaaer (OCE)
: Need Advice from High Diamond/Master/Challenger Players
What would smurfing accomplish? Sure, if you're talking about an off-role, then it would be helpful. But this is your *main*. All smurfing on your main role will do is give you an ego boost from smashing those Golds (or whatever rank your smurf is). The fact of the matter is that you clearly managed to get to Diamond with your main role. You just had bad games/games against smurfs, and now have Ranked Anxiety/Imposter Syndrome, which then further negatively impacts your later games. A thing I want to note is that there isn't much of a difference between Diamond V, IV and III. Unless you're boosted, and you play at a decent Diamond level, you will notice a lot of fluctuation between those levels. Diamond II+, though, is a whole other story. The reason why I'm saying this is so you don't get disheartened when you bounce between Diamond V and Diamond III. It's perfectly natural! So here is my suggestion: take a break for a bit (I don't know... a week?). I myself find I play a lot better after I've relaxed for a while and calmed down. Then go and play on your main. Based on the fluctuation, Diamond III would bounce your way sometime, especially if you're not tilted. Diamond II, though, would require a lot of improvement (pretty much to the point where you're at the level where *you're* the one influencing the fluctuation between Diamond V - III). ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- What would I know, though? I'm just a scrubby Unranked player, trying my best to give advice. Even if there's better advice, I feel like this is at least a decent start :) Hope this helps <3 {{sticker:sg-ahri-2}}
: Greetings TTL Rem, These are all really interesting ideas, let me hop on the PBE and test this out for you tonight, I will make sure to record my findings. It would be super call if her recall changed while she was stealthed though I am unsure if this is currently a thing. --- _RE: How do we do all the cool formatting._ As boards volunteers, we get access to additional tools to create discussions such as this using coding (HTML and CSS), this is currently not a feature for everyone, however, if this is something that you are interested in you could always make your way up to becoming a boards volunteer yourself! Simply pick which type of volunteer you want to be, Instructor, Emissary or Wrenchman and start making your way towards it by helping out in those areas of the boards, we will keep our eye out. {{sticker:sg-ahri-2}}
Ooh! Thankles very much <3 Just an additional thing: does LoL performance affect chances of being a Boards volunteer? Ie. Honour Level 0/1, or being Bronze V but going for Instructor?
Montiness (OCE)
: I Don't Understand the Rank Mechanic.
In the A+ game, you killed 1 Outer Tower. In the S+ game, you killed 2 Inner Towers and an Inhib. You also dealt over 1k *less* damage to Towers in your A+ game than your S+ game. You destroyed more enemy wards (so more vision denial, and better use of your control wards) in the S+ game than your A+ game. It may also be worth looking at heat maps of those games to see how you're roaming or if you happen to spend more time around mid/top (and possibly judged as Top Lux, for example). This is basically all I could find. No guarantee that it's correct, but it might be something :D
: Akali; Theorycrafting, Strategy and Gameplay
How do her W and her recall interact? Can she do a full recall while in true invisibility? Just W, expect her to be there when the W fades, but *poof!* she's gone? What about enhanced recall (ie. Herald/Baron)? What about TP? Is the TP swirl still visible if you're standing close enough (such as how you can see TP swirls even in unwarded brushes), or is it also masked? If so, it could make for some nifty TP plays where the laner doesn't even ping the TP since they're thinking she's just faffing around in stealth. Does her recall animation change while stealthed (like Eve)? (*Also, how do you do all that formatting on the Boards? Like the clickable buttons, or your profile icons + description, or having Akali in the header. I would love to be able to do that <3 *)
Spıdeyy (NA)
: Looking for 4 others for normals
You'll have *much* more success here: https://boards.na.leagueoflegends.com/ since that's the NA Boards. At the moment, you are an NA account posting on the OCE Boards. In the future, always double check the URL to make sure it has the correct region.
Quinncest (OCE)
: Agreed. Spending a few hours only to get a skin shard worth 90 BE is a pain.
I can guarantee you that absolutely NO skin shards are worth 90 BE. Besides, you earn around 900 BE per level-up as it is. Sure, you may get an Ashe and a Garen shard, but then you would get 720 BE on top of that. If this isn't happening, then send a bug report to Riot (since when it was first introduced, there were instances of players only earning 90 BE).
maeiv (OCE)
: Why can't we get blue essence per game??
At the moment, it's about 5-10 games (depending on wins) to level up, with a minimum of 900 BE. This is more BE per game than what you made in the old system (assuming you weren't using IP boosts). Using XP Boosts would level up you faster than this ESPECIALLY with FWotD. So I highly doubt people are struggling to grind for BE. It's just like being paid more fortnightly instead of less weekly at work (even more so since you earning BE faster than you did IP). The actual bad thing about this system is if you are 100 BE away from something, then you either need to get 2 FWotDs or level up.
: its stupid u should be able to refund champs in for less blue at any time like starting champ u dont want or something u unlocked out of abox but want tor efunda later. also u should be able to smelt down stuff like lvl 6 tokens (farmable) for blue if u dont awnt, should be choice why im forced to have some crappy unpacked emote auto added to my clean account instead of being able to smelt down smh
Smelting down tokens would be abusable. I could just decide not to rank up to Level 7 on my one-trick, and then just farm the Level 7 tokens (which would probably be worth more than the Level 6 ones) since I'm getting S ranks almost every game. If they're ~500 BE to sell, 10 games could get me ~5k BE + the level-up BE + any missions, which just makes earning BE even less of a challenge.
Mônster (OCE)
: no people that will cry if you know what i mean
Mônster (OCE)
What do you mean by "snowflakes"?
: 14 Day Suspension Confusion. Chat log + Ticket Respone/context
You said "kys" twice. It's a zero tolerance word. Using it once makes your account "hot" and any further toxicity results in a ban. Since you used it twice, that's what got you banned. In the future, don't type "kys", even if other players are saying it.
: My Ban Appeal
They don't refund your money like that. All you spent wasn't actually purchasing those skins/champ/whatever, you were leasing it out from Riot. Therefore, they have nothing holding them to refund you. It's written clear as day in the ToS... The ToS you AGREED to when you started playing. Don't agree to something and then complain when the agreed terms are brought into action. {{sticker:sg-lulu}}
Ninox (OCE)
: How many Boards posts do you have?
Report Seras for scripting! :P
: larger normal
lol There were also typos in the recent set of missions xD
: Im toxic.
"kys" is an insta-ban word, I'm afraid. Oh, well. Either quit, level another account, or buy one.
Raptòr (OCE)
: Looking For Duo For Solo Queue
As a piece of advice, if you've only been playing Bots, you're not ready for Ranked. Go in now, and you'll quickly end up in Bronze V with 0 LP and garbage MMR, and then whine on the Boards about ranked being unfair and that you deserve to be a much higher rank. **1 level's worth of PvP spamming is NOT enough.** Trust me, get good in PvP (ie Normal Draft) before playing Ranked. You and your future Ranked teammates will be thankful about that.
Mixi (OCE)
: LF 1 person to complete 5 man flex team silver 5- gold 5
Achenar (OCE)
: Music Cover Contest - Sponsored by Logitech!
Does it have to be great singing? Or do meme-y songs count?
: 7 comet proc Annie (ARURF)
Probably bug, given that it's URF.
Rioter Comments
: Depends what your playing in mode but : Nasus is good top lane , cause all you do is farm , it may sound boring but if you stack enough minions ur stacks are your damage and you can carry your team . Urgot : Can be Mid or Top good champion as a late game carry or mid game it all depends if you play aggressive or passive ADC: Ashe , Ezreal , top 2 ones I do for adc . But if your doing off meta in like bronze elo : Nasus Mid , Urgot Mid , Garen Mid , Teemo Mid
: thanks heaps my friend, but any idea what tournaments may be counted as semi pro, or amateur tourneys :/
I believe Throwdown Esports and SumSocOCE Splits are some (as they are two of the biggest amateur/semi-pro tournaments), but can neither confirm nor deny, since the article didn't mention any specific ones.
Quinncest (OCE)
: To all Quinn players
Based on recent changes, Marksmen base AD is down and Crit items are more expensive. On top of this, Infinity Edge is no longer an early powerspike item and more of an item that gets stronger as the game goes on (provided you build more Crit). They have also made it so the game is easier to snowball and hence games end fairly quickly. This is why we have seen bruisers and fighters in the ADC role since they get to their powerspikes faster, and why Crit ADCs have fallen out of the meta. **TL;DR** - Not sure if Crit is good on Quinn herself, but Marksmen Crit builds are definitely not in a good spot at the moment. I hope this helps :) {{sticker:sg-ahri-2}}
: path to ocs?
I remember Riot mentioning that they would be sponsoring certain amateur/semi-pro tournaments that would count as either qualifications for OCS or as official scouting grounds. This would have been in their post on OCS/OPL/Academy at the end of last year. Hope this helps :) {{sticker:sg-ahri-2}}


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