: Ocean Week Community Goal
Hey! I love participating in these events that really make the region feel like a unique community and that we stand out from the bigger regions. That aside; here are my names. Matilda - one of the names for a girl, it's a pretty australian name in my opinion but it's also the name of one of the dogs I had growing up, she was the most loving thing I've ever known to this day and I feel like that name is fitting for any girl. Nicky/Nicole - the name is pretty mouldable and cutesy, and it rhymes with one of my boy name suggestions which is... Blinky - it's an all time Aussie classic, however it's likely copyrighted and if so I'd like to suggest Bazz/Bazza as it's replacement. Clark - sounds earthly, rolls off the tongue and once again, I'd say this is more of an aussie name.
: There was a playoff match to see who was in the relegation battle between 6th and 7th, Tainted Minds lost. That's why.
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: Live/Play debut and Q&A
Will the individual stories or even as one big clip be uploaded to Youtube?
Brucey (OCE)
: WOW…. so called can refund if you bought one a couple of weeks ago just wow such lie right there. i talked to support said if i used up my 3 tokens already I'm out of luck might as well take off the talk to support if you bought one just recently bought a transfer because i did and they told me And to the player support might as well talk to (The Queen Of The Blades) she/He clearly does not know about this ….. sorry i had to put it on and go on and on about it but I'm pissed off that i bought a transfer over to oce about a week and a half ago and its now free said i can get a refund if i talk to player support and then get told no because my account is only limited to 3, 1 time use tokens only
Send a ticket to Riot, I'm sure if you purchased the transfer before the free transfer was announced they would be happy to refund it. The same thing happens if you buy a skin a week or so before it goes on sale, send a ticket and you get the difference in RP back (that is, the original price minus the price you paid = the amount you get in return)
: OCE wants to make more money meaning if people transfer to OCE and buy rp from OCE then the money will go to the OCE riot dim wits
Um, not to be rude but they are not seperate companies, merely different branches. It makes no difference to Riot if the RP is bought in OCE, NA, EUW, EUNE, KR or any other server because they work together and operate the same game, the only difference between servers for Riot is the server locations (talking within their organization) and of course the staff in OCE do not work in NA or any other region or vice-versa


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