: LF Sup, Mid and ADC, Gold - Plat
Jg and Mid main can also play sup - Gold 3
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proama (OCE)
: Looking for a jg duo in Gold
Jg main - G4 add me if interested
: LF G5 + supp mian
Jg and sup main. Add me - Taknan jr
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: Gold support looking for jungle main
Jg Main - Add me Taknan Jr
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: LF Mid and Jg Must have discord and be atleast silver 3
: Do you main mid???
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: Need a mid laner from UNSW
Mid main not sure what the rank requirement is but add me :)
ThatsBS (OCE)
: Bronze forever adc looking for a sup duo.
aha, add me ill take you to silver - Taknan jr
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Keatsy1 (OCE)
: bronze duo, looking for a jngle top and mid / flex players
Yo, mid and jg main - currently (s2) add me if interested
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: Looking for duo silver
: silver 1-gold 1 Flex team lf support main
Łukê (NA)
: Looking for one in flex mid pref silver - gold
Xuízunä (OCE)
: Gold V looking for duo for plat
Still looking for duo???
: LF Team Jungle main
Still need a jungler???
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