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Wuks (OCE)
: To address the first part of your question, unfortunately, no. There's no way to return to the legacy client. It requires a lot of upkeep to maintain two separate clients, so in order to focus on improving one client, the legacy client has to be retired. If you have feedback on the new client, you can post them in the Client Discussion sub-board, or if you're having technical issues, we can work with you to resolve them.
Your new client is garbage and you can't argue otherwise, you don't need to maintain 2 separate clients, just give us the option to configure the new client so its not that like piece of shit your trying to force us to use pls
: New Client Rollout - Phase 2
For the love of god give us the option to not have to use this "new and improved" garbage tier interface/client. The older one was significantly better and I very rarely ever had problems loading into a game, picking champions and skins or viewing the friends list. This new client however is a step in all the wrong directions. Its slow, its unresponsive to say the very least, its poorly designed (which is easily clear to see from the fact that there is less menu's between your profile and your runes/masteries but there is a lot more clicks required to actually get there and also the fact that between clicking a champion's portrait to actually having it appear as selected is something like 5 seconds whereas the old client was instant, you had that champ selected when you clicked its portrait). So for the sake of all the people like me who want the non trash client, please let us switch to legacy client.
Gehirn (OCE)
: That would be the Victorious skin, I believe they are referring to the SKT T1 Elise skin.
Lets hope he/she is because otherwise that is an embarrassingly badly thought out lie
iSmexxy (OCE)
: Well, I Got Omega Squad Teemo And Championship Elise, I'm Pretty Fucking Pleased <3
Oh, you got a shard for a skin that was only available 3 years ago if you got **_gold or higher_** if your going to lie at least do it convincingly or do it in a way that doesn't make you seem immensely stupid
: The Homeguards are victorious!
Galio shard and Cosmic Reaver Kassadin. Not the worst boxes I've ever had
: Almost 12 months into a false ban.
Dude, I swear Riot needs a new support team or at the very least someone who isnt a stupid asshat like RO41. I generally find Riot support to be very unhelpful and extremely uncaring when it comes to anything that doesn't involve thowing money at them, thats all they care about now is money they stopped caring about League of Legends and the player experience a long time ago, which is really sad because I watched this game grow and reach its peak and now it feels like they are doing everything they can to make the game as bad as possible. Whats happened to you just reinforces that belief
TheBioB (OCE)
: Hey Riot, I recently purchased Arcade Riven, I did not know Dragon Blade Riven was going to become available shortly after I bought it. I am wondering if there is any slim chance that I would be able to trade one skin for the other. I have unfortunately and stupidly used up all my refunds. The skins are both 1350 rp and I payed the full price. I will be very grateful if you even consider this request. Thank you.
Here is the thing though. Dragon Blade is 1000x worse than Arcade (her best skin) so I don't see why you want the garbage Dragon Blade skin
Mortis Ex (OCE)
: If there is grass on the field, lets play cricket. But seriously, treating it as a subject taboo to even discuss is a problem imo as non offending people that might otherwise come forward to be treated for a mental illness hide it to avoid the social stigma etc. To truly address any subject it must be open for discussion and one of the core behaviors of humans around taboos is to make jokes to ease the tension.
I'm ok to **talk** about it, I just don't feel comfortable with joking about it. It's like when people use the word "gay" to mean bad or horrible. I'm not trying to be an SJW about this I'm just saying I don't like pedophilia being taken so lightly that people joke about it when its such a serious matter.
Niji (OCE)
: ***
Please don't make those jokes. Pedophillia is one of the few subjects that I believe shouldn't be joked about
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Deviera (OCE)
: The alpha client chat positioning is not convenient at all.
I don't mind new layout cause they basically just copied DOTA's layout. But I can see why some people might not like it
: Ask Riot URF Champion Update
Thank god for this, I personally was really hating URF the last 2 times because of the literal same 10 champions every game
Bakon (OCE)
: Taric Jg
I like it, I find it pretty fun
Tachia (OCE)
: Sadly, I have to agree with you on that, we are just the test dummies for riot, they dont really care about the lower servers.
Its the worst because I've had to uninstall and reinstall LoL 3 times today already, and its still not working after literally 12 hours of trying to make it work :/
Tachia (OCE)
: So i have a bit of an issue with the whole give people the dominion icon, the entire time we have had the OCE Serve we havent been able to play dominion at all other than custom games. So he in OCE the only people who would get the icon would be the people who had played dominion on NA or EU servers before moving over to OCE. This has really annoyed me due to the fact that i enjoyed dominion and couldnt play it. Also where every other server have Twisted Treeline open and we only get to play it on a scheduled basis and dont even get the 3v3 ranked either, what is the issue with that, i think its a little sad TBH.
Riot doesnt really care about us dude, they only actually give a shit about NA players :/ Its really disheartening at times
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Ninox (OCE)
: It comes down to the teamfighting. You have to stay on your supp/jung/cc and wait out his ult. His dash is on a fairly long CD and his ult only lasts 6 seconds. If he's fed then don't fight at all if he's there, try for picks first. I agree that Tryn is frustrating to vs, but it's not impossible, especially if you shut him down pre-6.
Finito (OCE)
: When will we get 3v3 Ranked Oceania?
We arent likely to get it because riot only cares about the NA server. we are just that cousin that never gets invited to go to cool parties so they give us some leftovers and cool photos to show what a good time they had without us
Ninox (OCE)
: Actually Jax does have pretty similar counterplay to Tryn. It's about CC, kiting and positioning and staying just out of that "I'm gonna get f'ed up" range.
difference is that Trynd still doesnt have a proper counter. "Just build frozen heart and armor" Yes, i'll build that on Ashe when he focuses me first in a fight and get away from him, cause that is totally how it works
: Yasuo. How do i beat him?
Honestly seeing as just about any champ can buy it, i'd get a randiuns
: Still dont have my ocean week reward
*All of my friends have gotten theirs except me
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Essembie (OCE)
: "Ez" a reportable offense? Grow a pair.
yeh like I said. thats more or less the stance i'm holding
: Mystery Skin/Free Champion
Maraudaur (OCE)
: Hey man, You might find this useful > **What's the behaviour team's standpoint on "GG EZ" being used? Is it seen as a reportable offense or is it not negative enough?** > One of our philosophies is to try to not dictate what's OK or not OK in League of Legends unless we absolutely have to. We rely on data like Reports, Honors, social media, the Instant Feedback System and Tribunal to help determine the standards of what the community believes is OK or not OK. This is why all of our systems are intentionally designed to be community-driven, because we want players to have the ability to invest in and shape their own community. In saying this, looking at the data, "GGEZ" is considered a negative term, and is reportable. Players generally agree that the phrase is rarely used in a positive context, and is a pretty sour way to end a match. -Riot Lyte You can check out more questions and answers from Riot Lyte here - (hes been super busy working on Dynamic queue and new Champion Select so hasn't been as active recently)
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Olee (OCE)
: I just versed a triple Rageblade comp.
they already nerfed it, so it wont. Side note if you REALLY need to counter it buy frozen heart
: So I'm new to the ocean week event and was wondering, how do you earn points? And is there still enough time for me to earn points?{{champion:105}}
Nope, it ended on monday night
I played a game as Fizz in aram and got a ridiculously good score but we lost. I kept saying ez after a kill and after the game ended i got three offensive language pop ups. Dont worry about them man, they dont mean shit :)
: Ocean week, what are your point totals?
giddo244 (OCE)
: How much Attack Speed does Yasuo need to reach full CDR on Q?
if you have static shiv anywhere past 16 you are already at full CDR for Q
Essembie (OCE)
: Wasted on LoL
: Tips for a Dota 2 player?
Master Yi and Darius are pretty good based on what you said
Mega Gnar (OCE)
: Thoughts on my new video? New too youtube and need Critism :)
: Wow riot rank system
My friend lost all 10 of his games and Fed in 8 of them and got silver 5, i win 5/10 of mine and get bronze 5.....................
: Welcome to the Poro Masters Collection
One day Riot will release another IP icon Kappa
: Enlist in Ocean Week!
I have a question. Do you need a facebook account linked like last time or can i actually get a champion this time around?
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Pesock (OCE)
: the team rank is Silver I but the player is Plat+
Great, still dont see a reason why a plat player would take a terrible offer like this but thats just me
: Looking for Bronze players
Why da fuck not i guess
ohmu (OCE)
: How did this person get a pbe icon??? WTF.
You get it if you already owned the SKT 2015 icon before today
Pesock (OCE)
: Looking For Plat+ to join Rank Silver I Team
Yes, because a plat player wants to play ranked in a silver team which benefits the plat in no way whatsoever. really thought this one out guys, master plan confirmed
: Youtube Content
thumbnail is good
Waiben (OCE)
: > [{quoted}](name=BeerJingle,realm=OCE,application-id=3fteLeTW,discussion-id=yHhIOYjO,comment-id=0064,timestamp=2015-09-29T06:07:51.877+0000) > > Yep, and now for players like me who started their account on OCE not only do we not get a free pool party Ziggs, but now we don't get this skin free either, really thought this one out didn't you :/ Who honestly cares? It's $10 and it's going towards a good cause. You only got Pool Party Ziggs if you transferred to OCE in 2013.
I care cause once again showcasing that Riot doesnt care about OCE. Every other server gets a free skin except for us
: Let’s talk about the Server Skin
Yep, and now for players like me who started their account on OCE not only do we not get a free pool party Ziggs, but now we don't get this skin free either, really thought this one out didn't you :/
: Champion Mastery Accumulation
189 1 lvl 5 1 lvl 4 4 lvl 3 Cant be bothered counting the rest of them I have 114 champions and have lvl 1-2 on most of them Edit: just checked my lol client 1 lvl 5 1 lvl 4 12 lvl 3 46 lvl 2 50 lvl 1
: I feel like this is obvious but you could run ignite? Cast it a few seconds after he ults, try to time it for around when you think his invincibility will run out. It'll reduce the heal from his Q and if he escapes on low HP your ignite should pick up the kill. If his W annoys you try playing an AP Bruiser/Tank and you won't have to worry about that AD reduction. Depending on the champ you are you could try grabbing Morello's, reduces his lifesteal and Q heal. You could grab a Zhonya's too and stall out his ult. Or just grab a damn Randuin's Omen... 10% less damage now from crits, some nice HP and armor, Unique Passive: Cold Steel and the active slow? You're set. Yes Trynd might be strong but he is by far not the most broken champ out there, I don't think he'll be getting any of Riot's attention anytime soon so I'd start looking at ways to counter him ^^ You'll find there's quite a few if you really think about it. He is by far strongest late game so try to crush him early :^)
TBH the only way so far i've found to counter him which is successful is using 3 members of the team to CC him while in his ult, but that 5 seconds where he takes no damage is basically a big fuck you to your team in a team fight
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