Xis (OCE)
he is already down for rework, the process started, but as its early, if you can get the idea to the team and they like it, it may end up in there in some form or another
: how long to get to honor 2 from honor 0?
Pucker up, drag your chat off the screen and wait 6 months
: Hacked Kennen
Without video proof to back up your claim, there is no content here. One cannot make themselves immune such as you describe. If they did, it has to be a bug which was exploited, if that is the case, try to reproduce it.
: Sad Days
You can get banned for muting everyone too, they just all need to report you for refusing to communicate and you get punished for avoiding their unprovoked attacks. systems bust.
: really?? you couldnt just carry on?? had to stop to ask a pointless question man?
pointless yet true.
Achenar (OCE)
: Skins Story Slam 2018 - Vote Now!
I know that guy, he tried to do something similar in the story slam before the void one. Even offered up a 20 vote bribe to me on my story. Needless to say it would have been any use, i only got an honourable mention not a shortlist anyway.
: New Club "Villainous Family"
Do villainous people really respect each other though? Your rules are contradictory to the name.
: Overlays, are they allowed
Overwolf isnt explicitly restricted, they do say its accepted even, but there is a small chance the bot will pick it up and ban you. > We never formally approve any applications and blanket green light them to be guaranteed safe, because there is always a chance the apps can change down the road or the situation pivot. That said, we do flag applications as being compliant within our guidelines and permissible to be published. > > Overwolf plugins go through an approval process with our Developer Relations team that ensures that they are compliant with our current policies and guidelines before they are approved for API access and to be released to players by Overwolf. In the case of this particular application, while it's on the line, we did clear it for being compliant with our current policies. Using it will not get you into any kind of trouble, and worst case scenario we would take our concerns up with Overwolf and the app publisher, not the players in question. > > Apologies for the confusion in the contradiction with the post from another Red below, but this is just a simple case of an honest misunderstanding internally that my team will work to address.
: I know I know, but still, best one I could find and it's there for reference.
supposed leak she was getting one, dont know about its authenticity, but could go something like a jannaesque appeal by poutie https://orig00.deviantart.net/a0cc/f/2017/352/2/c/sgzoe_by_poutie-dbx507v.png
Its always all these "{champion} rework broken" videos that ruin a champ
: It isn't perfect, It's automated. It bans anyone who says like 2 swear words that got reported by more than 2 people from your team.
*slathers the sarcasm on thicker*
: Zoe! Should be an SG!
that looks like something someone made to fulfill their lolita fantasies.
: Wtf, that shouldn't of gotten you banned. Goes to show how flawed the system is. It is based off of reports for automation. Send in a support ticket and you'll be unbanned, most likely.
riot's system is perfect, its never wrong, riot won't see a need to overturn the system's judgement. they've ignored people before, why would they stop now.
: Cool Mid Game Trynd Rotations ft. Triple Kill!
stop spamming no one really cares, once is enough
Scottez (OCE)
: No thanks, they target ban people who exploit their system and try to show them their system isn't working
But thats not questioning someone feeding, they only go for people who show exploits, thats different from what you asked
Scottez (OCE)
: To me there is a clear difference between "KILL YOURSELF" and "WHAT THE FUCK ARE YOU DOING THERE?!". However riot sees both as toxicity so i guess you can't use it, who knows when the day will come back when you can question someone's actions in league and actually not get penalized.
: how to check your account is verifed
top right is your summoner icon and name. Hover it and then click settings, first thing that opens is whether or not your account is verified
Essembie (OCE)
: I used to drop a lot of money on Rito but haven't since loot boxes became a thing. They're exploitative and against the grain of everything that made riot a profitable FTP done right.
boxes would be fine. if they had a worthy return rate. Which they dont. More so after pre-season.
Essembie (OCE)
: > [{quoted}](name=Talon12,realm=OCE,application-id=Ntey9fRZ,discussion-id=WgUd0Z7e,comment-id=0001,timestamp=2018-03-03T11:22:01.978+0000) > > riot is going to have to eventually either modify loot boxes, remove them or put an 18+ age restriction on the game because they are considered gambling there are definitely many countries making moves to classify them as such, Australia included.
Lets be real. EA lost everyones respect.
yCarr (OCE)
: i swear i win one game then lose the next 10
thats because this community is full of idiots. Only way to climb is to assume that your allies will all feed to oblivion and bot will have a minimum of 10 deaths by 10 min. And do everything yourself. I mean there are games where one person does literally 97%+ of teams damage and their team isnt even fucked to honour for the legit solo carries, they feel they are all the shits even at 1/17 and scoff at the very idea they are useless trash. Thats how it goes, either 1v5, home their team has more idiots on it or lose. Just a side note, like 80% of game matchups in this meta are determined by which botlane gets ahead.
: Microtransactions
riot is going to have to eventually either modify loot boxes, remove them or put an 18+ age restriction on the game because they are considered gambling
: Is Kassadin going to get a new VO?
dunno but what the fuck is kassadin if "glimpse of eternal unreality, enough to shatter even the strongest mind."
: I OPEN & YOU WIN!!! | Hextech Opening + Giveaway! | $0,00 Opening | #IOYW
Pentakill Mordekaiser first hextech chest Where is my reward
: What tools have Riot implemented to help tackle trolls/inters.
please, feel free to provide an accurate unfailing, foolproof design for this. And also create an app for the phone that can be used while driving to reduce distractions such as multimedia devices while driving.
: I build situationally. If they have healing/lifesteal i get morellos, if they are mobile, i get spellbinder. apart from some core items, my builds on most champs change quite a lot per game.
its just fun to play with. i did specifically say great fun. You take phase rush, ghost and that build then run around slowing everything while you have 7-800+ movespeed and more than enough damage to kill them And riot doesnt consider him oppressive because he is reliant on their team not being mobile to kill them half the time.
: He's in practice yes very powerful but he has the same problem as old swain still. mobility champions. Which is why in a teamfight, swain goes off a mfer. Who would try and kill him while he's healing and draining. Though sometimes, he does feel a bit oopsies strong
but when he doesnt feel oopsies strong he feels fucking shit
: Well, I found my new mid laner for when my team doesn't pick tanks...
nah swap morello for spellbinder and glacial for seraph, great fun
KaynMid (OCE)
: Permanently banned but this time its actually bullshit.
jinx... rocket science... i get it...
: 42%? _Ohhh nooooo how terrible_... {{champion:268}} '2014 - 2017' Nah but In my opinion it is wayyyyyy healthier for the game to drop champions too weak than too strong. Personally I don't think Zoe was ever as strong as everyone makes out to be, I never seemed to have a problem with her. However if lots of people are having problems, then something must clearly have been wrong, regardless. _(And some of those changes were just common sense.)_ She is not an easy champ to play, and the one thing that carried bad players was her easy insane damage. With that gone, people now need to actually try, and low and behold, putting effort in is harder than they thought. TBH win rates are only relevant to people who are new to that champ anyway. Experienced players should almost always have above 50% on their champions, regardless of how hard they are buffed/nerfed, _(I had 70% win rate on Aurelion Sol, in a mobile assassin meta.... case closed)_. Win rates pretty much just show how easy it is for new players to do well or not with that champ. Which is why more difficult champs like Azir have consistently lower win rates, not because they are weak, but because players who are new to them struggle. A good Zoe player will still be 50%+, it's just everyone else who played her for spammy high damage, that will be feeling these nerfs. I am very pleased with her new changes. People should have to put effort in to do well, and the changes reflect that. If you hit your combo correctly, you will still 1-hit people, if you fail it, then you can't and the enemy will probably punish you for it, thats how it should be. __________ The only change I don't agree with is constantly taking W spells away from minion drops. Like whats the point of minions dropping random spells at all, if you can't even get the good strategic ones like TP? I can see why they did it _(and I personally abused the hell out of getting teleport)_, but once you start taking them away, it hardly becomes random anymore, and just becomes: _"Here, have some toys to play with, with no sharp edges or small pieces to swallow, in your little inflatable baby pen."_
honestly all they needed to do to her was allow people to remove drowsy, that was the only issue she really had
lets be honest. new swain is aids asf to lane against as yasuo
WilliK (OCE)
: When is the new champion going to be announced?
announced now its all good And pretty sure they said she in all their previous teasers towards it anyway, so no idea why you said him
Socon (OCE)
: Problem is new players won't be able to get their hands on champions fast enough if they didn't increase the be drop rate. But obviously it was designed that way on purpose.
the problem is you get fuck all essence from the loot drops anyway, you made more from the old system saying it averaged at 70 ip a game than the new system with 200 xp a game (with the xp being more than the current average and the ip being lower than the old average)
: It's all a big scam. The new system is fucked and no one should buy or spend RP until it is fixed.
if you ask me the leveling shit is fine, keep that. Its the BE dispensing and loot drop guts that are the issue.
: Riot, please
and any wards you do find, allies either flash to steal or have higher aa speed and just wait for it to get to 1 hp, trust me that happens... a lot...
: This got deleted, Maybe covering up or I dont know, but is important to read and rise awareness!
because the game is nothing but dicks pick a lollipop https://ae01.alicdn.com/kf/HTB15O5IRVXXXXbtaXXXq6xXFXXXz/6Pcs-lot-Creative-Pencil-Eraser-Cartoon-Cute-School-Supplies-Kids-Prize-Stationery-Sweet-Candy-Lolipop.jpg_640x640.jpg
Nightjar (OCE)
: haha thanks for the proof read, I was explaining that spellblade doesn't stack, i.e. triforce+frozen gauntlet is generally a waste, I was pretty sure energised procs would only get the bonus dmg from whichever energised dmg source was the biggest, hence you would get a static shiv proc, but you would still get the extra range from the rfc, and I'm very sorry about the misinformation about locket, I missed that update in the patchnotes, and I have learnt that they do indeed stack albeit at a reduced efficiency.
that locket change is hella old. And the shiv and rfc stacking was returned a while back as well, they did originally take it away, but when they tunes them up like 5 or 10 patches ago they returned it to stacking > Though unlike other unique passives, kircheis shard and its legendary counterparts ({{item:3087}} {{item:3094}}) both have 'energised' passives, however, unlike other named and unique passives, these items interact in a special way. Instead of cancelling the effect of one out (such is the case with sheen items) these effects "charge" up to a single use, where all instances of "energises" are expended, so having both a statikk shiv and a rapid fire cannon will grant both the bonus range and chain lightning from the separate items, but also grant the damage from both of these effects in addition. >
Nightjar (OCE)
: stronger unique passive of the same name generally wins out. For example {{item:3078}} {{item:3025}} , here you'd get the icy field from gauntlet, but you can't proc both spellblades, so the AoE would be 100% base ad, but the target you auto will take the triforce spellblade for 200% base ad. Hence why it is inefficient to build both. Similarly the bonus damage from kirchies shard items (though in this case the added utility is worth wasting the passives) {{item:3087}} {{item:3094}} both have 'energised' passives, and you won't get the damage from both, but the extra range poke on shiv proc is worth it more often than not. Straight up same passives or items also don't stack, {{item:3067}} {{item:3067}}. similarly you'll only get the strongest situational burn effect from these: {{item:3751}} {{item:3068}} {{item:1413}} , and if multiple team members build {{item:3190}}, only one locket effect can be active on a champion at a time, so you have to coordinate and stagger their use or end up wasting the second locket. But items with different names sometimes technically have different passive names, even if it isn't listed {{item:3133}} {{item:3108}} {{item:3067}} {{item:3101}} {{item:3024}}, all just list 'blank' unique passive 10% cdr, but they technically have different names you can't see, and so can be stacked for more cdr.
TDLR: Just reword some of the stuff, it has a general readability to it, but it a bit confusing. technically triforce damage shouldn't happen, as its still applying both, triforce isn't supposed to be used as the frozen gauntlet sheen was used, but there is a little overlap in their spaghetti which causes it to do this, making triforce frozen gauntlet nasai a bother.. Also energised is now a unique case, as instead of only being able to use one, every instance of energised is used in the one hit. If you look at the "tips" it does say they stack (they did remove it a while back, but when they made warlords rune energised they reverted that change as they also nerfed the damage on shiv and rfc procs anyway). Another unique interaction between the shiv and rfc is that (directly taken from a tip) "If you have both Rapid Firecannon and Statikk Shiv, the Shiv lightning can also hit Towers." which further reinforces the ideal that the shiv is an additional proc ontop of the rfc damage. This is why fleet of footwork can work when using shiv and rfc, although they are all "energized" (they needa make it energised) all the effects work, allowing you to get off the shiv damage, fleet footwork movespeed and heal, as well as the range and damage from rfc, as well as its special "15% faster charge time" on energised attacks, increasing synergy. Also the locket doesnt "cancel" itself out when stacked, it jsut applies a reduced shield size, which is also reduced for a time hereafter the original locket times out. I feel your argument is invalid and the information incorrect, I mean, come on. really!? "but the **extra range poke** on **shiv proc** is worth it more often than not" it can be correct, but its exact same specification as rfc, you need to outline is, is it rfc you mean? or the chain lightning range? I get the general gist of it, but your information needs tweaking. Also the "it isnt listed" stuff you said last, its defined as an "un-named passive, which is stackable on different items with the same effect, but not with the same item" so 2 caulfields wont stack but a caulfield and a glacial shroud will, because although it is the same effect, its not a specifically named passive such as sheen or immolate. There is nothing about names you cant see. Just give it a bit of a review and rewording, it just seems to me like you wrote this to be helpful, but didn't proof read it. Granted i don't do that when I'm in a hurry either. But there is something wrong with me. I mean, I know the lores for all the champs off by heart without even reading half of them. Also know most damage scalings, cds and base damages on spells and crap. I store useless irrelevant information, but cant remember for the life of me the useful stuff.
Ninox (OCE)
: {{sticker:sg-ahri-1}}
Ninox (OCE)
: I'm pretty sure they stacked when they were introduced, but I was under the impression at some point after they made it so they didn't, but maybe that was just a speculated change or they changed it back? Or maybe I'm just losing my remaining marbles.
can't lose what you never had :D
: Vlad's doesn't have a name because it's just an empowered Q indicator and Aatrox's is called "Blood Well".
its still the exact same thing.
: Amazing Ideas For A Dr. Mundo Rework
Saying its amazing doesn't make it amazing.
Pured (OCE)
: Oh, okay. Thanks.
{{item:3165}} + {{item:3165}} = 20% cdr {{item:3165}} + {{item:3115}} = 40% cdr Unique passives only dont stack when either A) the passive is named, such as rage on {{item:3044}} {{item:3071}} {{item:3078}}, as it is named it will only give one instance across multiple items, or B) when the same items (duplicates) are bought. Unique passives are to stop excessive stacking of the same item.
Ninox (OCE)
: Maybe, maybe not. That's up to him.
nup, even 1 false report is enough. tis the way the game works.
: Kit Concepts for the remaining two Darkin
"Blood Bank" "unique" What the hell does vlad and aatrox use then. And champs are made from an idea, and the kits stem from that idea. They are not made from a kit, they might have an ability or 2 they like, which they try match with a future champs theme, but they dont usually make things based solely on kits.
Fitzky (OCE)
: Holy fuck are you actually defending this? Please to god tell me you're not, did you even look at the second picture? Do you see a 17/4 vayne? I DID MORE DAMAGE THAN A FED VAYNE. I HAVE ALL TANK ITEMS. THIS IS NOT HOW A TANK WORKS.
I mean, he does have a point, ornn just spitting his 20% max hp (seriously, who thought that would be a good idea anyway?) into a nasus is gonna rack him up a tonne of damage, and nasus just heals that damage out again for a rinse and repeat.
: They said they not gonna change it
dunno why. the splash modification that the swain subreddit made didn't make him look like a generic general. Made him look wizened, age was creeping on him but he still has the strength to push forwards. If we hope hard enough, maybe someone will notice high up and sue them for "copyright" of lucius malfoy. Then they gotta change it.
: Howcome im getting 16-18 Lp?
it goes down in value when hidden mmr is way below actual mmr, and up if your hidden mmr is way above actual mmr
Rioter Comments
Pingas1 (OCE)
: 8 Lux skins but 1 Camille skin??
They gotta milk the Lux and Ahri fanboiz dry after all. ---- _"The game is a love hate relationship, people threaten to leave, but ultimately remain as they harbour a faint glimmer of hope, though alas it is all ultimately a futile goal, there is no hope."_
: Very Weird Store Sales ???
Why you not got Janna? ---- _"The game is a love hate relationship, people threaten to leave, but ultimately remain as they harbour a faint glimmer of hope, though alas it is all ultimately a futile goal, there is no hope."_
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