Mjolnir (OCE)
: Looking for someone to edit montages for me! [D4 Streamer]
Hey there ^-^ I'd be interested in applying for this in order to help you! I'm a Gold/Plat player in NA, and a Silver player in OCE. Unfortunately, I don't really have any experience with editing to show, as I've only messed around on Sony Vegas and Adobe After Effects. I don't claim to be the best editor, but I'll try my best if you would like me to help you. Onviously, with my limited skills I would not be asking for money, I'd solely be doing it for the experience. Thanks for taking the time to read this, and if you need to know anything just ask me. Have a great day! Yours sincerely, Talwyn
: Deaf people still want Closed Captions...
Hey, That's an amazing thing you are doing. I can't imagine how long it must take to transcribe all of those games by hand. I definitely think Riot should implement some sort of thing for people who are deaf. With my finals finished I have plenty of spare time on my hand. If you ever need help with anything whilst working on this project I would be happy to lend my assistance. Regardless, what an amazing effort and an amazing idea! Have a great day!
: Looking to Host a tournament
Hey! Great idea to start a tournamen! Sounds like a lot of fun! If you ever want shoutcasters for the event, me and my friend would be happy to help out. We have done many broadcasts within our university and throughout our town and region. Let me know if you would be interested, regardless good luck for your tournament!
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: Creating a Serious League Team
Hey, So I'm only in silver, but I am a very dedicated player. Obviously I'm not as skilled as you too are but I am looking to improve. It would be wonderful if you could help me improve so I can become higher elo to join your team. If not I completely understand as I am only in silver right now. Regardless, have a nice day ^ - ^
Wolves (OCE)
: Hey unfortunately I will not pursue this with players under diamond as the learning curve is way to steep due to the rank. I have had success in the past but not as much as I wanted for the scale of experiment and how demanding it was. If you were to show me your accelerated growth in the next two weeks and reach high plat I may take you into consideration on the terms that you will be continuing your growth at some what similar rate until you reach diamond.
Hey man, That's absolutely fine and I completely understand. I do not think I will be able to reach high plat by the end of two weeks but am aiming for high gold/low plat. Good luck in obtaining more Diamond players and I hope everything runs smoothly for you. Yours sincerely, Talwyn
Wolves (OCE)
: To Help Competitive Integrity, And People achieve Goals
Hey, I'm also silver, and as the same with he guy below, if there aren't enough Diamond players interested and you still want to coach silvers I would be very interested. Hope you find some good diamond players though, Yours sincerely, Talwyn
: possible dark wind bug
Hey Would you be able to re-create the bug in a custom game and upload it? This is too make sure it wasn't just a one time glitch or anything and so Riot can take a good look at what is going on. Thanks and have a good day! Yours sincerely, Talwyn
: thanks a lot man! but hasn't the lunar revel already came out? the caitlyn skin and morg skin ? or is the lunar revel something different ? **__**
Hey, It has came out already this year during the Lunar Revel, however it left when the Revel left, so you'll have to wait until next year. The only other option is to obtain it through mystery gifting or hextech crafting. The skin is definitely worth it though. I have every skin but Championship so I am pretty hyped if it becomes available. Yours sincerely, Talwyn
: Riven skins
Hey, Dragon blade will come back as part of the Lunar Revel. However, Championship is limited skin and won't be coming back anytime soon. Although, there is a rumour it will come back in a bundle with the other championship skins. Hope this helped! Yours sincerely, Talwyn
Olee (OCE)
: My TF SUCKS or at least has been sucking lately. Give me general TF advice
Hey, It would be insanely hard to give you advice atm, as you have not provided us with any information about what role you play and what champ etc. However feel free to add me in game and we can watch a replay together and I will go as in depth as I can to give you advice. Most of the advice will be about positioning and understanding the enemies cool downs, but if you want specifics, choose a few replays. Looking forward to helping you! Yours sincerely, Talwyn
: Jarvan's New Look
Hey, I am sure Riot have seen this and thought about this. Unfortunately, there are alot of things that Riot's visual team are working on right now, especially working on Taric's new model. Riot have been slowly moving through updating champions though and I'm sure Jarvan is soon to be updated when they get around too it. As mentioned down below though, a champions visuals does not directly impact gameplay and I feel the recent buffs for Jarvan were more important then changing his looks. I hope this helped though. Yours sincerely, Talwyn
Qing Chun (OCE)
: match history bug
Hey, Would you be able to send a photo or at least explain the bug in more detail? Without knowing what the bug is, there is no way technicians from Riot can work on fixing it. Hopefully you send the photo soon so they can get the issue resolved quickly. Thanks. Yours sincerely, Talwyn
: Cool cheers man. 100% spot on tho.
Hey, So that was actually really amazing and I ended up subscribing to you. Definitely a lot better then what I expected. I really liked how in depth you went into alot of things and your mic was really clear. I don't really have too many this to point out, the only semi obvious one I can see is the fact you say um frequently. This isn't really a big problem and can easily be fixed, but can be distracting at some points. I really hope you continue making these kinds of guides as well to be honest. Hope that helps, sorry there wasn't anything too negative I could point out though. Have a great day ^ - ^ Yours sincerely, Talwyn
Ingénue (OCE)
: UoA OuC gold and under stream :)
Huh, sounds good, I'll come check it out!
: Shen Sleeper OP Guide
Hey, I haven't checked out the guide yet, but I will in a few hours. However, I agree with you on Shen being a very strong pick right now. As you mentioned, you do not need as much mechanical skill, but game knowledge helps out alot. Shens ult and taunt can completely carry teamfights, and even though he is a tank, he still can dish out a fair bit of damage. As mentioned before, I will check out the actual guide later and give you feedback then. Looking forward to checking out your guide. Yours sincerely, Talwyn
BeSpooks (OCE)
: Recommend Champions for Ranked (Lux bust)
Hey, In low elo, it is often better to pick Champs that you are confident on rather than champions which are strong right. Lux is still a viable support if you still enjoy playing her. However some top tier Champs are: Top lane: Nautilus and Quinn Mid lane: Ahri and Zed Support: Janna and Blitzcrank These are kind of just personal preferance and I highly suggest picking champions you are good at. For example, I am having big success on Kayle at the moment, even though she doesn't have the highest pick rate. Hope this helps you out though, and good luck in your ranked voyages! Yours sincerely, Talwyn
: Nunu ult unfair when in bush
Hey, I agree that it can be quite frustrating if the Nunu is fed as it does a fair bit of damage. However, Nunu is very weak right now even having that strength. It also may not be visible, but it is still very noticeable as you leave a trail of snow and are slowed. So if you ever notice getting slowed near a bush turn around and walk away, as he has to channel for 3 seconds. Yours sincerely, Talwyn
: Can I get back to you regarding this after a day or two? I'm having slow internet... I'll have the speed back after 2 days maybe so we can do it then!
Sure thing, I'm actually on holiday for a few more days, but looking forward to playing with you! Yours sincerely, Talwyn
: Bug report lol
Hey, This bug happened a while back and was recently patched. However, if this has happened to you recently, you should go into a custom game and try and re create the situation so you can send it in as proof it happened. Yours sincerely, Talwyn
Sha4o4 (OCE)
: Feel Me plz
Hey man, That is very unfortunate, I'm sorry you dropped so hard. If you would like any help with improving and climbing back up, I'd be happy to help out. If you just want to talk, I don't mind listening, just add me in game ^ - ^ Yours sincerely, Talwyn
: > [{quoted}](name=Talwyn,realm=OCE,application-id=FjGAIbRv,discussion-id=TElbroOe,comment-id=0004,timestamp=2016-03-18T21:26:03.593+0000) > > Hey, > Rammus is an extremely fun to play champion and has had one of the finest win rates in the game for a while now. He is great for shutting down a fed adc, and he delivers a suprising amount of damage. During a team fight, a good tactic is to roll towards the enemy adc and taunt them, if you have an assasin mid lane they can then jump on the adc and blow them up. Just a quick tip, you can activate Rammus w, mid q. This isn't helpful much, but can come in handy occasionally. If you are having a hard time clearing with him, try kiting the jungle monsters and stock up on pots. I'd be happy to teach you how to kite in a custom game sometime. Jut add me as a friend. > > Yours sincerely, > Talwyn I'm gonna add you as a friend and I would like to see you play as Rammus. One final thing, can you show me your runes and masteries while playing as Rammus... I can clear easily without losing a lot of health but my clear speed is kinda slow... So just wanted to cross-check with your runes and masteries. I will send you some links as for my runes and masteries. https://i.gyazo.com/49e1c6c36d1881058caf203f249114b3.png https://i.gyazo.com/c2a23a390034f0ded02ba8dc86b9f833.png
Hey man, I'd be happy to play some games with you, and show you some tis and tricks, do you have Skype or TeamSpeak etc. So I can go over runes and masteris then? If not I can type them out for you! Looking forward to playing with you. Yours sincerely, Talwyn
andyMak (OCE)
: champion tricks?
Hey, Not really a bait, but a trick. Many champions can flash mid cast animation of a skill to suprise your enemies. For example, Alistar can Q then flash, and his Q appears to come out instantly which can catch many opponents unaware. You may already know this though. Yours sincerely, Talwyn
FlashAce (OCE)
: Skill = Scripting
Hey, Unfortunately some people may think that, as they don't want to blame themselves for missing. However, take it as a compliment and just keep on juking their skills! Yours sincerely, Talwyn
wires (OCE)
: Xin Zhao
Hey, Xin Zhao is a champion that can become a monster if ahead when going devourer and guinsuus. However he has a massive tendency to be kited and cced, which means he can't jump on his target to deal any damage. You can also itemize against him depending on his build, mortal reminder can shut him down if he is going lifesteal, or a giant slayer if he has too much health. He also has a weak early game and can't gank as much especially when going devourer. I hope this helped and you have less trouble with Xin Zhao. Yours sincerely, Talwyn
: Is 5 AD the new Meta, or are the players in Bronze high on something?
Hey, Congrats on winning your game! 5 ad is not the new meta, but some people in Bronze pay no regard to team comps. That is most likely the case in your experience as they just wanted to play Champs they liked. Yours sincerely, Talwyn
andyMak (OCE)
: Bronze: Leave Baron ALONE!
Hey, It can be a bad decision to take Baron while all 5 membets are up. However, if you keep control of wards on Baron by pink warding or sweeping, and are warding so you have vision on the enemy team, Baron may be a great call. Depending on who your top lane is, you can send them bot to distract the enemy team while you secure Baron. Baron is a very strong objective and gives you heaps of pressure. Make it very clear to your team mates if you don't think Baron is a good idea, but bare in mind sometimes it may be the right thing to do. Yours sincerely, Talwyn
Bakon (OCE)
: New Mastery
Hey, Expose weakness was a newly added mastery, just released in patch 6.4. It is a very strong mastery that is almost gaming changing on teamfight. The amount of extra percentage damage you and your team mates can deal with that is massive. Yours sincerely, Talwyn
xReverie (OCE)
: Champ Select and Queue Dodging Redesign
Hey, Unfortunately there are some people who will troll if they don't get their role, the only thing you can do is report them. I believe riot is working on a new champ select for norms, but with the mage update, taric, and Aurelian Sol, they are a little bit busy. I do agree that having to say your role fastest can be a bit annoying at times, but you may get forced into a role you never knew you liked and might enjoy it. Yours sincerely, Talwyn
DARKnovah (OCE)
: Champion custom categories
Hey, This sounds like a great idea and can be very beneficial. I'm sure the majority of the players would use something like this. For now though, you can write it up on stick notes, and put them beside your league client and refer back to them during champ select. Yours sincerely, Talwyn
: Rammus jungle
Hey, Rammus is an extremely fun to play champion and has had one of the finest win rates in the game for a while now. He is great for shutting down a fed adc, and he delivers a suprising amount of damage. During a team fight, a good tactic is to roll towards the enemy adc and taunt them, if you have an assasin mid lane they can then jump on the adc and blow them up. Just a quick tip, you can activate Rammus w, mid q. This isn't helpful much, but can come in handy occasionally. If you are having a hard time clearing with him, try kiting the jungle monsters and stock up on pots. I'd be happy to teach you how to kite in a custom game sometime. Jut add me as a friend. Yours sincerely, Talwyn
Ferno (OCE)
: Who is the most underplayed but extremely op champion
Hey, Naut is actually played a fair but, even in the LCS and has a decently high win rate. One of my favourite underlayed picks is Karthus. I personally find him extremely fun and play him mid and jungle. This is just my personal opinion though. Yours sincerely, Talwyn
Hailwood (OCE)
: Can we please lose less LP if a player is AFK for 50% of a game?
Hey, Unfortunately that is not something healthy for the game, as then one person from a pair can take turns disconnecting in order to lose less lp, this would however lead to a ban though. I know it sucks to lose a game because of AFKS, but assuming you don't afk, the enemy has a higher chance of an afk then you do. Hopefully you don't get any AFKS and have a great day. Yours sincerely, Talwyn
LeoV587 (OCE)
: Some widget or script make me lose the game.
Hey man, Sorry to hear that you could not reconnect to your game. I believe that this was of no malicious attempt and no one purposefully tried to crash your game. Riot has fixed this and should no happen anymore, Yours Sincerely, Talwyn
: Ultimate Nidalee Damage
Hey, Flashing/grabbing the lantern etc, would have no effect on the damage, as it is calculated from where she stood when she threw the spear, this however is an interesting idea, and could lead to many interesting plays. Yours sincerely, Talwyn
Rahmi (OCE)
: Ekko Jungle - Funtage - Would love some Feedback :)
Hey, a very funny video and I did enjoy it. One thing that immediately caught my eye, was the spelling and punctuation at the start of the video, this is easily fixed but is just a little annoying. I did like how you zoomed in on yourself after getting a kill, that was well done. I'm not to great at making montages but that's just a few things I can think of. I guess just keep making them and you will get better aswell! Good luck in the future man!
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Nijel (OCE)
: I Need To Mystery Gift Someone
42! (There is just something about that number!)
: "Unfortunately that design is not original and is already been used by a professional team." That's what your team name is though so i fail to see the problem??
Yes, that is our team name but we would like something original. Also just in the off chance we do go professional we would not want to pay for a logo. Also we have started playing in local tournaments and we need an original logo. Once again thanks for replying. Sammankko
oops (OCE)
: http://hydra-media.cursecdn.com/lol.gamepedia.com/thumb/e/e5/Iglogo.jpg/300px-Iglogo.jpg?version=f7b41fc2f28e8d9ea439d124b95332c2 Here I just whipped this up in my spare time, PM me if you want my paypal so you can pay me for my work.
That's a very wonderful design. Unfortunately that design is not original and is already been used by a professional team. Thank you for replying to his thread though.
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Talwyn (OCE)
: LF ADC Main for a ranked 5's team
Hello, The recruitment process is beginning now so I have added you all, hope you come online for trials now :)
Talwyn (OCE)
: LF ADC Main for a ranked 5's team
So just to clarify I will add you all at 7:30 NZT on the Sunday, after that I will play a game with you ( We will also have others that are on the ranked team there) Also, if you can not play at the time just message me and we can reschedule, Thank you all 😊
Talwyn (OCE)
: LF ADC Main for a ranked 5's team
Sorry guys, I cannot add you until around Sunday at 7:00pm, but after that time I will add you all. Then we will see you guys play and me and my team will decide. Thank you all for your applications though :)
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: Looking To Make A Team
Main role: Top Lane Suggested Team Name: I don't mind :D Suggested Team Tag: As above Highest rank (solo or team): Silver 2 (I reached this last season, am currently Bronze 3 though.) I hope you consider my application, thank you for taking time to read this, Yours Sincerely, froggyfan
: LF DUO partner to get out of back out of bronze with
Hey, I would be more then happen to climb with you, I am a dedicated support main. My IGN is froggyfan.
Wumachine (OCE)
: unoriginal ʌnəˈrɪdʒɪn(ə)l/Submit adjective adjective: unoriginal lacking originality; derivative. Your idea is derived from the already existing pool party skins, therefore considered unoriginal and essentially plagiarism. plagiarism ˈpleɪdʒərɪz(ə)m/Submit noun the practice of taking someone else's work or ideas and passing them off as one's own.


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