: Patch 9.7 notes
Okay so... What the hell is rito doing with aram now Nerfing the base damage of ranged champs, then nerfing their damage at a range, as well as buffing melee champs *and* giving them a new tool for going in and escaping. The only champs I consistently had problems with before are buffed. Looking at you kaisa and nidalee. I'll admit I may be biased towards Sona, but why does she need a 25% healing reduction, on top of the -50% healing to allies. That's not even counting for increased damage taken and reduced damage dealt.
: Runes Reforged: Picking your playstyle
Sure, I spent time grinding for runes. I consider it that the ip I've spent hasn't been wasted, there's just been a free upgrade to get everything with an interesting new system.
Wuks (OCE)
: My First Thoughts on the New Honor System
Here's my opinion on the new system As someone who is naturally supportive (unless I fall behind a lot and get self deprecating), I feel this system is good as it makes the people who usually get salty and blame the team think twice. Therefore, less hate, easier to play, etc etc The one thing I could want fixed is what it drops. Key fragments, whilst awesome for those who have chests http://imgur.com/a/RTC1u)] ...they aren't so good for people who have keys. Maybe have it balanced so it gives whatever you have less of, with chests having a 1/3rd droprate of keys. I'm still going to be positive because it's just how I play, but I see little incentive to do so for rewards when most of the rewards i either already have or don't want
: Coming This Preseason: Runes Reforged
In all honesty, I don't care if i lose all my IP, not just what I put into runes Why? Because this seems like a genuinely interesting and well thought out system. Sure, I could grind for days on end to get enough ip to buy one of everything possible and never have to buy runes again, or i could ditch that IP and go to this where the things i pick i can focus on mid game and make much more use of than just 'some extra armour/mr to begin with'
: Ping muting and more on the way
Maybe there should be a midway point for ping muting. Instead of entirely muting pings from that person, there could be a ping limit (like if they spam ? at you it only does 1 ping unless there's at least X seconds between pings) Or, have the X seconds between pings, unless they're different ping types or far away on map (Example, mid spams mia ping, then does an alert to top and bot. The end result would be the one mia ping and the two alert pings)
theminiom (OCE)
: Great to hear it! urf knows we could use some more supports
*jumps up and down as a support main* *gets banned for illegal movement*
: What about first blood combos? E.g Blitzcrank is unlikely to secure first blood (obviously) but he is instrumental in achieving it. The amount of times a Blitzcrank support jungle invade results in first blood is phenomenal. With some champions (I'm looking at supports), it would be more interesting to run the regression on first blood secured by the team with the support champion picked. This way we'd find out how often support x results in the team getting first blood rather than the (obviously low and not very useful info) of support x securing first blood themselves
As a support main, I'd like to see how much chance x support has of getting their adc first kill (blitz would be low, high chance of the blitz getting the first kill). Of course this assumes several things. A: Adc got kill, B: support was actually there and helping with it and C: junglers were not involved
: You're right about that Zyra one, but rest, not really. You're reading a bit too much with the Kalista vs Undyne and Alistar vs Asgore, for example. But I wouldn't mind seeing Undertale themed skins though, why not.
Well, magical spears seemed to be a good link, and I guess alistar/asgore might have been a little far. I'd rather have an idea shared and denied than a good idea kept back
: Undertale SUCKS tho.
Well you don't have to buy the skins then
Maraudaur (OCE)
: Fan art spotlight: The Catt
Xerath support works? As a support main I have to investigate further :hm:
Rioter Comments
: when u have just left high school :\
My LoL group tried to start up a club last year. Apparently it 'encouraged mass murder'. Yeah sure, because the supp main obviously gets pentakills
: Hey Marauder, I'd recommend implementing some sort of skill shot practice (lets face it, even "intermediate" bots dont really sidestep like humans). Having the Bot movement more random would be really great for practicing.
I'd be interested in having a bot (or dummy) that all it does is moves around, then tries to avoid skillshots Maybe have it invincible, and when you hit it, it flashes a certain colour. Example, red for hit, green for critical hit (like the center of Zigg's ult) and blue for extra effects (like Brand's attacks)
: Snowdown Ending Soon
Riot, if we don't get URF directly after this, people may start remaking that 'It's been 3000 years' Pokemon Meme Please give us URF
: pls consider getting better at the game (i dont think autofill is contributing to you having a 35% win rate on 2 of your most played champs) :)
Well... I feel like this comment was about as damaging as a fed Teemo
: i think thats a stupid idea and im sure everyone else does too. probably why it hasnt been implemented
I mean, I find it annoying to have to queue up, finally get in a game and have it suddenly remade, so I see his point. However it, if ever implicated, would definately need to be altered.
chivorify (OCE)
: i was wondering if riot could have a lever that a person could switch for auto fill. for instance if i wanted one of my two roles 100% and am willing to wait longer for a game i could put the lever so that i can but have the same for people who who want a game faster.
This seems like a good idea. Have it as a setting to toggle autofilling
: The thing is, I'd like to think most people aren't stupid. If you think you are stupid, feel free to disagree. They know what supports are, they know every champ and what their abilities/playstyle are. More exposure is not the solution. People choose not to play support for 2 main reasons in my experience. 1- they don't want to have their lane rely on a complete stranger, they hate the idea of donating kills to their adc who may or may not do well in the late game. Secondly, is what I call the "Faker complex". The reason the majority of LoL players aspire to be as good as faker is because they love the idea of exciting gameplay, doing tons of damage and "carrying" the game with a gross amount of kills and damage. The support role is the exact opposite, it requires you to sit behind and be the unsung hero. This has its roots in fairy tales, history and thus our perspective. We do not hear the tales of John Smith the farmer. We hear the story of Alexander the Great, Julius Caesar, Neil Armstrong. Our human nature makes us desire, not only to be the best, but to be seen as the best. From the support position, you are not seen.
I sort of like being unnoticed in stats, but not when I get yelled at. No-one expects the 0/2/12 Sona to suddenly triple kill, so they leave themselves so open to it.
: To fix recognition of supports Riot should implement more support-esque statistics (i.e. in the end-game screen), e.g. -Healing on allies -Damage on allies shielded (including items and abilities) -Total [Hard] Crowd Control time on enemies dealt -Number of Hard CC spells hit/applied -Damage redirected (from allies to you) with Bond of Stone mastery, Knight's Vow (new support item). -Damage negated with Exhaust -CC applied to champion (i.e. how much of the enemy's team CC are you soaking up as a support) -Total Active pink ward time (i.e. how long your pink wards live in total) -Teemos killed k thx bye
Up up up you gooo And so says the {{champion:37}} main
nuzzthaw (OCE)
: {{item:3083}} {{item:3083}} {{item:3083}} {{item:3083}} {{item:3083}} {{item:3083}} is op on{{champion:37}}
{{item:3083}} {{item:3083}} {{item:3083}} {{item:3083}} {{item:3083}} {{item:3065}} Would be better
: Road to Pre-Season: Mastery Updates
And I just finished my 6k {{champion:31}} build too... Aww
: That's interesting. I thought you meant you can find data about yourself and the spells you use.... awkward
: I wudnt thank these guys. id just leave to place where request are heard and things are done promptly. dota has a much better dev team that actually impliment things quickly, and listen to what you say, all these new improvements u see coming to league? rip offs of dota, it shudnt even take them this long to implement them, the templates right there! and theyve been copying it for years!
Then why do you even have a League account if you are so displeased?
Kuro Josh (OCE)
: Eve Yes, but i believe it was posted before that Teemo will not be revealed by pinks, i cant remember if it said anything about twitch though
I don't see Teemo not being revealed. Since his invis is theoretically unlimited, it'd have to be camoflauge
: the fairy is pix the dragon, being from a skin, didnt exactly have a name. now it has one, just not one we can pronounce.
Maybe it'd be something like Kqwresia (judging by how they described the sound)
: Nerf to movement speed again???, "Welcome to summoners rift, remember our golden rule, No running on the rift"
Why don't they make a more expensive boot set that has a decent speed buff
Nabura (OCE)
: gonna take a random guess that hes bronze 5
I'm not ranked and I'm still not that salty.


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